Bitclub has terrible security. How I had $5000 ripped off internally by Benny Mortensen

The crypto currency mining community Bitclub lacks basic security which lead to Benny Mortensen stealing my mining earnings in minutes.
I have been a member of Bitclub for over 2 and a half years, have invested over $50,000 into various mining pools and have been a huge supporter and promoter of Bitclub. I am a Founder and have introduced about 50 people to the community. I like Bitclub and many of my friends and I have done extremely well from it. Writing this post is very much a last resort as I have exhausted all other avenues.
Last year one of my Bitclub accounts was compromised when Benny Mortensen guessed my password and managed to send around $5000 of Bitcoin to accounts that he himself had created. Benny took advantage of Bitclub’s “pay it forward” system and sent my money to 4 different Bitclub accounts he owned. Members of Bitclub can create multiple accounts and no 2 factor authentication is required by Bitclub when paying it forward.
The minute I discovered the theft in December last year I immediately messaged Bitclub support and despite a flood of requests for action I have yet to have a reply. It would be an extremely simple thing for them to do to fix the issue by giving me access to the account of Benny Mortensen and the 4 accounts he used my money to create. Yet so far they have declined to do anything. I have had 2 replies from them but neither made any sense at all. I have had around 20 messages with my upline in Bitclub and have also messaged the founder who is my Facebook friend and who I have met in person.
I came across Benny Mortensen online around 6 years ago and we have hundreds of mutual Facebook friends. Benny is a cyber criminal. In the screenshots below you will see 100% proof of how he created 4 Bitclub accounts and sent my money to them.
I immediately confronted Benny on Messenger and he did not deny the theft. Well he couldn’t as it is blatantly visible. Plus if Bitclub bothered to check I am sure that they will see a Danish ISP accessing my account on the days that the transfers were made. I am willing to bet that the email addresses used to create the Bitclub accounts my money was transferred to were made on those days and that there are no real people behind them.
If you know anybody who knows Benny Mortensen or knows anyone connected with Bitclub please urge them to return my money.
Bitclub has 2 factor authentication for other internal transfers and for withdrawals but not for Pay It Forward. I have no idea why not and I hoped that this theft would have encouraged them to add this security layer but so far nothing has been done despite over 3 months having passed.
I will press on and use whatever means that I have at my disposal to recover my money. I am going to the Danish police and to the FBI and to Interpol and will also use a Danish lawyer.

Here are some screenshots showing the accounts in question being added under Benny Mortensen in the Bitclub tree and details of the transfers from my account to these accounts. Thank you for taking an interest.







So you can easily see how Benny Mortensen created the 4 accounts and then sent money from my account to them. He is getting paid mining earnings in Bitcoin every day from these accounts money that should be going to me.

I will write an updated post next month when hopefully this matter will be resolved.


How an ICO can easily get stolen and tips for protection #Bitcoin #Crypto #SuperiorCoin

An ICO or Initial Coin Offering can be stolen easily if the right measures are not in place. Recently I ran one for Superior Coin with disastrous results
The most important thing is to show zero trust in anybody in your team. I trusted and I just lost several million dollars and several years work and investment.

!. If possible to not begin your public blockchain until after the ICO is finished. This will greatly diminish the chance of all your money and all your coins being stolen together.
2. Divide tasks. If possible do not allow anybody access to anything but if this is not possible make sure of these things. Do not allow one programmer access to both coins and money. Especially do not allow them access to your database or your social media accounts.
3. People nowadays have the attitude that if they can get away with stealing something then they somehow deserve it as their own property.
4 People now barely care about wrong or right and in general will not support you when you are stolen from. They will gravitate towards supporting the thief as the thief is the one who now has the means to pay them.
5. Do not expect help from the courts or the police or enforcement authorities they simply will not care.
6. It is much to have built a community around your project if you are stolen from. The community will immediately side with the thief making the recovery of your property even more difficult.
7. If possible tell nobody your business plan as the thief will simply steal it
8. Use cold storage wallets to store your crypto currency do not keep it on an exchange it is too easy for the thief to get at.
9. Use double factor authentication wherever you can.
10. Do not be lulled into giving even the slightest bit of trust even if a team member lives in your house for 8 months as Nathan Sеnn did with me.
11. Keep your premined coins or your tokens in a wide variety of secret places so if say 90% of them get stolen you will at least be left with something.
12. Nobody in the crypto currency world will care less about you. It is a cold, evil jungle where everybody is out for themselves. Accept this and deal with it.
13. Forums such as Bitcoin Talk and Facebook are pay to play. Administrators and staff are routinely bribed so do not accept assistance. My Superior Coin Facebook page was stolen by Nathan Sеnn gaining remote access to my computer and making himself an admin and then deleting my wife and I. After promising intially to immediately reverse this Facebook then went cold. The people there had obviously been bribed. DM me on Twitter for their name.
14. Bitcoin Talk will delete any posts you try to make if you are not paying them hefty bribes. I have several instances of proof about this.
15. Do not rely on anybody to help you you are on your own.
16. Learn as much as you can about servers and online security. Knowledge is power.
17. Have a Plan B. My wife and I were completely cleaned out so have found it very difficult to recover.


18. Be extremely vigilant every day it only takes a few seconds for a thief to strike.

How these people who have run off with our business hope for a minute to get away with it is completely beyond me. I still retain enough hope in humanity to believe that one day somebody will do the right thing and stop this.

Read the original Bitcoin Talk thread at

Please comment here on the fake Bitcoin Talk thread and watch your post get quickly removed

Superior Coin Twitter


5 Things You Need to Know About Good Customer Service


This is a guest post by my customer service mentor Jean Fan.

Hello everyone! My name is Jean and I’m here today wanting to share a thing or two on customer service.

Remember that time where you have to call the 1-800 customer service line, go through the phone tree and sometimes can’t even talk to a real person! Recognize that frustration! Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what we called BAD customer service.

Create your own free Crowdify Profile and instantly get better connected (1)

You see, a good customer service experience shouldn’t bring out frustration before customers even have the chance to talk to a staff member. What should happen instead, is trust before the service and satisfaction at the end.

Let me ask you one more thing here, when you are buying a nice piece of steak, besides all the fancy advertisements, what would make you spend USD$100 for that one piece of meat? Surely, the fancy advertisements won’t always work here, especially if we’ve got other bills to pay and other desire we have in life. If your best friend, or just that one friend you can always trust, if it was him introducing you to the restaurant, telling you how great that one steak was, telling you how sophisticated the service were, and especially on how they handled their mistakes.. you are more than likely to want to pick this steakhouse because of your friend.

Here are a few things that you want to know about good customer service:

1. Good customer service builds trust

In today’s world, we see a lot of scammers out there in reality and not to mention the internet. Trust is literally the last thing that can be put on the table here. However, with good customer service and enough level of communication, this would be really easy to overcome. A good customer service experience, brings out the authenticity of the company. With a genuine conversation, it is easy to connect with customers and connect with them. Now, I’m not saying that this will happen overnight, after all Rome wasn’t built in one day. But the key is to create real human connections.

2. Good customer service equals quality marketing

Like the story mentioned above, we are more than likely to spend money on something our friends and family recommend. Comparing to the nice and fancy advertisements, if your that one cool friend tells you how great of an experience he’s had at this steakhouse, chances are.. you would want to take your partner there for special occasions as well.

3. Good customer service help gains revenue

As you probably know already, gaining new customers is simply more expensive than keeping the ones your already have happy. If you are trying to make a profit here, you want to make your current money spenders happy and well treated. Let’s think of it this way, you gain more from a customer who is willing to pay for you continuously for decades, rather than having all the one timers coming in all the time.

4. Good customer service makes mistakes seems like good opportunities

I want to acknowledge that no one is perfect, it is true that we all make mistakes. Sometimes it can get very very ugly. This is where customer service comes in place as a very crucial role. When we solve the problem right, it produces loyalty. Chances are, if you are able to solve the problem and resolve the mistake correctly, what comes out instead would be one of the most loyal customer any organization would ever have.

5. Good customer service is the best way to improve

We after all, live in a world based on collaborations between one and another. By delivering good customer service, it would not only be a great way for a company to know what is desired, but also to improve based on all the important and precious suggestions. It can even be a good opportunity to develop new and innovated ideas, and possibly make this world a even better place.

Customer Service

How has customer service influenced you?

Please stay as far away from Trade Coin Club as you can #TCC #Bitcoin

For the past few months I have been trying my best to get my money out of Trade Coin Club with zero success. I am extremely reluctant to say anything negative about any kind of Bitcoin or crypto related business but I can unfortunately see no other way to get my money out.
I have given my full account details to both Trade Coin Club support and other people in the business but they have been totally unresponsive.

I would not be writing in this way without having first having spent several hours exploring the possibility of withdrawing at least something.
My account is showing that I have “earned” around $2400 but I am unable to take out a cent. None of my friends who I have asked for help have had any luck with this either.

Do you have any experience with this website? Have you been able to withdraw money? I can only assume that it is a scam. I sent a message today to Kelei Taylor who introduced me to this site and she has now blocked me on Facebook. The guy who is up above Kelei in their system Will Fjetland just called me a bully in a Facebook message after I gave him all my passwords and log in details and my Bitcoin wallet address. He then said I should wait for an answer from Trade Coin Club support. I will let you know what happens.


Scam? I would love to have it proved otherwise.


Safe search is now available at @You_Search try YouSearch now! #FamilyFriendly #SEO #Search

For a few years now I have watched the growth and development of the family friendly search engine YouSearch and recently have been most impressed by improvements made to design and by the growth in traffic at


If you want a better image directory for example try out how it works. If you want to protect your children from seeing unnecessary porn or violence or drug use then this is the place to have set as your default search engine.

YouSearch is a 4 year old family friendly search engine business recently resurrected after incredible initial success. Clever filters have been applied to screen out all references to violence, drugs, pornography and more. The aim is to make it safe for any children to use. The site now has full approval from Google and traffic is growing extremely quickly and will soon return to the previous levels of 40,000 views a day. This was simply to much for the servers to handle and the site had to be shut down.

The alternative currency market has grown 6 times in the past 2 months #altcoins #SuperiorCoin

We are enjoying a surge in the altcoin market that is even putting 20 years ago to shame. 2.8 billion to 15 billion in past 2 months.



20 years ago there was a similar “buzz” about tech stocks and I was right amongst it. This however is very different as it is still a relatively new concept and we are talking about a whole new mindset and way of storing and transferring money. The “dotcom bubble” was more speculation.

Another half a billion has gone into into the market in the past 6 hours. Altcoin trading is relatively easy. Pick the top ten by market cap and buy on dips and sell half of your holdings every time you can make a profit.

$100 invested in Bitcoin around a year ago is now worth about $700. $100 invested in Dash is worth about $1400. Ethereum and Ripple have gone through the roof in the past few weeks.
$100 invested in gold is worth about $90.

Anyone else seeing a trend here? This is real and I suggest that you take some time to learn about how it all works starting with

We have made a coin with superior technology than anything produced so far and are the first coin to have a social network and ecommerce platform backing it.


Excited to sponsor and exhibit @TheSuperiorCoin at #CoinFestUK2017 #CoinFest

Today we will host a preparty and show some presentations about crypto mining, trading, marketing and programming on Facebook live from 27pm UK time hope you can join in. We will give a way a few Superior Coin to those who share the Facebook Live Link publicly and have a Crowdify Club profile.

Coin Fest UK then runs for 2 days 7 and 8 April and we will sponsor and exhibit there. We will then participate in Crypto Art Gallery on Sunday 9th and then hold another party on Monday night. This is the second year for this event and it is part of a global event which has been going several years.


Thank you to all the organisers and to any of you who come along either on or offline just follow the hashtags #CoinFestUK2017 and #SuperiorCoin and the Facebook event is here

How Crowdify Fuel will work. An initial overview #CrowdifyFuel

Crowdify is a community with a goal of joining together to make money with each other and to also collaborate in investing in promising businesses together. These business will be handpicked and will all have the goal of making the world a better place. The cleantech sector will be a particular target. Crowdify Fuel will be the backbone of the Crowdify economy which will revolve around
There will be 1 billion units (tradeable on the blockchain) called “Crowdifies” gradually released on to the market. Holders of Crowdifies who invest them for periods of 6 months and above will receive dividends of 1% per month. Crowdifies will be saleable once a month by each individual holder and selling will be limited to 10% of your total holdings. So if for example you purchase say 1200 Crowdifies now you will be able to invest 600 of them for 6 months and be paid out 636 Crowdifies in 6 months time. You will also be able to sell 120 Crowdifies a month if you see the price rise and want to take advantage of this.
Every purchaser of Crowdify Fuel will get a Crowdify Fuel Wallet with which they can manage their holdings.
Crowdifies will be individually numbered units and be 100% secure. If for some reason your Crowdify Fuel Wallet is compromised or “hacked” it will be possible to quickly reset your wallet to its previous balance.
Crowdifies will not be used inside the Crowdify economy for purchasing products and services. There will be a Crowdify Token for that. In this sense Crowdify Fuel will be similar to Ethereum. crowdify_logo_twitter

The simple reason for the restriction on selling more than 10% of Crowdify Fuel a month is to prevent “pump and dump” profit seeking groups from manipulating the price for their own ends. Many other “digital currencies” or “altcoins” have become vehicles for groups of people to pump up the price for say a week or even just a day by buying large amounts quickly. When the price has been “pumped” they then orchestrate a quick sale and dump the price. Innocent and well meaning investors can be hurt by this practice.
So why does Crowdify need “fuelling” ?
Every business raises money in different ways and as Crowdify grows we want to share the rewards from that growth with as many people as possible. In essence the price of Crowdify Fuel will depend on the success that Crowdify enjoys as an entity. Exactly like the price of a company share on the sharemarket.
1% per month or 12% per annum is a very high level of return and we believe that it will be sufficient to encourage a large number of investors to “stake” their Crowdify Fuel after buying it.

Would love your questions or any feedback you may have.


Building the #SprintAt105Book by @DrYorikoTodd #JapanHealthTips

Yoriko`s book has been a work in progress for some time. She wanted to impart a memorable message so decided on the idea of keeping in good enough shape to sprint at 105 like Japanese legend Miyazaki san.

The book will be ready next week. In keeping with the them there will be 105 pages and the book will cost $1.05 to download. Here is what one will look like. What do you think?
The idea is to get interactivity going by having readers tweet and pin posts from each page and use the hashtag. When they do they will be invited to a Facebook group where they can ask questions to Yoriko.


Start a meal by eating foods full of fiber to slow down absorption of fat & sugar

Any tips you have about making the e book better please let me know in the comments

Thank you


A Powerful Bitcoin wallet, API and Block Explorer #bitcoin Blocktrail @blocktrail


Blocktrail has just launched a multi-platform Bitcoin wallet (iOS, Android and web) which it claims is more secure than some existing alternatives, owing to implementing multi-signature and HD wallet, which earlier-to-market Bitcoin wallets may not have. It is more in keeping with the decentralized spirit of Bitcoin — since users of its wallet create and store their own private keys, rather than trusting in it to be a central key control and coin repository.

The advantage of a decentralized wallet, according to BlockTrail co-founder and CEO Boaz Bechar, is that the BlockTrail wallet user retains control over their Bitcoins, and can’t be locked out by a centralized service provider should that entity decide they need to freeze your account, say, or be told to by the authorities. Or should they be hacked. Or else vanish into the ether taking your coins with them.

A decentralized wallet does have some potential draw backs though, on the usability front — given the service can’t carry out certain actions immediately as it does not hold the coins itself. So there’s likely more back and forth between the wallet and the user when they want to do things with their coins, say like sending them to someone else or instantly selling them. Although BlockTrail argues that multi-signature and HD wallet now make it easier for a decentralized wallet to smooth out these sort of usability wrinkles.

BlockTrail’s decentralized approach is clearly a lot leaner than others. The team is only around six staff at this stage. It also claims it does not need to shell out such big sums on regulation and compliance, and so doesn’t need to have as much investor capital in the bank.

BlockTrail is not ‘zero knowledge’. It can see your transactions and knows how many Bitcoin you are storing in the wallet. Given its wallet is a mobile phone app, it’s not the kind of place a clued up Bitcoin user would want to store huge amounts of coins.

If you have serious BTC wealth you’d be storing the majority in an offline desktop client with two-factor authentication enabled, and likely other limits such as on which IP addresses can access it and where coins can be sent. So a mobile Bitcoin wallet like BlockTrail would only be useful as a repository for a subset of your coins.

The wallet is free to use, with the business model focused on monetizing via — as Bechar puts it — “added-value financial services”, via third party partnerships with Bitcoin brokers. The aim being to make it easier for newbies to buy and sell Bitcoins — and for BlockTrail to take a small per transaction fee for that added convenience.

At this stage BlockTrail has “a few” such partnerships inked in Europe, and none in the U.S. as yet, so will be looking to build out this partnership network — assuming it can first galvanize a solid user-base behind another decentralized Bitcoin wallet play.

Blocktrail is a powerful Bitcoin wallet, developers platform and block explorer. Founded in 2014 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, BlockTrail B.V. is dedicated to delivering better tools for the bitcoin economy.

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Your top tips for Blocktrail @blocktrail

Retirement? Why you need to join an offline and online MLM to #FutureProofYourLife

I have realised for some time that the way things are going with government debt and people living longer that there is more and more need for us to make sure we have a lot of money for a comfortable retirement.

If for example we want to retire at 70 and live to 100 then we will need a home plus a good amount of income coming in every day to live. In most western countries this will require us to have either saved around 3 million dollars or to have built some kind of business that is bringing us say $300 a day or $100,000 a year or of course a combination of both. This is for fairly basic needs and if medical bills crop up or say we want an overseas holiday or to send a grandchild to college then we will need much much more. Many governments are already admitting that they simply will not be able to help us.

It has been traditional thinking that we should align ourselves with one network marketing opportunity and stick with it. Many say that we should choose an established but fast growing company. By established they mean at least 5 years old. Something that will last.

Create your own free Crowdify Profile and instantly get better connected (1)

If you are already part of such a business congratulations I also want you to consider Crowdify. It is an online community with online products and services. We also have in real life events but primarily the business opportunity is internet based. Our vision is that you will be paid for things that you are already doing for free. Like recommending events, courses, ebooks, jobs and simply for checking in at hotels and restaurants and sharing photos. We are also creating a place and community that will be useful and rewarding for everybody using the internet. It is just $9 to get a business started by getting involved at the minimum level right now.

My wife Yoriko, co-founder Nathan Senn and our growing team have invested a lot of time and money building Crowdify so far and now we are at the exciting stage of introducing people to it. What we are doing will not clash with your existing offline business activities. I also vouch to you that this is my life`s work and it will not go away.

Right now we are taking pre-enrolment from people in India, Philippines, South Africa and England. Just go to

A chance is there to future proof your daily income and have a comfortable life by simply getting involved. Make a blog post in our blog area and tell us what you do. Fill out your profile and add a You Tube video and photos introducing yourself to us. Post your talent so that we can buy your services or recommend them to others. Invite others to join Crowdify.

Looking forward to being part of this with you


The @CrowdifyClub #MLM pre enrolment is open now in 4 countries


We are busy testing the software that we will use as an MLM and business back office for all of you.

As a prelude to opening fully we are taking “pre-enrolment” subscriptions for Crowdify in South Africa, India, Philippines and England and adding people who subscribe as testers and also adding them to the downline. This is a massive opportunity to get yourself a high place in the tree if you are in one of those countries or if you have a passport for them.

To get involved at this very early stage just go to

as several people are doing each day now. You will see that the price for membership has been lowered considerably and if you want to have the power to sponsor others it will only cost you an initial $19. Momentum will grow and grow and you will wonder why you did not take this chance as early as possible. A lot of redesign work has been done on the site and the changes will be added in the next few days. Other money making opportunities such as a place to sell photographs and a place to sell e books and online courses are also about to be added.

This is just the start of what is going to be an amazing journey for us all.


I am always happy to answer questions about what is happening and how you can participate.


20 or so ways how you and Crowdify are going to make money

It is possible to initially identify around 20 different ways in which people can partake in the growing Crowdify economy,.
We have a unique ability to pay often and to many with our multi faceted Ethereum currency Crowdifycoin. This means we will pay you all regularly and for many things you are already doing!!

Perhaps the area which has undergone most development recently is Events. You can now create an event and get paid either in Bitcoin or by PayPal. On 15 June we will add Crowdifycoin to these options and possibly a Credit Card option too via Stripe. Once we open our MLM system properly very shortly you will be able to get paid for promoting events and your up line wil also he paid when you do as well. When people use Crowdifycoin to pay they will get a substantial discount on the ticket price. Our app MingleApp will extend the reach of our event area
Crowdify Online Marketing School This will be a growing learning resource which will carry a one time initial payment and also monthly subscription. We will pay Crowdify members who are recognized experts in such areas as content and email marketing, list building, landing and sales page creation, copywriting, podcasting, blogging, social media marketing and more to contribute content and run webinars. Again there will be a discount for use of Crowdifycoin and again this will be a saleable product.
Mindmapping This product will be available very shortly and will include the ability to project manage with maps
Courses Similar to the Udemy model again saleable products for us all
Digitizing photos and videos


We will go out and get the world`s photographic and video memories and digitize them
Talent This area has had a lot of development and is ready to use now. Get jobs done for you or get paid for your skill
Advertising Soon members at Driver level and above will be able to run approved ads in their own content and if they have nothing to advertise they will be able to sell the space to other members

Sponsoring new members
If you have sponsoring ability and find new paying members you will be rewarded with an initial payment and ongoing bonuses from their activity. Please study the compensation plan and the compensation plan FAQ for more information about this.
Travel and eating and drinking With DroppinApp you will be able to source discounts and also to get paid for establishing merchant relationships with hotels, motels, cafes, bars, restaurants and venues.
Recruitment Get paid for finding jobs that are added to our jobs board and get paid for finding successful applicants
Crowdfunding Get paid for finding campaigns that list with us both reward Crowdfunding and equity Crowdfunding campaigns

Blogging ~ Get paid for blog posts that attract a certain level of views
Games We will source games and they will either be paid for or free products
Perkfluence areaWe will reward people who find perk sponsors that offer free trials or discounts to Crowdify members
Random rewards We will have random pop ups that pay you being on Crowdify. Bitcoin, Crowdifycoin and Crowdify Points rewards
Ask good questions We will pay you for contributing to our FAQ or for making quality explanatory content about Crowdify

App market There are a lot of half built or disused apps . This could be a fun and interesting marketplace
Coworking spaces Get paid for introducing members to Crowdify Coworking Cafes
Stake Crowdifycoin Once Crowdifycoins go live on the marketplace on July 1 you will have the ability to earn more by staking the coins you already own
Our shop Will be a similar system to Amazon but with many more ways for you to get paid
We are always very interested in your ideas on how to build a more diverse economy


Like being first? Math, timing, money and the growing Blockchain bubble?

15- 20 years ago I was living and breathing this stuff. Tech shares rising 606% on the day that they launched etc. And now it is all happening over again but with the Blockchain instead of the internet. Come along for another wild ride.


Being early is critical. At the beginning of the dotcom bubble 20 years ago my group of investor friends sent one of our team to Silicon Valley to hang out at parties and get “tips”. We started being able to buy at 10 cents a stock for example whereas before that we were buying from articles and email list stockbroker recommendations etc after the horse had bolted to 50 cents or something. We started making 30 times our investment instead of 6 times when we sold at say $3.00.
The difference in buying at 6 cents compared to say 15 cents when something is going to $1 is huge. A $1000 investment will nett you about $18500 profit at 6 cents but if you wait say a couple of weeks and invest $1000 at 15 cents you will be looking at just $6,500 profit. By the time we reach 15 cents on or about June 2 a lot of people will start taking interest. Maybe thousands. And the chance to grab that extra $12,000 will be gone. A $12,000 difference. What could you do with $12,000 more in your life right now? Especially when there is a money back guarantee involved.

The DAO crowdfunding sale in the past few days just raised well over $100 million of pure blind faith and excitement about a technology that very few even understand yet. This is kind of like 1995 before Microsoft released windows.

Learn more, ask any questions and purchase Crowdifycoin at 6 cents each and 7 cents tomorrow and 15 cents on June 2 at