Learn the best new tools for your blog on #ToolsChat Wed 10pm ET #bloggingtools


Many of you out there blogging have amazing content but are you enhancing your site with the best available tools? Many are even free. #ToolsChat is a weekly gathering of experts on online tools who freely share their knowledge and insights for an hour or maybe a bit more.

We will talk about popular new wordpress plugins, collaborative tools, design tools, SEO tools and much much more. I want to know what BuzzSumo. Stay Focusd, Add From Server, Easy Tweet Embed, Easy Pricing Tables. Internet Archive. Namechk. Easelly and Markdown Quicktags for example will do for my blog.


So what is a Twitter chat?

A big tip that I have is that you just get into it! Sign in at and start tweeting. Many people worry about their followers getting upset if they tweet too much but really it is just for an hour or so and you should just enjoy it. If the chat is in your niche it will be great branding for your account plus great networking. Do not try to be everything to all of your followers! Structure your tweets in a way that is interesting for your followers and will encourage them to join in. Every 20 minutes put a tweet out saying something like “I am on #MediaChat Twitter chat for the next 40 minutes. Join us to talk latest social media strategies”. Instead of just tweeting

“@brucesallan I agree #dadchat”
use the question number and say something that will grab your follower’s attention. For example
” Q3 @brucesallan Yes the best time in your kid’s life is 2-6 and those years are gone too soon. Take the odd week off! #dadchat”.

Send links to blog posts about topics in the chat. Recommend experts on the topics by using their twitter handle. These people may even join in! Keep your tweets short and sharp to make it as easy as possible for other participants to retweet you. Retweet or comment on new people in the chat or those who you do not know. I personally have made great friendships with people I have met on Twitter chats. I join say 8 chats a week and may tweet 10-20 times in each one (often more if I am the host or guest). I really do not believe I have lost any followers because of this.

Promote the chat you are planning to join to your followers. Thank people who joined it after the chat and follow and list those people. Usually there will be a transcipt of the chat so read and promote that. Have a look at the Hashtracking and SpiderQube reports of the chat. This will show who tweeted the most and who has the most followers. These will be key people on Twitter for you to interact and learn from on an ongoing basis.

All these things will help you get started but I am sure you have some questions so please feel very free to ask them.

I do not usually do this but I by way of example here are some questions I will use to spark conversation during the #ToolsChat about blogging this week

1, Welcome. Today`s #toolschat is about #blogging #tools. Who/ where are your go to places for this info? Twitter handles so we can find them please.

2.List building is a key factor in blogging. What tools are you using for this? Both inside and outside your blog? #toolschat

3.What online tools are you using to help get your blog posts shared ? Collaborative online communities, getting auto reposting etc? #toolshat

4. What new design tools have you making use of to make your blog look better and get shared more? #toolschat

5. 5. Who is a blogger making great use of the available tools? Twitter handles if possible so we can find and/or follow them. #toolschat

6. What is your favorite tool for reader comments and why? Do you have just one or maybe a combination? #toolschat

7. What tool/ tools do you use for facilitating social sharing by readers and why? #toolschat

8. What are new blogging tools that you were not using say 3 months ago? What categories have we we missed? #toolschat

Hope you and your friends will join us Wednesday 10 pm Eastern we also have a Facebook group actively discussing the latest tools


How #Tsu makes money for you. Plus what does Tsu mean in Japanese?


The new Facebook alternative Tsu has been given 7 million in venture capital funding. In Japanese Tsu means a spread of information among those who are connoiseurs of a particle area. The Japanese say “That person is a “Tsu” in say wine or coffee. This is good! It also has the coonotation of connection from the word “Tsujiri”.

tsu money

You can see that this a clever system and one that has a reasonable chance of sustaining itself. Will you make millions for joining? Probably not. You will however very probably make something. I am giving it a try at There have been dozens of these money making social networks start up over the past 10 years but this one has a better model than others I have tried.


If you have any tips for building your Tsu presence please leave them in the list below.

Tips for using Tsu
Michael Q Todd

Tips for using Tsu

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    Thank you


    Why having a great blog or even a book is no longer enough #Klout #Influence


    There has been much debate in recent years about influence and who exactly is an influencer. This has been sparked by sites like Klout and Kred giving us all public influence scores. It used to be that people could become highly influential and make great waves of difference by merely expressing their thoughts by blogging or writing a book. However publishing tools and the ability to have your content shared quickly on social media have made the ability to be an author much more widespread. New tools like the Linked In publishing platform and Medium have given us the chance to guest blog in a widely read environment. The proliferation of tablets and Kindle has enabled our quickly witten Ebooks to reach tens of millions. Being a published author used to mean a lot. It will soon become “You do not have a book yet? Really?”.

    influence make something steve jobs

    At the same time as this trend has disrupted publishing it is now way way easier to build an app or a useful website. Collaboration tools like GitHub and Squiggle allow you to build a team all around the world and turn an idea into a functioning product within days. Then because of social media you can get your app or site seen and used quickly if it is simple, useful and fun and you have a promotion strategy. All it takes is a little financial investment, motivation, organisation and commitment. There are around 2 million apps out there available for you to download. Look for that number to increase rapidly.

    So if you really want to make a difference, really become an influencer you now have to take action with your ideas and build them into a product. You have to make something that will be used all over the world. Even just a few years ago this kind of ability was a pipedream for the average person but this is the new reality. What would your startup product be? This concept of ideas much more readily becoming actual things so much more easily is incredibly exciting. I thought until recently that I could be meaningfullly influential about environmental issues by merely educating and by connecting people via social media and blogging. I no longer believe that. The true influencers are the people who make things.

    What if we were running headlong into a time where we could get an app built in just a day? What seemed highly difficult even 3 years ago has now become very realistic. Of course not all startups are going to “succeed” but I urge you to begin trying anyway. Practice will make perfect. Start something.

    Any thoughts?

    To Your Online Success

    Virality ~ The 7 Pillars of #SocialMedia Success for #Startups


    Nearly all startups could use better social media tools and strategies to gain users and. or revenue. The 7 pillars Book outlines a pathway to success in general and this post will become a supplementary chapter in the regularly updating and growing book. There are chapters about many different businesses or entities can succeed online.

    Virality is identified as the third stage of the journey from being a startup to a sustainable business by the author of Lean Analytics Alistair Croll. Alistair professes to having learned much of this from the work of Eric Ries`s The Lean Startup and Dave McCLure` Pirate Metrics. Obviously an effective use of social media will be a major ingredient in the efforts of a startup to attain Virality. Going Viral is not impossible on social media. Time online and access to the internet is increasing. The ability to spread messages to our ever growing networks is rising with new tools and strategies. Virality will bring new users and also get existing users back. It is commonly acknowledged that most people need to see a piece of content or a message several times before clicking through and taking action to join or use something new. Or something that they have not used for some time.


    So how should a start go about going viral on social media? First you have to build a base.

    Pillar 1 of the online success of a startup is about their branding. One thing is good. People may remember two or three things about you but there is more chance that they will remmember one. You need to be remembered for the thing your are useful for. This is particularly important for a startup because it is new. For example when Pinterest came out it was known for its use of being a social bookmarking site. Now it is that but is also a shop. Identify you most useful feature. The need that you are meeting that nobody else is meeting. Having a name that says what you do is useful.

    Social media is a relatively cheap way to get Virality. The second Pillar to build concerns your online toolbox. Many of the tools that you will use are free and some carry a monthly fee. As you will probably be starting new social media places you will benefit greatly by the use of certain tools which will help you quickly gain you a network of some sort. after that if your content is great it may go “Viral”. I recommend Tweepi for quickly building a Twitter account. You can list influencers talking about your niche by Klout score for example. NinjaPinner, NinjaGram and NinjaTumblr will be extremely useful for quickly getting traction on those networks. Make beautiful posts and brand them with Canva. Make a video explaining what you do with Go Animate. Find content to share and schedule it out with Bundlepost, SmQueue, Buffer and Hootsuite. On Instagram also use Tagsta which will teach you best hashtags to use for various photo subjects. I could go on and on but please go The Web Tools Wiki and type what you want to achieve in the search area. You will directed to Wikipedia like pages about relevant tools which will help you. The pages will show you what the tool does and how best to use it. It is an information pathway rather than a “review site”. You can find tips, alternatives and ask questions about over 1400 tools. A total monthly spend of around $100-150 on the premium version of several great tools will make a massive difference to your ability to get momentum going on your social media accounts. If you do not spend money this stage of your growth will take many man hours.

    What tools can you use to encourage sharing from your website or app? A pop up after users complete an action is often a gamechanger. For example when you give someone +1 on Klout you are invited to tweet a generated message informing the recipient and all your friends you have done this. How could your brand make use of this kind of strategy? Could you develop incentives for sharers?

    Pillar 3 is often neglected by many startups. It is about content. Around 4 years ago I worked a bit with the founders of Buffer a scheduling app. Leo Wid asked how they could best attract users to their site. They were also dealing with a fair amount of criticism from the “old school” social media crowd who were sceptical about what scheduling posts would do to the “organic” social media space. Leo and Joel Gascoigne have cultivated a fantastic blog at They won the hearts and minds of the sceptics and attracted users by educating, entertaining and informing with regular great blog posts. They are no longer a startup but they have continue their content strategy. Giving away great content for free will be a successful strategy. It does not have to be all about you. Get your friends to make guest posts or give you photos or videos. Experiment. Build a community around your startup by supplying regular awesome content. If you can generate user created content all the better. Incentivise by completions. never be afraid to ask. Promote the content heavily and the creators will supply more. Only quality content will ever go viral so do your best to make it awesome. Find what type of content is popular on the particular social media place you chose to build a community on.

    content marketing cats

    Once you are branded, have a useful box of tools and have your content flowing you are ready for some Pillar 4 socialising. Where are your customers most likely to be? Originally BufferApp was just for Twitter so Leo Wid and I founded #ToolsChat and every week we networked with creators of and power users of various online tools.We became on of if not the most popular weekly Twitter chat. We are still going. Every Wednesday at 10 pm New York time. Buffer has now made their own chat #BufferChat which has been great branding for them. Again giving away a lot of education for free. Buffer was quickly seen as sociable and engaging. People tried the service and found it saved them a lot of time. If your potential users are Twitter users identify the influencers in your niche area and work at building relationships with them. Especially bloggers. Comment on their blogs as your brand. They will check you out and if your product is good they may well write about you. Likewise with Facebook. You can for example use Facebook as your brand page and engage on popular pages in your niche area. The people hanging out there may well become your user. General Pillar 4 socialising strategies all apply and you can read more in the full book here at Share a lot. Sharers succeed on social. This the age of shareism get with it.

    List building will be key for you. For example with our startup the #WebToolsWiki I hashtag any post and am constantly listing our supporters and promoter and thanking them and reciprocating shares. Making your own hashtag and sticking with it everywhere will enable you to do this. Set up a Google Alerts account to receive regular updates whenever you are mentioned on the web. Use Spider Qube for finding mentions of you too. Social media is a lot about listening. When building lists of who is talking of you consider differennt ways of creating them. Many startups have found that “Middle Influencers” can be more likely to engage and share than people with a Klout score of say over 80. so targeting even 50-70 scores with Tweepi may well work best. Test this out for yourself as every product and service will be different.

    Be everywhere but build a community in one place. In that place be highly responsive and engaging. Of course all that takes time. Consider getting a social media virtual assistant for at least a few hours a week if your budget allows. Not all your customers will be like Sarah here but if you find them cultivate them!

    Make sure that you know where the majority of your users are so that you can target more posts and plan your periods of engagement for the times when they are most likely to be line.


    Pillar 5 is a great underused part of the social media space. It is often difficult for people to take this step and put themselves out there but it is about getting your initial users to see you as real. Make a Foursquare and Swarm account. Post regular photos and video of your staff or workplace on all your social media places. Work on getting your community identifying with you as their friend. They will then be much more likely to share your content and recommend your product or service to their friends. They will be far far less resistant to your calls to action. Your requests for Apple store and Amazon reviews for example. A key to virality.

    Begin to build a culture around you brand and being as transparent and open will help with that.

    Even if you have created great Pillar 3 content and are attracting followers via Pillar 4 you will probably need to do some collaborating initially to get your content shared. Especially if you do not have a large network already accustomed to sharing your content. Blogging tribes in a place like Triberr or Google+ communities or other places like Empire Avenue or where heavy social media users hang out and collaborate will be time well spent for you. Pillar 6 communities are growing in popularity. Again a read of the full chapter will benefit you greatly.

    Going viral will be assisted by a positive and success brand message. You might be an organic cosmetics startup in Maryland. Presumably you believe that you are the best. Tell people that. #Best organic cosmetics in Maryland. People will gravitate towards that kind of affirmation. This is the 7th and final Pillar of your success.

    What else can you do? I am crowdsourcing suggestions about what has worked for startups. I will keep building this list so would love your suggestions either in the comments of on the Listly list here.

    Your tips for using social media as a #Startup
    Your tips for using social media as a #Startup
    Michael Q Todd

    Your tips for using social media as a #Startup

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    1. 1  Make regular content that you yourself would share

      Make regular content that you yourself would share
    2. 2  Give away gifts with the irtual eGift Social Marketplace program by First Data

      Give away gifts with the irtual eGift Social Marketplace program by First Data

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    Thank you and best of luck getting your startup to go viral

    A small #rant if I may. What Twitter needs to change right away.


    A small rant. If I may. I just opened a new Twitter account 3/4 days ago and followed many of my favorite people. I then went to my inbox. You know the Direct Message thing. Twitter calls it “messages” these days.
    What I found was pretty ugly. I found around 100 messages. Great you might think but no. All automated. About half of them saying “Are you real?” If so then jump through a few hoops and we will let you follow us. Visit True Twit. The other half were straight spam in the form of direct messages telling me to buy products or visit other social media sites. Not a single real message.
    For the love of whatever god you worship stop this!! I followed 10000 people so 10% are doing this. What if everybody did it.? Would anybody ever bother going to their inbox ever again? Please consider the user experience of those who have to sift through these messages in the hope that they might find a real one. Thanks for hearing me out.

    Before you do anything on the internet you have to ask;
    1. Am I a responsible internet citizen?
    2. What would the internet be like if every single one of the 3 billion sent a message like this?
    3. How would I feel receiving this message?


    One of the automated messages bragged that they were a Forbes Top 50 influencer 2 years in a row. He is actually a good guy but my gosh that is must be what you should do? It is madness I have no idea why Twitter allow it. I was actually extremely disappointed/ disillusioned to see some of the people doing it. I have a totally different impression of them now. Please remember that these are “respected” reputable people i have a relationship with. And one in 10 is doing this. One of the scariest things is that several of these people actually manage social media accounts for other people. Do we need an “Internet Police” ?

    If someone is using Truetwit or sending automated welcome messages you have to question how much of a true twit they are in real life. They are presumably stupid, self centred, see relationships as irrelevant and are lazy.

    Rant over. Please Twitter give us a mail box where we can see genuine messages from genuine people.


    My 4 month experience as a paid contributor to the @WebToolsWiki by @JayeAbdulQader #WebToolsWiki

    My Personal Experience with WebToolsWiki

    Home New

    Disclosure. I have been a daily paid contributor to the WebToolsWiki for about 4 months and have been allocated 1.7% of the shares in the business so far because of my work. Michael Q Todd has paid me regularly and trusted me to work unsupervised without question from day 1. However it has been way way more than just the money and the shares for me. I need the WebToolsWiki and so do you. I’m not just saying this because I am one of our writers. Being a writer for WebToolsWiki has opened my eyes to so many tools to make my online experience better.

    We have a saying here in the USA that Time Is Money. So when you save time, you save money.


    Some web tools are free, some are not and some have free trials. Some are confusing, some are simple, but WebToolsWiki is a collector of web tools and breaks them down for you so you can decide for yourself if a particular tool meets your need.

    For example, an at home business may be on a tight budget and you can’t afford to invest in advertising. Tools such as Empire Avenue make it possible for you to invest a little time, collect Eaves or points and give those points away to social media marketers who have thousands in their networks to market you. Tools such as SumoMe, Hello Bar, and MailChimp help you gather email addresses, create email campaigns to people interested in what you do.

    And Google has a host of free tools that could help you get more exposure and save time. Simply using a hashtag on  your Google Plus profile gets your post on the first page of Google. Example: Do a search on the word, “gemstones” and you will see several posts of mine on the first page. The image below is a screenshot of a Google search on “gemstones” and as you can see the arrow pointing, my Google Plus post is on the first page just under the Wikipedia link.

    gemstones   Google Search


    So what does all of this have to do with the WebToolsWiki? Everything. My jewelry blog has gotten almost 10K hits in a month since I’ve been writing and utilizing many tools that I found on the WebToolsWiki. And I am not the only writer in this vast network. I discover tools on my own, and the bonus is seeing unique tools from the perspective of the other writers. We all learn from each other and to me, that is the best part about being on this team.

    I want to thank Michael for including me in this phenomenal project and teaching me a lot. Whenever I post about a particular gemstone, it’s now on the first page of Google, and the many tools I am using are enhancing each post, my time, and helping me be even more productive.

    My personal experience with WebToolsWiki has been an amazing journey through web tools, connections and making new friends.


    But why take only my word? Explore WebToolsWiki for yourself and see the difference in your time online in just a month. You should come and be part of this with us we are just getting started.


    The @WebToolsWiki and what is in it for 3 different groups of people #WebToolsWiki


    The WebToolsWiki is growing fast and we now have 1365 pages about a wide wide range of internet tools. Each of those pages has their own 2 lists for tips and alternatives They will also soon have a You Tube video and Slideshare presentation too. Many already do. It is a pathway to knowledge. Important knowledge in this ever developing information age. We agreed that content was king and we created a lot of it. We dreamed of a place where you can quickly identify the best web tool for any task. Save time, design better, build an app, analyse your social media responses? Anything. What we imagined at the start is that the WebToolsWiki would be very useful for readers. This however has been added to by its use for 2 other groups. The editors and writers plus the tools that we feature.The ones who get involved the earliest from these latter 2 groups are the ones who will derive the biggest benefits.

    This kind of thing is something of a big vision “project” as we want to cover everything. We will have tens of thousands of pages. I do not like talking of it is a project as the resource will carry on well into the future. Just like Wikipedia itself will. Our next steps will be an app with tips where you can also make suggestions and a whole new website. We are using wordpress right now but as we grow and grow we will need to develop our own place with zero restrictions on how we can present content.

    Pillar 3 Content

    What the WebToolsWiki offers featured tools

    • Exposure via the WebToolsWiki itself and the social media share of our pages
    • Feedback in comment areas
    • Tips from users
    • Networking with fans who have shared the page socially

    What the WebToolsWiki offers readers

    • Updated information about tools
    • Tips on how to use the tools
    • Alternative tools in the same categories
    • Networking with other users of the tools
    • A chance to have their own tips, questions or suggested alternatives highlighted via our public lists or Google+and Facebook  comments threads


    What the WebToolsWiki offers editors and writers

    • Money
    • Learning
    • Exposure as a writer/ blogger/ video maker
    • Shares in the business

    So with all this in mind we hope you will bookmark the webtoolswiki .com

    Thank you everyone so so much. Our excitement is growing by the day

    Michael and the WebToolsWiki team

    New #mobile video social network launched by @RWNDApp #News #Rwnd


    Last week I wrote about a new app called RWND that makes fun reversing videos. Today they got approval from the Apple Store for version 2 of their app and there is now a social network. When Vine came out in January 2013 many if not most people said it would never take off. It is too short. Well you do not hear many talking like that now. In the week that Vine launched I wrote very excitedly about it and everything I said here remains true. Mobile, video and sort and quick. people can watch a few while they are waiting for a bus or train.

    The social network is relatively basic at present with many developments planned for Version 3 of the app. Early adopters will get the most followers and build their presence so get into it. I have 11,000 Vine followers and in the beginning nearly everyone followed back. Now they are much more circumspect. Profiles are live in RWND, so is trending, latest, and invitations. You can follow, like, ReRewind, and search usernames! In the App Store now. As a recent review of the app in Forbes magazine said. it cetainly gives a whole new perspective to see things in reverse.

    RwND social

    Your tips for using @RWNDApp
    Web Tools Wiki

    Your tips for using @RWNDApp

    Your tips for using @RWNDApp

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      Have you made a RWND ? Share your link in the comments and I will share it about


      The regathering of the #blogging tribes of @Triberr for #Connectober


      I have noticed of late that there has been increasing criticism that Triberr is not as active and useful as before. That not so many people are sharing posts. So I decided to take some positive and constructive action to remedy that somewhat. I made a weeklong regathering of the tribes event as part of #Connectober. I will be reaching out to everyone in tribes I have started.


      Especially in the case of communities which have been established as a business there seems to be a feeling among many that they have no obligation to support or promote the community publicly. That the founders of the community will do that for them. yet when we examine more closely what a community is (and especially a thriving community) surely every member would benefit exponentially if everybody supported and promoted it. Often the growth and eventual success of a community will depend on how much the members are prepared to spread positive messages about it. There will inevitably be attrition along the journey and the enrolment of new members will be essential.

      One of the difficulties of building a community is the lack of ability to suppress negative sentiments (often quite well meant) by members publicly and this becomes even more difficult in these days of social media. Often communities are built around a new tool and the founders are not skilled in expressing their vision in an effective manner to the more sceptical in the community. In almost every case the founders are attempting things that have never been attempted before.

      After the initial excitement of meeting new people and learning new things communities are built around meaningful collaborations and around the giving of mutual value. Their development often goes through ebbs and flows. It is essential that community members do not attack the founders publicly at these times of ebbs. Newer and more impressionable members will see the attacks and wonder if they should not be investing their time and energy elsewhere. Constructive criticism is of course great and often a necessary factor in community development but perhaps this should be addressed privately? This is where the 3/1000 rule from my headline comes in to play.


      You may think that your criticism is not being seen and that when you address your concerns or complaints to the leaders of the community only they will see it. Research however shows that in the case of Facebook for every 3 people who comment on what you say around 1000 have seen it first. Bad news will inevitably get seen and attract more attention than good. Beware of spreading bad news just so that you draw more attention to yourself. As a community member you have responsibilities.

      So next time you are considering challenging or criticising your community perhaps it may be better to apply the old adage that if you have you have nothing good to say why say it at all. Write to the founder or leader of the community privately. Even discuss it is in a small private group and form a group letter which expresses common concerns. For the good of the community and everyone involved present a positive, united front. Otherwise you may find that you bounce from one community to another and that they all decline in popularity. Who have you served by being the catalyst for that?

      if you are not part of something you can wholeheartedly promote perhaps you should be asking why you are part of it in the first place? There are numerous options these days and not everywhere will resonate with everyone. Choose your community wisely but when you join be a supporter and promoter of it. Publicly at least.


      Why the world needs more information about the latest online tools #WebToolsWiki


      Just by the fact that you are reading this you are very probably ahead of the social game. A game many thought might go away. We can see however that is not. 2 things really struck me today. Firstly I read that 20 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. 60 million more will be shared in the next 24 hours. It makes me wonder how well you are using Instagram to get your own posts seen above this growing “noise”. What new tools are you trying out? The other thing that made a big impression on me was the incredible growth of interest in the internet worldwide. I learned this by studying the viewer analytics for the Web Tools Wiki. Over 10% of users of this site are from Romania. They are the second most by country after the USA which accounts for around 35%. according to my Romanian friend Remi Vladuceanu the internet was barely used there 2 years ago bad massive development of infrastructure has sparked huge use and interest. How many other countries are seeing a similar explosion?


      Not just Romania but the whole world is getting faster and cheaper internet access by the day. I was amazed for example to find how much faster I could do things using my new iPhone 6+ compared with the 2 year old processor in my iPhone 4S. The price of access has gone down since my previous contract and by signing up for 2 years the carrier gave me the phone for free once store and credit card points had been claimed.

      what this all leads to is a necessity for you to keep up with the very latest strategies and tools. Being increasingly internet savvy and having a bigger and/or more responsive network is not now a luxury or an option it is a necessity for nearly every kind of endeavour.

      These discoveries have given me increased determination to make a better and better Web tools Wiki and to market it more and more too. If by any chance you want to be involved as a writer or promoter of what we are doing I am offering money and shares to suitable people. My dream is that it will become the go to place for information about internet tools and that by providing this information we will help people get as much done in less time and spend more time on their passions. This is a big dream but lately I really feel it happening.

      “A personal mission statement becomes the DNA for every other decision we make”
      ~ Stephen Covey

      When I find that we have maybe already become that place in Romania I think “Why not the world?”. What country will we gain significant popularity in. I imagine that Wikipedia itself must have grown this same way back in 2002. Message me on Facebook if you are interested in being part of what is becoming an incredible journey.


      2 great ways to find your top tweets from @CrowdRiff & @EmpireAve #Connectober


      It is always great to find what is working best for you on Twitter. Success breeds clues! This is what your audience wants to see more of! Here are 2 great ways that you may not be using. My Top Tweet by CrowdRiffle and Empire Avenue. My Top Tweet will give you the best 10 from your last 3200 tweets. That is about 3 months for me. Empire Avenue gives you the best from the last week. As part of #Connectober please use these tools then leave links to your top tweets in the comments we will all check them out.



      Here are a few of the tweets I found. You can click on them to engage they are live embeds. Thank you!!

      Please leave links to your top tweets in the comments we will all check them out. Happy #Connectober!
      Thank you

      Happy Birthday! A brief 5 year history of Empire Avenue #Connectober


      Empire Avenue is 5 years old this month. It was founded in October 2009. It is now about 4 and a half years since Empire Avenue began as an actual functioning site and 4 years since Empire Avenue got its first funding. Over 100,000 people have accounts. A lot of people have been connected. I know some of you will be interested in a brief history of what has happened since the start.



      Firstly what is it? These are the benefits for their 3 different target markets as described on their home page.


      In essence Empire Avenue is a place where you can go an quickly find content to share, get your own content shared, connect with new people and also get free analysis of your social media places. I hope you will try it out.


      The original site.

      The original monetization vision went like this
      “Empire Avenue will let you insert ads into your social sites, allowing you to earn real money from your popularity on The People’s Market. All you do is choose to join the company’s advertising platform. The ad rates are determined by influence-driven stock prices. Influencers can display the ads wherever they want — on web sites, sponsored social-media messages, or just on their own Empire Avenue profile.”

      In October 2010 Empire Avenue got its first funding. $200,000. It then raised another 1.2 million in August 2011. Big brands like Microsoft were getting on board and every day was huge fun. I had joined in April 2011 and the thrill of mass connection is very memorable. The top share price when I joined was Adriel Hampton with 123. Microsoft and other companies were getting involved in virtual rewards campaigns and spirits were high


      Around January 2012 Empire Avenue took a whole new tack with the introduction of missions. Users got the ability to pay other users eaves to perform requested actions. This was hugely popular and it was not uncommon to have 2000 unique mission completers a day engaging on the site. Mass connection had been complemented by mass collaboration. Further investment in Empire Avenue followed in December 2013 of an unknown amount. A new board was formed with Charles P. Garcia as the chairman. Sy Fahimi, Laura I. Gomez, Greg Zeschuk and CEO Duleepa Wijayawardhana are also directors. A unique “real” currency called Vees was launched as well as a shop were users could advertise products.

      Since April 2014 Empire Avenue has operated without a CEO and is run by a group of 6 users. Right now around 200 people visit Empire Avenue on a daily basis and around 300 more visit it at least every week. Around 2000 visit at least once a month. A sizeable base to grow from.


      The leaderboards as at October 7, 2014.

      Happy 5th birthday Empire Avenue and thank you to every last person who has participated in any way. Connection and collaboration and a lot of fun and knowledge shared so far. Thank you for getting involved in #Connectober. Search for and use the hahstag #Connectober during October. Get better connected.



      5 things Empire Avenue could do right now for free on social media #Connectober


      Empire Avenue is an online community with about 500 members who are active once a week and another 1000 or so who pop their head in once a month or so. The idea of a community which collaborates to share each others` content is a great one and over 100,000 people have accounts but are “inactive”. At present Empire Avenue is only scratching the surface when it comes to using social media to promote itself. There seems to be little reason why those numbers of 500 and 1000 could not have zeros added to them within a week or two of concentrated social media activity. In short Empire Avenue could become a massive hub for connectivity.

      Right now the owners, the staff and the administrators of Empire Avenue are doing practically nothing. They apparently lack any aptitude, inclination nor belief. This frustrates the heck out of me. Here are 5 simple things that they could do if they wished. These things are all free and require a minimum time spend. They are also al strategies that could be easily adaptded by many online communities or brands

      1. Run a corporate blog. Source useful content from members and publish and promote it and encourage active Empire Avenue members to promote too. Say 10 times a day.

      2. Promote the posts of highly networked and influential people who have shown or are showing an interest in Empire Avenue. Retweet them for a start.

      3. Publish and promote posts and engagement in Facebook and Google+ communities bearing the Empire Avenue name.

      4. Adopt an aggressive following strategy from all Empire Avenue social media accounts.


      10 things Empire Avenue could add to improve itself
      Michael Q Todd

      10 things Empire Avenue could add to improve itself

      A list of things lacking on Empire Avenue which if added would make the site and community incredible

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      1. 1  Profile Information. Would be great to display links to several social networks. Introduction video and more

        Profile Information. Would be great to display links to several social networks. Introduction video and more
      2. 2  An Empire Avenue Shop where we could sell products for eaves and/ or Vs if and when they are introduced

        An Empire Avenue Shop where we could sell products for eaves and/ or Vs if and when they are introduced
      3. 3  Removal of 500, 1000 and 5,000 eave missions. Inflation has rendered these redundant and they block up the stream

        Removal of 500, 1000 and 5,000 eave missions. Inflation has rendered these redundant and they block up the stream
      4. 4  A Scoopit like page as our homepage. Say 5 topics and we could tg scoops with missions

        A Scoopit like page as our homepage. Say 5 topics and we could tg scoops with missions
      5. 5  More interaction with social media sites. For example the ability to display our last Tweet, FB Post or G+ post with ...

        More interaction with social media sites. For example the ability to display our last Tweet, FB Post or G+ post with ...
      6. 6  A social media presence. Right now Empire Avenue is pretty much a secret to all but a few thousand people.

        A social media presence. Right now Empire Avenue is pretty much a secret to all but a few thousand people.
      7. 7  Removal of distinction between business and personal accounts on the leaderboards and some promotion of the whereabou...

        Removal of distinction between business and personal accounts on the leaderboards and some promotion of the whereabou...
      8. 8  More Charity Work

        More Charity Work

        Empire avenue should do more charity work in oder to get more bang for it's buck. Not only are we helping ourselves but we should help others.

      9. 9  Empire Avenue Tips & Strategies - Empire Avenue

        Empire Avenue Tips & Strategies - Empire Avenue

        Empire Avenue Tips and Strategies. Not just an Empire Avenue Tutorial! - Empire Avenue is a great tool for networking with other social media minded people as well as creating social signals for your content.

      10. 10  The return of filtered missions to prevent mission theft and allow us to target "power" users of various networks

        The return of filtered missions to prevent mission theft and allow us to target "power" users of various networks
      11. 11  Visible and numerous haring buttons so that visitors could share our home pages and also other pages

        Visible and numerous haring buttons so that visitors could share our home pages and also other pages
      12. 12  Removal of the ability of bots to spam us when they make purchases

        Removal of the ability of bots to spam us when they make purchases

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      5. Publish and promote “viral” posts on Facebook and Google+. Beautiful photos or humorous posts. This strategy is working great for various other media outlets.

      There you go it is that easy. Please do it or let me and some other people like me do it.


      Some #Tips for Online Community Moderating. Some things to avoid as well. #Connectober


      These are some random thoughts about online community moderating. No doubt you have some great recommended practises and some pet peeves. Would love to see them in the comments and I will add the best one to the post and credit you. Online communities now over 20 years old. They are still very much a rapidly growing factor in our lives. They are a big contributor to this age of connection. Companies and many many offline social groups are finding it increasingly useful to also meet up online. Nearly all of us are active in some or maybe even many. How many cool people have you connected to via some online community? As a competent online community moderator you can become an incredibly potent connector of people and facilitator of exchange of ideas. Conversely as a poor moderator you can severely damage a brand.

      What are things a moderator can do to help a community grow? How to create an environment where people are comfortable in taking the step to post a message, comment or review? Members will not necessarily converse online any more freely than they will stand up before a large crowd and share their ideas. You must nurture, encourage and be patient and forgiving.

      1. If You Want to Make Friends, Be Friendly.
      Nobody likes an overbearing or condescending moderator. be kind and considerate. Be welcoming, be fun. Always consider how you would like to be treated. When people are paying to be part of your community your level of service has to rise even further. Members will not necessarily converse online any more freely than they will stand up before a large crowd and share their ideas. You must nurture, encourage and be patient and forgiving. Be impartial and unbiased.

      2. Ignore Trolls
      You will inevitably get trolls. People who are there just to get a reaction from others. Inevitably these people do not use their real name. You can choose to argue with them or berate them or you can chose to ignore them. Ignoring them makes them go away faster.


      3. Ban Influencers or Payers as a Last Resort Only
      Be very careful when block or banning people who have paid you money to be part of the community or people who have passion and/or influence. These people may well become heavily critical of you. Nurture and communicate thee people. They may end up be very useful advisors. At the very least communicate one on one with these people before banning them. You may well be missing an important part of the puzzle.

      4. Give the People What They Want
      The community is not necessarily about what you want it to be. Listen carefully to thoughts and ideas of members. Ask lots of questions rather than making dictatorial statements and threats. The whole point is to find a way to help the participants share the spotlight.

      5. Get Training
      Online community moderation is a very specialized and complex skill. If you are at all serious about doing it well take any chance you can get to learn. Seek out You Tube videos, podcasts, books, blogs anything. Especially when people are paying you to be a moderator.

      6. Promote Your Community and It`s Members
      You will always have attrition so keep new members coming in and older members coming back by promoting your community either by email marketing, social media posts, whatever works. If possible keep your community open to public view and encourage promotion of posts by members. Reward and thank them when they do.

      The currency is human attention. Work with it. Discourage abuse of it. ~ John Coate

      Community is a complex network of human relationships over time. ~ Cliff Figallo

      Your Tips for Moderating An Online Community
      Michael Q Todd

      Your Tips for Moderating An Online Community

      Your Tips for Moderating An Online Community

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        hosting is heart work. It is not virtual. Like anything having to do with the heart, it’s earthbound. It is messy. It is mixed. And it is incredibly rewarding. ~ Evelyn Pine



        Let`s make an awesome October. #Connectober ~ how you can play


        I woke up when September ended and saw some pretty unsavoury stuff going on on the news. Countries in Africa fighting Ebola pretty much on their own because it was not a “Western” problem. Bombs raining down on Syria. China and India the 2 biggest countries in the world by far not bothering to even turn up for a United Nations climate change conference attended by 193 different countries. You could probably add some more things. As Bob Marley famously said ~ “Let`s get together and feel all right”.

        I have a relatively simple solution to all these kind of issues. It is greater connection. If we have more friends in more places and get to know more about how they think and feel then as a planet of people we can work things out. social media gives us unlimited opportunities to facilitate greater connection and consciousness. However it does not happen by itself. I know that many of you reading this post get this. Thank you for your daily efforts.

        So I decided to initiate #Connectober and will do it next year too. Every day my wife Yoriko and I will post something somewhere and use the #Connectober hashtag and we invite you too. If you wish to guest post here about connection then please let me know in the comments and let it happen. Make an effort this month to reach out to some new people. Please use the #Connectober hashtag on any social media place and we wil look out for it and promote your posts. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and anywhere that uses hashtags.

        What is the worst thing that can happen?


        Here are some examples of posts we have made so far. Thank you for playing