Why We Heart We Heart It by @jayeabdulqader #SocialSharing


Image is everything these days.  It’s all you see on social media—these catchy little images with quotes or some type of marketing strategy and it works. Images are sharable. Instagram and Pinterest both prove that and now there’s a new evolution of sharing much loved content: We <3 It and it’s a great way to promote your business.


We <3 It’s a mobile based app for all platforms: mobile, tablet and web and you can easily log in through Twitter, Facebook, Google + or use your email.  It’s super easy to use and you start by creating your account, following a few interests and then the fun begins.

Your Canvas and Collections

Pinterest has boards. We <3 It has a canvas for your collections. Here’s how to start your first collection. Simply click on the link, Collections, and it will take you to a page like this:


Simply click on Start a new Collection, name your collection then the page will refresh and show you your added collection and it looks like this.


The page will refresh to show your new collection and looks like this:


Now the fun begins. There is no upload feature for this site. You either import images from other collections or other websites. To do the latter, you need the toolbar which is easy and free.  I use Chrome so I just added the extension.  Click here to grab the toolbar now.  You can also download the app for your mobile phone.

Once you have the tool bar installed you are ready to rock and roll!

Step 1.

Go to the website you want and find your image. Below we went to our website and picked the Rent A Designer logo.


Step 2.

Click the heart in the tool bar and it will direct you to a page like the image below.


Step 3.

Then click on your image. Once you hover the mouse over the image you want, a cute little heart will magically appear. Click it and a pop up opens. Type your tags, and then click Post! And now you have your first Collection!


If almost nobody clicks “Like” on your Facebook posts try these 3 quick fixes


Facebook is fast becoming pay to play. Getting reaction to your posts is not as easy as it was. They want you to “promote” them with cash you see.

facebook give a shit

Here are 3 suggestions that work well for me and some of my friends

1. You have to build some kind of a community inside Facebook. This can be done in several ways here are some examples

  • Run a Facebook group about your passion and share related profile and page posts into there
  • Use tagging and allow yourself to be tagged. Some people will collaborate with you in this way
  • Maintain a Facebook list of your key collaborators and also make them “Close friends”. Engage on and occasionally share their posts. Their active friends and followers will be shown your posts by Facebook in their news feeds
  • Do a regular Friends Matrix

2. Improve or vary your content

  1. Post content that people will share. Nature photos, inspirational quotes and anything funny works well for me. Put some thought into what you post. If it is going to be a nature photo try if possible to be about where you are from. If you post something funny make it related to what you do if you can. Make some of your inspirational quotes your own. Brand yourself with your content.

  • Ask questions in the descriptions of the photos
  • Post a mix of photos and updates. Different people prefer different types of post so make sure you are reaching all of them.
  • Post regularly. Every 2 hours is about right so say 8 a day. The edgerank algorithm tends to start showing a post less and less after about 30 minutes and if it is not highly popular then it will be gone from news feeds within 2-3 hours.

3. Promote your posts outside Facebook

  • Get involved in Pillar 6 communities where people are sharing each other`s Facebook posts. Empire Avenue and are key ones for me in this regard. Empire Avenue is extra powerful as it tells me how much I am posting, what reaction they all get.
  • Tweet to Twitter or Pin on Pinterest some of your Facebook posts if they are suitable for your audience.

Any thoughts or tips to add?


Social Crawlytics – A Way to Analyze Your Competition #analysis #tools


When you need to analyze your blog or a competitors blog/website to see how useful the content is, you’ll want to check out Social Crawlytics This useful service is free to use and is a great way to gauge content that should be shared more often. Content needs to be social and if you want to not share content that isn’t social, you’ll be heading in the right direction with this tool.

The process to sign up is relatively easy and it is recommended that you use your Twitter account to instantly sign up. Once activated, you’ll need to grab the url web address of the site/blog that you want to gauge.

When you sign in, you’ll be greeted with the Dashboard of the site. This is where you’ll do all your gathering data from.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the form to put in your web address. Do that and then tell it whether or not you want it to crawl sub-domains. In case you don’t know, sub-domains are other parts of your website that include your content. Then, you’ll tell the website how many layers deep that you want the analytics to crawl. In other words, how many links, pages, etc that are of your content.


In this case, 2 depths is fine for most cases. If you have a high traffic website, you may want to do 3 or 4 depths.

On the next page, when you hit the next button, you’ll find a page that offers a scheduling service. This means that the Analytical Data will run at a certain time. This is useful if you want to set the service to run and send you an email when you get off work. Perhaps then you’ll be heading home and it’ll be in your email inbox by the time you get home. Most of the time however, you’ll want to leave it blank so that you can get it as soon as possible.

From here you can choose to name the Schedule, include a date to run it, how often to run it, and even how many times to run it. Keep in mind that when you sign up, you’re only given a certain amount of credits to use on a free account. When you sign up, you’ll get 1,500 credits and it uses credits, depending on the size of the site, to get your report.

On the third page, you’ll see an area to enter your email address. This is to let you know that the report is finished. So you don’t have to stay on the site the entire time.

It can take a few minutes to get your report, depending on the size of the site you’re analyzing. Once back on the site, you’ll be able to get the report by hitting the Reports button on the left side of your Dashboard area. You’ll also be shown any reports that you’ve done in the past. Go ahead and choose the report that you want to access.

Right away you’ll notice that social media sites that your site is being shared to at the top. This is great because you’ll get an idea of what networks you have the strongest presence on.

In the middle, you’ll have a Report Summary, Report Controls, and an Embed Badge tab. These buttons show you an overview of what is being shared on your site.
This includes things such as: total shares, total pages added, and total pages scanned.anyroad

On the right hand side you’ll see a Page shares per Network box which shows your Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus shares.

Down at the bottom, you have your Page Level Results area. This area shows your individual pages and what the content is doing. Google Plus, Tweets, and Facebook Shares are here as well as the following: Stumbles, Pins, LinkedIn, Delicious shares and your total shares for all networks measured.

Last is your shares by content page, it shows you what types of media is being shared. This could be helpful if you want to add more images to your content. Perhaps by adding more images, you’ll get more shares. After all, social media is a Visual Content driven machine.


My #DailyShoutOut recipients on Google+. Why should you circle these 17 people?


Awesomeness deserves to be publicised! I have sporadically given people a shout out on Google+ and from now on I am going to step that up into a daily thing.
These people all add value and interest in different ways and are recommended in no particular order.

You can quickly add them to a circle here.

I have explained pretty much why these people must be circled in these posts. This line up will be added to regularly. To read the full description just click “Read more” inside the box. To share or comment on the post click on it and you will be sent to the Google+ post. Ditto to read the comments on all the posts. You can plus them all inside this blog post without going anywhere. Thank you!

More and more to come


How to do an Empire Avenue mission and why you would want to


One of the apps and tools available to Empire Avenue participants is missions. We have had them for 2 and a half years and I do a few each day. Empire Avenue is a collaborative Pillar 6 community with a few thousand active social media fanatics. By Pillar 6 I mean that this is a place to get your content a spark. You can have tens of thousands of followers and awesome content but how does it reach them? All of us on Empire Avenue help each other out and if your content is truly good it will get heavily shared. There are many communities like Empire Avenue online but we have special tools which others do not.

You can do missions for anything your imagination desires. You promote your content to the community and offer a reward of eaves. Eaves are a virtual currency which you earn by investing in other Empire Avenue accounts and also by doing the missions of other accounts. The system is very fair and transparent and works well.

Today I wanted to wish a friend on Empire Avenue Akansha Gautam Happy Birthday, let Empire Avenue people know it was her birthday and I suggested a tweet for them to send her. Here are two screenshares and a short video of how I did that.




I will keep you updated with how the mission went but hopefully I can get Akansha a few hundred birthday wishes. Send her one yourself I am sure she will not mind even if you are a little late.

Have fun on your missions. If you have any questions please let me know below!


Last day to get the Empire Avenue Early Bird Members Package #pleaseread


Empire Avenue is now being run by a committed group of over 500 of its members.
It is about to leave it`s “alpha” stage.
Beta will start in about 2 months with many great changes.

Those 500 plus people who love and understand Empire Avenue are working hard right now to make this happen.

When you look at the list of who those people are you will see that they are in around 30 different countries, have massive networks and the complete range of skills and experience to make magic. Many of them are people I have got to know well over the past 3 or more years.

They will empower you to make magic as well. It is easy for me to trust in these people and this process.


Alpha has taken some time because Empire Avenue is a very different start up. It is doing something nobody has never done before. Sometimes these things take time.
Empire Avenue has no app but will get one. It has now mentoring program for new users but that is starting today. It has done almost no marketing but that is also starting. It has barely had a blog or any social media interaction with the public. That will also start.
It has had no real business plan nor vision or understanding of its potential. That willl also develop from now.

From now Empire Avenue will start to become amazing.

Empire Avenue is essentially 4 apps.

  1. One for analysing your social media reach,
  2. For networking in communities
  3. For promoting your content
  4. A social stockmarket game

Until midnight Friday you can take a major part in this and begin getting huge exposure and support for your business and your cause. Get the Early Bird package and join this community of great people.
There is around $2500 of rewards available to you here but it is a little more than that. You will be part of a wonderful thing.


<blockquote class=”Twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>Last day to get the Empire Avenue Early Bird Members Package <a href=”;src=hash”>#PleaseRead</a> <a href=”″></a> <a href=”;src=hash”>#empireavenue</a> <a href=”;src=hash”>#eav</a> <a href=”;src=hash”>#sm</a> <a href=”;src=hash”>#smm</a></p>&mdash; Michael Q Todd (@mqtodd) <a href=”″>April 11, 2014</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>



Empire Avenue has an affiliate program.
When I get paid by them I put the money into supporting and promoting various cause related.accounts in Empire Avenue. Accounts about peace, compassion, environment, health, homeless and more.

Use me as your referrer and I will run a million eave mission for you. This will bring people to your social media content. This is my referral link if you are considering spending money on Empire Avenue. Just let me know you have done it as Empire Avenue does not tell us who uses our link.

Thank you

Together we can do great things


Verification for your Google+ page is important but easy by @JayeAbdulQader

An important part of your online presence is getting verification of your Google Plus page. This is much easier than you may think.

google-places-logo verify-google-plus-listing.jpg


If you own your own business then you need to get verified by Google. Why? Because it gets you found. No matter how many Bing and Yahoo ads are out there, Google is the top search engine that everyone turns to. And you want to own it.  Google makes it super easy to do this by getting you set up on Google Places.

Benefits of being verified on Google are:

  • You get a Verified Google+ Page
  • People can leave reviews
  • You’re on Maps
  • Free Advertising (you are found in searches!)

Your Business Google+ Page will have a little check mark in a shield which tells all clients and potential clients that you are trusted by Google.


If Google says you’re real, then you are the real deal. So how do you get verified by Google?

  1. You need a real address. Why? Because Google needs to mail you a verification code—by snail mail, not email.
  2.  Go to the Google Places (click here) Link and sign in with your  Google account you want associated with your business with.
  3. Fill out the required information. When we verified Angel TD, the only option was via Post Card, but now there is a phone verification option as well.
  4. Verification takes up to two weeks, according to Google, but it didn’t take that long with us. Once we verified our account, Google even provided search terms for our business that would pull up a map of our location and our Google + Page. You can see ours in the image below:


If you do the post card option, Google will provide you a link and a code. Just go to the link and type in the code and then you are all set. You will have your business on Google Maps, a Verified Google+ Page and soon you will be all over Google. And that’s all it takes!

Please feel free to ask any questions or add any tips in the comments



The Empire Avenue Leaders community now has 500 members. What is going on?


Readers of this blog may know by now that I am very bullish and excited about Empire Avenue. I just got a even a little more excited.


Yes we just reached 500 in our new community. Empire Avenue will now be run by its own community. People who love and understand it. Maybe it is time for you to have another look at it or maybe even your first look.

Here is a short interview I did with some screen shares about how to generate leads with Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue essentially has 4 Apps.

OK here is a brief explanation of what is going on on Empire Avenue now.

The future of the site and the good of the WHOLE community now rests in the hands of the Empire Avenue Leaders. Not a leader yet? Everyone can join. Join the Empire Avenue Leaders Community by buying the Leader’s Package. If you have an average Empire Avenue account of say 20-50 million eaves of net wealth this will accelerate it by about 6 months quite hard work. Say about 100 hours work based on 5 hours a week. Your daily income will triple almost overnight enabling you to promote your content much more effectively.

Empire Avenue has a community made up of talented marketers, social media experts, and creatives. The EA Leaders community is empowered to work together to create strategies, brainstorm tactics, and create marketing and training materials to achieve the goal of recruiting 2,000 leaders.

Admins will moderate the Empire Avenue Leaders community, set priorities, provide creative direction, and serve as liaison to EA tech staff. They will serve as Empire Avenue’s Brand Managers, and are tasked with maintaining quality and consistency. They are not staff members.
The Empire Avenue Leaders community will take the lead on marketing and communications strategies and materials. The goal is for users to create content for marketing and training materials to make site easier to use – no budget or staff time is available for production, beyond uploading or linking to content. (For major projects, watch for missions announcing contest prizes such as eaves, badges, or in-game rewards.)

The EA tech team is available for minor changes that EA Leaders believe can have a major impact on customer experience, in ways that support the four priorities outlined by leaders. Specifically, admins will prioritize a change that improves new member retention over one that makes life easier for long-time players.

• Brainstorming and planning will happen in the EA Leaders Community. The rest of the community will be invited to participate in surveys, missions, and contests so that all can participate in the new direction.
• EA staff and programmers will continue to maintain the site, manage the database, and provide normal technical support.
• Members of Empire Avenue Leaders can join working groups to discuss and develop specific projects.
• Admins may designate a team leader for each working group.
• Each group’s goal is to brainstorm ideas on a defined topic and develop plans for bringing those ideas to life. Where possible – such as with logos, videos, and other creative projects – admins will look for ways to use contests and to solicit submissions from the entire Empire Avenue community.
• All EA Leaders are encouraged to brainstorm, to participate in a working group, to submit ideas, and to help create materials.
• Some ideas can be rolled out and tested as we go. For example, person-to-person outreach, missions, and social media outreach to your network can move quickly.
• Training materials developed by this group will be branded as part of a bigger “Empire Avenue Members Helping Members” campaign. Our first contest is to develop logo and tagline for this unifying brand.
• Understand upfront: Not every idea will be used. Not everything created will be posted. Remember: We need to maintain a consistent voice and look on site, and work towards a unifying plan. The Empire Avenue Leaders will have a say in developing the direction and in prioritizing projects, but this is not a popularity contest or a pure democracy.
• Ultimately, any materials to be added to the site are subject to quality review and prioritization by the EA Leader Admins, in their role as EA Brand Managers. At our discretion, we may use contests, member voting, or other techniques to get community input on some of these decisions.

Empire Avenue  Rewarding you for being you

• Join the Empire Avenue Leaders Community by buying the Leader’s Package.

This gives you 5 million eaves, double dividends for investments in other leaders, 20 scheduled and 20 promoted missions, 500 even more desserts and bonuses when you do missions for other leaders. Right now about 500 have joined and about 10 are joining each day.

Here the latest initiatives that we are getting involved in.

• Leaders: Jump in!! Admins will propose a few working groups. Take a look at those and see what you are most interested in. Connect with others and start brainstorming!
• Focus on things WE can do – videos, blogs, outreach, tips, wiki, etc. Some programming support is available, but the more we can focus on what we can do, the more we will get done.
• Don’t see a category or working group that fits your interest? Propose a new working group and recruit people to help you.
• Each week, Leader’s Community will have input into which projects to prioritize and what order to roll out new initiatives.
• Admins make final prioritization recommendations and coordinate with EA staff.

So there is a whole new feeling of empowerment on Empire Avenue.

Join us now!!

Am of course happy to answer any questions you have about Empire Avenue just ask them in the comments

To understand Google+ please check out Circle Count


Why you need to take a look at Circle Count for Google Plus.

Circle Count analyses and examines your Google+ activity and more.
Circles are a unique feature of Google+. To understand and maximise your use of Google+ you need to understand circles.

Circle Count showcases the best on Google+. These are the two most shared circle shares of all time for example.


Here is a great video by the awesome Martin Shervington which gives you a great overview of Circle Count including how to set up your Circle Count account.

Circle Count shows you the top people on Google+ for pre-defined categories including by region, which helps your search.

Circle Count provides a wide range of extensive Google+ statistics, including the highest ranking profiles, pages and communities on Google+. So basically it takes the random searching and exploration stage away and directs you to where the action is. It also shows the posts that are the most reshared and which receive the most plus ones. Add your Google+ profile and Circle Count will then provide you with detailed information about these things;
Your profile and followers. The performance of your posts. Your engagement and interaction. Your profile or page and followers.

Just keep playing with Circle Count and explore all the different options and features. It really is a multi-faceted place. They are also great at constantly adding new features

There are also a range of useful profile statistics about your followers, sharers and communities. You can also now get statistics for your Google+ pages.

I usually visit Circle Count 2 or 3 times a week and check out my graphs, who has added me to circles and more. You can see your last 7 days (as here), your last 30, 6 months, one year etc.


CircleCount helps you assess the performance of your posts and your influence on Google+. It does this by tracking your posts and the activity they generate, such as comments, plus ones and reshares. It also shows who is following you, and who is sharing your posts. This enables you to reach out to people that already like and share your content. CircleCount also shows you when you are likely to gain more engagement.

Another great feature is the Chrome extension. This shows an updating analysis of people on Google+ just by hovering over their name.
See how when I visit this post I can see the account`s follower graph which quickly shows me that they are active and popular. This shows automatically even without hovering. And see how the FC and other icons show up straight under the photo? You can click on that and make it a “Favorite Post” in your Circle Count account.


Get with Circcle Count! Enjoy learning more and more about your plus!


7 tips for using Empire Avenue and Google+ together


I am having a lot of success with Empire Avenue and Google+ and this success is not mutually exclusive. I have had over 33 million views of my G+ profile and I have have the 5th highest Empire Avenue price. I also have a top 10 Google+ network score on Empire Avenue. This stuff works and when you focus on the 2 as a combination it works exponentially. I will share 7 tips on how to maximize your two presences by using them to support each other.

1. Talk about Empire Avenue occasionally both in your posts or in G+ communities. Occasionally add the link to your Empire Avenue account in posts. Use the #empireavenue hastag in some of your posts and actively search for that hastag to support other members` posts. There are a lot of people out there watching but you cannot sell a secret. I even promote the Empire Avenue logo on my Google+ cover banner. Can you spot it?


2. Conversely promote your Google+ profile and/ or page prominently on Empire Avenue in your bio or your status updates or maybe even your ticker.

3. Run regular missions to your best Google+ posts. I do not recommend ” +1 bomb” missions” I believe that it is more effective by far to focus on a particular shareable post and get that into Google`s “What`s hot” section. You see Google will highlight and promote your most popular recent post to those who circle you.

4. Promote your Empire Avenue Account prominently in your Google+ “about” section. Include something about Empire Avenue in your bio area and also link your Empire Avenue account there.

5. Join the Empire Avenue Google+ tips community on Google+ here

6. Analyse. Look at the top plussers on Empire Avenue at this leaderboard.

What are they doing right? Keep an eye on your own G+ network score. Is it rising or falling?


7. Get involved in Empire Avenue circle shares that promote active Google+ accounts. Share these and add the people in them to an Empire Avenue circle in your own circles. Here is the latest one it is an interactive embedded post. You can click on it. Enjoy the avenue and the plus!
Would love to learn of any tips or questions you have for this in the comments down below.
Thank you for sharing this post on both Empire Avenue and Google+ if you get the chance.



How Google+ calculates your profile views and how to get 33 million in the next 12 months


I imagine you were interested to find how many people have been seeing your Google+ profile views. On one of my accounts I have 33 million views so far. I imagine that this is paying off and will continue to do so. I have faith in the longevity of Google.

I made a community for plussers with over 30 million views and will add you just leave a comment here.

Here are some tips that will help you get to that level in the next 12 months. The number of views I am getting prove that what I do works. I totally and utterly believe that you can do this and many of the people that I hang out with a getting more than double of what I am getting. Scott Buehler, Steven Krohn, Daniel Stock, Paul Meulman, Dubie Bacino and Silvia 2K are 6 that you should be watching closely for example.

Please feel free to vote them up or down and or add your own tips.This is an embedded interactive post.


Why you need to use people`s names more often on social media and 5 tips about this


What is in a name? Dale Carnegie in How to win friends and influencing people says it is everything to people and you have to agree. Reason being is that is people`s favorite word. By the way did you know that there is an updated version of this for the digital age? On social media not only the people you are talking to them but you are also talking to everyone who sees it. And when you create a hyperlink of their name all the readers will click on it and check them out and often connect. When you connect your friends and followers to each other you bind and strengthen your community.

Sometimes it may seem strange or unnatural to be using names in a social media conversation. Do it anyway there is massive power in it. Play around with how you do it and work out what fits your style best. Expect a massive flow of notifications into your various inboxes as people rush to engage back with you.

call me what

Here are a few tips and ways you can do this that I have found very effective
1.On Google+ and Facebook when you share a post use the name of the person who you found it from and the original poster. Hyperlink their names by using the + sign or on Facabook the @ mark before their name
2. Mix up your Twitter with some retweets that mention people (instead of the Twitter retweet button).
3. In conversation threads use people`s names to thank them for their comment and to extend the conversatons. Hyperlink the names. On Facebook you can cut the name to only the Christian name by deleting the surname. This make it even more personal.They will then get a notification and your friends will also be able to check them out with ease by hovering over the link that you create. On Instagram, Vine,Pinterest and I am sure other places as well people will not necessarily even see in their notifications that you have conversed with them them unless you actually hyperlink their name.
4. Group some names in tweets occasionally. Connect people and thank them by using their name.
5. Tag people occasionally in relevant photos and notes. This will also help connect them with people who see the post.


have you got any more examples?

From $0 to $91,000 in a month on Kickstarter for the @treesonwater project. Can it make the target?


I have been impressed by the traction that this Kickstarter project by Carlton Solle of Treeson Water has gained traction over the past few weeks. It is a super clever idea that has been well promoted on social media. It has just another $4,000 or so to go on what was a fairly ambitious target.

You can see how it all comes together on this short video

The promotion has also included some clever Facebook marketing. This post for example on Facebook has had over 100 shares so far in the past day.

The product and project as you will see is about much more than just getting good drinking water to people in a recyclable bottle. There is a clever distribution system and every bottle will plant trees in Costa Rica. I am sure that more innovative products will be released by this forward thinking business as well.


I just donated $30 and I hope that you will check it out too. Every donation is rewarded by product and/ or T-shirts and even if you are not able to donate please give it some promotion either by sharing the campaign on Twitter or Facebook.


Localizing Your Brand – Not Just Translating Your Content by @andynathan

Does what you sell in the United States sell in diverse places like China, India, Egypt, South Africa, and Brazil without any changes? Chances are that you will have to re-brand part of what you sell to match the local market.

Very few, if any businesses can run the same operations in China as they would in the United States. Why? Well, you have to deal with not just the language differences, but also a cultural barrier.

Business To Business Sometimes Gets Messy

Take the long standing trade relationship between the United States and China.

Even as early as during negotiations, the localization of your brand matters. China does not care how many tubes of toothpaste or cars you have sold. Instead, they want to honor tradition when they negotiate with you. The tradition of taking numerous meetings to connect with their potential trading partners.

While Westerners grow impatient, shrewd Chinese businessmen have learned how to use this to their advantage to get strategic concessions. Body language is huge – a long pause in China sometimes may mean millions of dollars of business.

This is why transcreation services have become popular with multinational corporations. Businesses need help translating their marketing ideas around the world.

How Then Do We Localize Your Brand

brandingHowever, cultural misunderstandings are not limited solely to the business to business dealings.

Consider the mega brand Pampers in the United States. A few years ago, when they launched in Japan, the brand flopped initially. Why? Well, Pampers used their famous image of a stork delivering diapers. After all, who does not like the friendly stork?

The answer would be Japanese mothers and fathers. In Japan babies are delivered by giant floating peaches. When Proctor & Gamble switched the images to match the local culture sales sky rocketed.

However, sometimes you can do everything right and still get it wrong. Multi-national Walmart does business in over 200 countries. Yet Germany is not one of them.

German males felt that employees handling their groceries at the check-in line meant the clerks were flirting with them. A big no-no if you are with your spouse or girlfriend. Additionally, Germans like to shop for groceries on a daily basis and fresh food is preferred. Stocking up American style had no appeal.

Body language-check! Patience-check! Wording-eh!

Sometimes, however, it is not how you say it, but what you did in fact say. Even companies with good intentions can make mistakes.

Take the Colonels favorite restaurant, KFC. In the 1980′s when KFC launched in China they accidentally translated their trademark “Finger-lickin’ good” to “Eat your fingers off.” Chinese consumers were not exactly in the mood to eat their fingers off, so they initially passed. Now, that the motto has been changed, KFC has 700 restaurants in the country.

kfc china

U.S. beer-making giant Coors apparently thought their slogan, “Turn it loose!” would translate to Spanish just fine. Unfortunately, “Turn it Loose” came out, “Suffer from Diarrhea” instead. In 2006, hair care company Clairol introduced a curling iron called the Mist Stick, which did very well in U.S. markets. When the company marketed the product in Germany, however, they failed to realize that “mist” means “manure” in German. Oddly enough, the “Manure Stick” didn’t sell so well in Germany.

However, what do you do if the product name itself is off? American Motors in the 1970′s introduced their midsize car, the Matador, in Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, the Matador has more to do with a male member in Puerto Rico then a car name. Oops! At least the car took off with a certain subset of the male population in the country.

Localizing Your Brand

In the end, localizing your brand has more to do with creating content that people in your target country can understand based upon their mores and values. Transcreation services have increased many times over the past few years, because corporations realize they need to approach every country in a new way. This means understanding not only how their brand can help prospects in different countries, but also how those prospects can fit your product into their past experiences and understanding. In other words, you have to do your research to get it right.

7 tips you may not think about from my first 2000 days on Facebook


2000 days on Facebook already. Sounds like a long time doesn`t it! I guess I spend longer at it than most people as well.

Anyway here are 7 random tips that you may not think about and that I find useful. These suggestions will make you a much more effective networker and socialiser on Facebook and only take a tiny amount of your time each week. These are not by any means rules. I am making a quick screen share video to accompany this that will show you how to do all these things if you do not know.

1. Check who shares your posts by clicking on the sharing icon. Thank them and maybe even head over and engage in some way with them. Quickly and easily build a deeper relationship with your biggest supporters. This applies equally to posts by your business page.

2. In a similar vein say a quick Happy Birthday to your Facebook friends. At least one contact with them on their special day may be enough to keep a better relationship going. This does not take long and why are you Facebook friends anyway if you are not even doing this?

3. Frustrated that you do not see the posts of people or pages that you really want to see. Use interest lists. Slowly but surely build lists of your favorite Facebook accounts and visit them when you log in rather than relying on the Facebook news feed.

4. Return pokes at least once a week or so. Some people love to poke. Inevitably these will be people who love to connect and promote others as well and have large networks. Even if you rarely initiate pokes I still believe it is worth the tiny amount of time this will take.

5. Post beautiful photos of your town or region regularly. In this way we will all be able to “place” you. This will get you remembered.

6. Use people`s names when you comment and make them hyperlinks. People love their names and will also see a notification when you do this. This will also help connect your friends with other people.

7. Reply to genuine event invitations by writing on the event wall. Even if you cannot make it. This will help your friend`s event get promoted and also potentially connect you with other invitees. If you have a few more minutes maybe even invite some of your friends who may be interested.

Here is a short video to show you where all these places and features are

Hope you toss in the odd emoticon as well they are fun!