Using the Power of a Love Tribe to promote #PoemADay by @JulietEaston #Amazon

How does one measure the power of a Love Tribe?

How about a Book Launch Party!

Hi I am Juliet Easton from Athens, Georgia. I am writing about how powerful your tribe of social media friends can be. Thank you so much for inviting me to guest post on your blog Michael. I am a marketing strategist.  And I am also a poet.  I’m in the middle of a launch party on Facebook for my first book ever, “Muh Boots Haz Rainbows:  #PoemADay  Days 1 – 100″ which contains a series of 100 poems and song lyrics that I shared, one per day, on Facebook beginning December 2, 2013.

Muh Boots Haz Rainbows

My goals for this book launch are hitting #1 in poetry and breaking the top 100 in the Kindle store.  And my tribe helped me hit #2 in Poetry in the Kindle store the first night of the Facebook launch party.  And we hit #3240 in the Kindle store overall. 



My love tribe is not all my friends & followers on Facebook, my social home base.  It is not all my followers on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.  It is not all my Linked In connections or my subscribers on YouTube. My love tribe consists of friends that I interact with on a regular basis in these virtual spaces, primarily Facebook.  My peeps. My family.  These are the people who have my back.  And I have theirs.

Isn’t that what social networking is really all about?  Connection.  Interacting.  Supporting each others’ goals.  Applauding successes.  Giving virtual hugs when life presents challenges.  This is what love tribes do.

I feel that it’s not nearly as important to have a large number of social media connections as it is to deepen the connections you have.  A small number of people who love you and what you do can help support your goals far more powerfully than a large number of casual connections can ever do.

If you want to take a peak at my launch party-in-progress and see a love tribe in action or join us, you are invited. :)

Juliet Poem

I will update this post over the next few weeks with progress on how this all works out and I’d love to hear about your love tribe in the comments!


3 very useful social media sites that you may not be using yet


You are probably using Facebook and maybe Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Google+. Instagram, Reddit, You Tube and Tumblr as well as part of your social media makeup.

Here are 3 “second tier” networks which will help you meet targeted people and to promote and amplify your content. These are Pillar 6 networks. Content based collaborative communities. You may have a lot of followers on the networks above and you may be producing great content but not getting it seen as much as you wish. The big thing about the shares from these places are that they will often come from respected authorities. This will give you instant credibility and if your content is good it will get heavily shared by people you are not presently connected with. You can see below that one of my slideshares has been viewed over 10,000 times already.

A regular presence on these 5 places will be a big help to you. In all these communities you have “followers” just like on any social network. Most of the principles of having to follow a little to get followers and sharing other people`s content to get your own shared apply.


Scoopit is a place where you “scoop ” content to topics that you have selected. Rather than following people you follow their topics. Much as you can do on Pinterest. You will find some highly active and passionate people in your chosen niche or niches. The pro version is good value as you are able to have 5 rather than just 10 topics and also schedule your posts (scoops). Scoopit is set up to facilitate networking. You can easily comment on scoops, rescoop them and then share them to your social networks.

Scoopit gives you updating suggestions for each of your topics as well making it a great place to find content to share. Remember to keep scooping and to tag your scoops to help get them found.


2. Slideshare

Slideshare is now owned and integrated into Linked In. It has a new mobile app. It is still however one of the internet`s best kept secrets for those wanting to promote their knowledge and brand.



Listly lets you easily create and edit both your lists and other peoples` lists. You can use Listly to increase user engagement, get found, and distribute your content to a wider audience.

It is also a fantastic tool for bloggers.

There is plugin for wordpress which allows users to create lists and use it on their own site. This plugin is very easy to use. It allows publishers to add/edit lists, add items to a list and embed lists using shortcode. Plugins link- Click here

The Listly bookmarklet is a quick way to add items to your lists (or any lists you contribute to) on Listly.


How to Use

Your Top Listly Tips
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A list of ways that you make the most of Listly

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    Looking forward to connecting with you on these places. I will follow you back


    7 tips for getting your daily social media done while travelling


    “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”
    ~ Maya Angelou

    Recently I was lucky enough to travel for 5 weeks to Hong Kong and Australia with my wife Yoriko.  As you may know I am a fairly “heavy” daily user of social media. I was a little worried that my online presence would slip a little while I was not at the keyboard as much as usual. Some sites like Facebook and Google+ have algorithms which reward regular quality posts. Alternatively they will punish an absence lasting more than say a day or 2. I often read an update from someone saying “I am travelling for the next few days I will be offline for the next week or so”. I always wonder why this has to be the case.

    I managed to successfully make some great social media great conversations around some holiday photos including these ones. You can click on the Google+ posts to read them.






    This post is a result of some thoughts that I had before, during and after the trip. Hope that you find these tips useful for when you yourself are on the move. I hope that you will add some thoughts of your own in the comments.

    1. Make a weekly content marketing plan and stick to it.

    This will obviously include less posts than you would usually make but it will be something that ensures that you maintain a “barebones” presence. It will probably include a post or 2 a day on all your main places. Check your plan every 2 or 3 days to make sure you have stuck to it.

    2. Schedule

     Using various tools especially Buffer you may even be able to schedule several posts before you even travel. Perhaps you could schedule some “regular” posts that will be supplemented by travel photos and photos with people who you meet along the way.

    3. Draft some blog posts before you leave

    Blogging takes time. If you do not blog about time sensitive topics write a few before you head off.  wordpress even allows you to schedule these as well. Alternatively you can post them manually as well. Having them pre-written will be a major boost for the days when your travelling life gets in the way. Maybe even blog a bit more than usual in the days leading up to your departure.

    4. Go more mobile.

    Adjust your online focus to mobile orientated social media. Beef up your Instagram and Foursquare presences for example. Yes it will cost a little to get smartphone access if you are in another country but I suggest that whatever you spend will be well worth it. Ask people what works best in what place. For example in Australia Telstra provided a great pocket wifi service for under $100 for about 2 hours a day for 35 days. Choose accommodation that has wifi. Get a battery pack that doubles or triples your phone or tablet life.

    Perhaps do some more “cross posting” from your mobile social media places than you usually do. For example when you post to Instagram send it to Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare at the same time.


    5. Become a better photographer.

    Use the opportunity to skill up. Do some study before you leave and try out what you have learned. There are lots of You Tube videos with photography tips for example. Even smart phone photography. You will not regret the time spent on this. Your social media posts will be of higher quality and when you look back at what you have created your memories will be all the better

    6. Consider a virtual assistant to help keep things together

    If you do not usually have the need for one of these wonderful people you will almost definetely benefit from one if you are taking a trip. They will help you keep a balanced online presence and also deal with answering messages and more. Basic daily tasks that you can probably manage yourself when you have more time on your hands.

    7. Do not sweat it too much.

    I do not advise “unplugging” completely but let key people in your life know that you will not be around as much as usual. They will accept this and make allowances. If you have to be off the internet for a day or so then so be it. Enjoy the change and make the most of it.


    I had a great great time and kept a basic flow of content coming out. Even improved some skills as well. Hope that you will manage this as well.



    Pinteresting new development. You can now follow “Interests feeds” on #Pinterest


    People have been asking Pinterest for a long time to give them more targeted feeds. Lists like Twitter or Circles like Google+.
    Well this has not quite happened but there is a big improvement. Now Pinners will be able to see updates from categories or ” Interests ” they choose to follow.

    Pinterest Software engineer Ningning Hu explains in a blog post:

    You may notice something new the next time you visit one of your favorite categories on Pinterest: now each category has a whole new selection of specialized interests to explore. You can even follow along to get Pins from other people who share that same interest delivered right to your home feed.

    When you find a topic where people are Pinning lots stuff you like, click or tap the Follow button and a selection of those very Pins will start appearing in your home feed. That way there’s always something interesting waiting for you whenever you drop by Pinterest.
    If you ever want to stop seeing these Pins, just go back to the interest to Unfollow. Or you can always manage your interests in the newly updated Following section of your profile, where you’ll now also see all the boards and Pinners you follow.


    This is interesting from a number of aspects. Firstly as you can see you can now see who exactly is recently active on Pinterest and has decided to follow that interest. For example I can see 35 people who have just decided to follow the Interest “Tokyo Fashion”
    Next it means that how you describe your pins will become way more important. The words you use will help you get found by the Pinners you wish to reach. This has always been the case but it now takes on a whole new relevance.

    Pinterest Interests are also going to place a higher emphasis on targeted quality content and will vastly increase the chances of a Pinner with fewer followers pinning something that gets heavily repinned.

    What do you make of all of this?
    Would love to have your comments and insights.

    I will experiment more and come back and update this post (hopefully with some of your views) as more angles develop.

    Please consider tweeting or pinning this on the buttons out to the left if you think your followers will like it.


    How to get to 200,000 followers in an hour a day. Secret Sauce from @adamhoulahan


    I keep getting told by people that they do not have enough time. Well here is some Secret Sauce to give you some time back. Adam Houlahan has deconstructed what it takes to succeed online and put it altogether in a simple to follow book.

    secret sauce book slider-image-masterclass

    You may say that this is impossible but there is living proof that this can be done in the form of Natasha Zuvela who has been following Adam`s strategy since mid February. Natasha will reach that 200,000 follower mark with ease inside 12 months and you can too. It starts with belief and with throwing away much of what you are doing now.
    I explain a bit here.

    I found out in Australia last month that there really is only one Adam and that he really does manage a large company Miessence. So if Adam can do this in an hour a day why not you? I found that Adam is a Mechanic profile (more explanation here) which makes him the ideal person to examine a social network and make it work for his particular style.
    Adam now has around 500,000 followers. He has done this in under 3 years. He works with clients now all over the world in US, Canada, Middle East, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand helping them build their online presence. You can contact Adam here

    Sometimes things are very simple and we over complicate them. One of the biggest things I have learned/ had reinforced by watching Adam and reading this book is to keep things simple. Create a brand, prepare your branding and create a strategy. Then stick to it every day. People who are meant to “gravitate” towards you will do so if you offer value and you are consistent.

    Adam has built his brand around social media advice and tips and positive and inspirational quotes. This is one of his favorites

    Adam Houlahan-0110


    Grab some of your time back each day and be much better focused in how you are approaching your social media.

    Check this out today

    Please ask any questions about the book or Adam`s strategies in the comments below

    Thank you


    My 2 min message on Loving Life Radio @lovingliferadio #lovingliferadio


    Loving Life Radio is a new place to find inspiration and motivation.
    Yesterday they featured my short message as their latest podcast. It is about how to use social media to help you love your life.

    You can listen to this Sound Cloud imbed here

    Here is a message from founder Deb King…

    Loving Life Radio shares daily 2 minute audio treats to remind you to focus on what’s important… You and Love!

    Our vision is to reach one million members, focusing on loving life, even more, every day, can you imagine the ripple effect of bringing this community together?
    We have just launched and inviting our first 250 Founding Members to join us. These Founding Members will receive ongoing VIP access to exclusive opportunities and be invited to collaborate on fun ‘Love Projects’, spreading more Love in the world. If you are fun, big hearted and want to experience more collaboration and love, then jump in and play with us now!

    Inspirational quotes are one of my favorite things online I have decided to make some up and post them here. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to take them and share them around.
    There are some links to them all online below each quote

    latin proverb

    Pin it here

    Lao Tzu

    loving life radio

    Van Gogh


    It is painful to have to write about Empire Avenue like this but


    As many of you know I have been a huge supporter and promoter of Empire Avenue for over 3 years and have given them a massive amount of money. The second most of anyone I think.
    So you can imagine how painful it is for me to have been given no choice but to write like this in an attempt to establish some sort of dialogue with them.

    During the past 2 months I have done my level best to contact someone from Empire Avenue and find out exactly what their agenda is and why they are making it so incredibly difficult for me and many others to use their website. I am writing this in the hope that someone associated with Empire Avenue will read this and contact me and tell me exactly what their problem is.
    I have paid I think well over $40,000 to Empire Avenue but would strongly urge you not to pay them anything more until they get their systems fixed. Until they start making rules that are clear and apply to everyone and until they begin communicating with people either by emails or by responding to posts in their forums rather than deleting them.


    4 accounts I manage have been suspended in the past 6 weeks with no real reason given. These are all accounts that have paid $100 (and in 3 cases much more Nearly $500) to be part of the Empire Avenue “leaders community”.
    There have been wild and general allegations of robot use but this is completely ridiculous. When I asked for one single example of some breach of their rules they were unable to give me one.
    The suspensions have now been lifted. However just when I thought that I had suffered enough I got another letter
    The latest letter from them (which I saw 2 days ago) says that they require about 40 accounts to give them verification letters witnessed by a Notary by Tuesday. This will I am told cost around $300 per letter. Again no explanation of why merely an observation from Empire Avenue that accounts I manage have been accessed from Australia without anyone in Australia being “authorised” to access the accounts. Well I have been travelling in Australia for the past 2 weeks. Perhaps that explains it. I pointed this out to them but have had no reply.
    Whoever it is who runs or administers Empire Avenue seems to be on some kind of a witch hunt to drive away and alienate their biggest supporters and promoters. Of course the account owners have given me permission to help me manage their accounts. That is how I have their passwords. Some of the accounts that they have listed I have had zero association with. The whole thing is so random.

    Empire Avenue is in desperate need of some direction. There seems to be no business plan, no vision, the staff are incapable of clear or reasonable communication. Active user numbers have dwindled to well under 1000 possibly under 300.
    When I posted my concerns in the leaders forum my post was quickly deleted. I have paid $100 each for around 60 accounts to be part of that forum.

    So here is my challenge to the people running Empire Avenue (no one seems to know exactly who that is). Please either write to me or answer me when I call your phone number.
    Your rules state that if an account is managed it has to say so and if that that manager has an Empire Avenue account that account has to be named. Well I have done this.
    You cannot just make new rules on the fly and impose absurd demands on people like producing verification letters from notaries. In a few weeks you will have no active members left at all.
    I am only asking for communication and clarity. I am hoping that this is not too much to ask for after having given you so much money. I truly hope that there will be a new beginning for Empire Avenue when some rules and communication channels have been established.

    Building Your Empire The 50 Cent Way. #Entrepeneur #50Graphic


    This post contains the new #50graphic with great entrepeneurial tips from 50 Cent as well as an excerpt from The 7 pillars Book.


    How are YOU going to build your empire?

    There are 5 different levels at which you can play and hopefully you will be intrigued to examine where you are playing and look at how maybe you can step things up. Playing at a high a level as possible is very much part of the 7th Pillar of your online success. It will lead to you getting bought from.

    Level 1 is the non-communicative level. Watching TV and reading books etc and not even discussing your ideas and thoughts with anyone.

    Level 2 accounts for many people online in that they are satisfied merely to communicate. They have no real purpose about their online activity and I guess the same goes for offline too. They are happy just to keep in contact.Absolutely nothing wrong with this. Each to their own.

    Then there are Level 3 people who are prepared to spend time building and maintaining relationships and taking an interest in others.I would say that this accounts for the majority of people on social media.It would seem unlikely though that these people will make money or bring about any great worldly change by their online activities. It takes a little more you see.

    Level 4 folk are leaders.

    I was wondering about where this 3rd and the 4th level interconnected and got some insight from a great coach Karen Vizer who explained to me the work of Dr David Hawkins who writes about how a shift by just one person to becoming a motivator and leader can lead to 750,000 others being motivated and experiencing increased consciousness and clarity in their lives.

    So really a move towards a tipping point where everybody decides they will do something towards making a world of peace, love, sustainability and tolerance need not be so far away. I truly believe that deep down we all seek this.

    What excites me is that Dr Hawkins wrote about this 17 years ago and that the internet is accelerating this consciousness and clarity raising. Momentum is clearly gathering and we can easily see it by which groups are becoming popular and what people are discussing.

    I also love how Eckhart Tolle talks of a world where everyone will do what they love and when they do there will be no fighting or jealousy as everyone will be fulfilled.Everyone will be “leading”.

    Level 5 people are leaders of leaders. Conductors of orchestras of professional musicians all who inspire others themselves. To be a leader of leaders is your ultimate goal.Leaders of leaders are true influencers and “movers and shakers”. They have little doubt about their greatness.

    One guy who gets all this is 50 Cent. He has become that level 5 leader of leaders. This is a great infographic with tips about he has risen to the top of the entrepeneurial world.

    How To Hustle Like 50 Cent: 5 Lessons for the street smart entrepreneur
    Source: | Click here to uncover Lesson Six.

    Thank you for sharing this around if you got some value


    Is it Possible to Start Something in Just a Weekend? Startup Weekend Tokyo #SWTokyo


    This weekend my wife Yoriko are joining 68 other budding entrepeneurs for Startup Weekend Tokyo. I will report back early next week with results but in the meantime here is how it will work. We will pitch an idea for a book about Google+ in Japanese by the both of us. We just bought the URL so step 1 is completed!

    I attended the first ever Start up Weekend Tokyo in 2009 and have been to 3 since. They are always incredibly stimulating with masses of ideas and energy. It is always amazing what a group of 8 or so people can achieve in a weekend.


    shibuya Jelmer Gremmen


    We all meet up at 6 pm this evening and hang out together for most of the next 50 hours. Here is what the schedule looks like.


    A lot of the success of these things depends on the ability of the moderators to keep everyone energised and going in the right direction. What have your experiences of such weekends been? Has anything amazing come out of one you have been involved in?

    10 things to consider when buying and selling on Empire Avenue


    I have been enjoying Empire Avenue for over 3 years and have comfortably achieved both of my end of year targets I set for myself when I joined. A price of 1455ea and over 3.5 billion in net wealth in just one account. Thanks to everyone who has supported me.

    During the 3 years I have also participated in numerous lengthy discussions, mostly in Facebook groups, about buying and selling strategy. I also have recent experience of developing accounts from scratch. I wish to share the benefit of all that knowledge.


    I would describe my style now as a mixture of being eave and relationship related.

    So here you go. In no particular order please think about these things when you buy and sell.

    1. Before selling, consider Empire Avenue as just a small part of your total social media life. What I mean by this is that if someone is a strong supporter of yours on Twitter and Facebook then think twice about selling their shares. Even if their dividends are poor. Is it really worth risking hurting the relationship just for a few eaves? I have made this mistake and regretted it.

    2. Eaves are important. Especially with the new missions feature which you can use to promote your business and many other things. So be hungry for eaves. Set a target. For example a net wealth of 50 million eaves in 3 months is a reasonable target for most people. The easiest way to make eaves is to buy new players before their price grows. Depending on how much time you have each day buy say 5-20 new players each day. Go to and buy the biggest gainers of the day who have also bought at least 5 people. Will take you just a few minutes. My experience is that about 75% of people who rise quickly early on will continue to rise. Set an alert to see how they are going after their first week then buy more or sell.

    I do not care what system you use but do your best not to miss fast risers. I now let very few slip through the net. Advise you go to my Gainers list every day and go through the first 2 pages and buy them. You will quickly notice the difference in your account. It is kind of fun having over 600,000 eaves to spend every day

    3. Buy back at least something in people who buy you. This is just courtesy and everyone had to start somewhere. It is an easy way to cement a relationship and you never know where it may lead. It will also mean that many people will be much less likely to sell you.

    4. Never forget that when you sell it will cost you maybe up to 10% of the total transaction and at least another 5% to buy back. If you even suspect that someone’s “slide” is temporary is it really worth selling? It may have merely been one day off that caused a big drop in a price. See if they have been active on Empire Avenue and at least 2 (preferably 4) other networks in the past week. As a general rule research a sell twice as long as a buy. Fellow EAvLeaders accounts will also bring you twice the daily dividends so holding them is pretty much a no brainer.

    5. If you really feel you must sell someone sell slowly say a maximum of 100 shares a day. By selling 600 shares in someone all at once you can send the into negative territory and spark further selling in them. This will improve you prospects of not damaging the relationship.

    6. When buying have a look at the person’s Twitter account. Are they regularly communicative and supportive of others? Do they tweet in your niche? Have they been added to many Twitter lists? All these factors are important indicators of whether they will be successful on Empire Avenue.

    7. Empire Avenue will grow in popularity and many people will come back. If selling it may well be worth holding a few shares in the account instead of cutting all ties.

    8. Do a bit of buying each day. Buying usually sparks some buy backs. This will ensure that your account makes continued, measured progress and your graph is not up and down all over the place. Many investors sell impulsively so keeping out of the red numbers is advisable. A way of starting the relationship and giving yourself a better chance of being bought back is to promote the profile of the person you are buying. Subscribe to them on You Tube, follow them on Twitter, endorse their blogs.

    9. If you are ever going to promote yourself to anyone then the period immediately after investing in them is a good one. I have a free updating chapter in my book about how to get started that I send to each new player (in their first week) I buy in. You can use it too if you wish. You can see it by clicking here

    10. Develop your own style and play your own way. I have deliberately avoided providing a “blueprint” and have just mentioned some random things that may provoke you to think. Just experiment and keep your eye on the prize. Networking and achieving your goals online.


    PS Terry Rota has some more tips which I think you need to consider….

    Do laugh a lot
    Don’t get too hung up on whether people will sell you or not… they will
    Do wear sunscreen
    Don’t worry about how big your portfolio is…
    Don’t take the game too seriously
    Do join some of the Empire Avenue Facebook groups

    Keep rocking the Avenue


    Are you using the potential of Twitter as a visual site yet? 3 tips

    1. If you ever visit Twitter .com you will see that more and more of your stream has gone visual. For example you may be using a dashboard that does not support this ability. At times you may even wonder if you are on Facebook.


    When trends like this evolve it is easy to stay “traditional” or alternatively you can choose to “go with the flow” and evolve. A quote with an image for example is far far more likely to gain comment and retweeting than a simple written tweet of the same quote. People are now watching You Tube videos, Slideshare presentations and especially Vine videos inside Twitter. If you re someone who mainly watches Twitter from Hootsuite I urge you to visit and see the revolution for yourself. Then go and experiment with some more visual tweets and feel the engagement flow.

    Instagram now has over 60 million photos uploaded to it a day. I wonder how many Twitter has. I guarantee that it is around double that of say 3 months ago. A photo or a video will need a URL so you will need to make an even shorter tweet than usual to accomodate this. It also only works when you actually share a You Tube video or Slideshare presentation from those sites. Simply adding the URL of the content will not necessarily create the viewable tweet. Sometimes this needs experimenting with with various content from various sites. Your time will be well spent.

    Here are 3 tips.

    1. Watch carefully what other people in your stream are doing. Which visual tweets are getting the most engagement. Based on what you learn from this make a daily effort to increase the amount of visual tweets you post.
    2. Be very careful with sizing. Twitter will not show the whole photo so you need to crop down to a rectangular photo of around 400 x 200. You may need to experiment with this.
    3. Analyse which of your visual tweets have been most successful. This may be discussion, retweets or click-throughs to links in your tweets.

    Are you having success with visual tweets? What tips do you have about this?

    How to make your @Kickstarter campaign work #Dashburst #Infographic #Fundraising


    I have been involved with the support and promotion of 2 Kickstarter campaigns which have raised $100,000. One was for a movie about forgiveness called Project Forgive and the other was for a recycled water bottle Treesonwater. These campaigns built a massive buzz around those brands as well as bringing in valuable funding. They also identified key supporters and which products were popular at each price.

    You or someone you know may be considering a campaign. There is a great infographic below which sets it all out for you. The creators of this infographic Dashburst are into the second week of their own campaign right now. The goal is to raise funds for a mobile app. Everyday they are adding better and better rewards to the campaign. Here is the latest video.



    Why Google+ is far from the “walking dead”. Do it like @DrKent of @BooksThatMatter


    Several of my friends and I are getting way way way more reaction to posts on Google + than we ever possibly could with Facebook. Google will retain Google+ because it is growing in popularity. For those who know how to use it.

    facebook give a shit

    My #DailyShoutOut on Google+ today is Dr Kent. Kent Gustavson has quickly become an exemplarary user of Google+. In under 2 months. When you click “read more” on the post by Kent above you see that he promotes cat conservation and also gives full credit including even a link to the original creator of the gif. Kent is a book publisher. So he can write. You can also write. Just try.

    And look how Kent has crafted this one. 4000 plus ones one these posts and a lot of shares. These posts are gaining massive attraction for the environmental organisations that Kent supports.

    It is all about how you post. Write a description like Kent has, Draw people in by writing to them. Take some time. Post less but better. Hashtags are key. Recently I learned from studying the “Explore” section that there are levels of tag. I post mainly about nature. So when I go to explore I find that nature has several categories. Including birds. When I go to birds I pick one the main categories there. And so on to the next word. And use those 4 tags. This works!

    Have you got any more tips?


    25 great new online tools that I knew nothing about until today #ToolsChat


    I love being in the know about any knew online tools that will save me time or help me create or network more effectively.

    I am now busy writing a brief overview of each of these 25 tools in their own page in the Web Tools Wiki. Thank you Emily West-Sadler for the heads up about this great list.

    A Curated List of THE coolest, newest, most handy tools, apps and software from around the web.
    A Curated List of THE coolest, newest, most handy tools, apps and software from around the web.

    Ash Ambirge A Curated List of THE coolest, newest, most handy tools, apps and software from around the web.

    Ash Ambirge | 46 items | 14221 views

    Because the right technology helps you ante-up, make money, save your sanity and pull it off like a real PRO.

    Follow List
    Embed List
    1. 1. Cash Flow for Hustlers

      Cash Flow for Hustlers

      I LOVE this service.

      They provide modern, online cash advances to small businesses to buy inventory, build a website, or grow in any other way - they'll give you a cash advance based on your online credentials like your Paypal history, or your social media accounts.

      My team and I were skeptical, so we tried it out and took an advance before turning around and giving it back to test the process, and guess what? Everything was seamless, easy, and most of all, legit.

      High five to Kabbage for this!

    2. 2. Blurb


      Want to publish an eBook - but have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to format it, and make it look professional (and do all that ePub stuff?)...and don't have the budget to hire a designer, either? YOUR ANSWER HAS ARRIVED. It's like Christmas, right?

    3. 3. - Visual Collaboration - Visual Collaboration

      Visual Collaboration for Creative People. Love this! Let's you drag and drop images from around the web, add post-it notes, and make gorgeous online visual boards so you can get organized, and spark ideas. Invite people to collaborate, too! VERY cool.

    4. 4. Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity!

      Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity!

      This is going to sound crazy, but did you know that ambient noise, like the noise from a coffee shop, has been shown to increase your creativity?

    5. 5. See Your Virtual Team Live Throughout The Day - And Instantly IM

      See Your Virtual Team Live Throughout The Day - And Instantly IM

      So THIS is an interesting concept. If you work virtually with other people on your team around the world in different places, it sometimes can get lonely. And sometimes, you feel disconnected. Squiggle gives real-time photo snapshots of the people on your team, in intervals, so you can always see their face and instantly IM them for anything you need. :)

    6. 6. Glossi Magazine Publisher

      Glossi Magazine Publisher

      Make a gorgeous digital magazine (free!) without any tech knowledge. I LOVE THIS. Add images, photos, videos, animations and audio. Customize and publish for desktop and mobile devices.

    7. 7. RescueTime : Time management software for staying productive and happy in the modern workplace

      RescueTime : Time management software for staying productive and happy in the modern workplace

      This took shows me exactly where I'm spending my time online - and while I didn't want to know at first? The biggest benefit has been in realizing when I really need to slow down - and deserve a break! :)

    8. 8. For ultra fast website loading speeds + protection against hackers.

      For ultra fast website loading speeds + protection against hackers.

      They say that 80% of people who have to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load...won't. We'd hate to lose visitors & community members - right now we're in the process of switching over to WP Engine to host our websites because they're the speediest in the industry - AND they've got the best security. Because getting your site hacked would suck. Highly recommended.

    9. 9. Clickmeter - Tracks Your Clicks So You Know What's Working

      Clickmeter - Tracks Your Clicks So You Know What's Working

      I love Clickmeter because it lets me see exactly how many people are clicking, say, a product link in our product shop, versus the same product link in our blog posts, versus the same product link somewhere else---so I can see where our sales are really coming from. It can also track your conversions, too, and tell you not just how many clicks, but how many dollars were generated from those clicks. :) Isn't this fun?

    10. 10. Videos people can opt-into so you get their email address.

      Videos people can opt-into so you get their email address.

      Imagine a video that politely asked viewers to enter their email address to view it (and thus building your list), or one where you could insert clickable calls to action wherever you please to buy something you made. And then imagine if that video told you exactly what people did when they watched the video---and where they stopped watching, so you could determine where your message is falling flat. That's Wistia, and it's a new TMF favorite. Note: One of my favorite features is that you can submit your video to be closed captioned, and Wistia handles it for you (for a fee) - which helps you make your videos as accessible as possible - something I think should be important to everyone.

    11. 11. When you need to look like a pro but have no idea how to make a graphic to save your life.

      When you need to look like a pro but have no idea how to make a graphic to save your life.

      Graphic River is great when you need an editable template for a banner or a badge or even a logo, and you've got some time to play! You'll be AMAZED.

    12. 12. The BEST way to make to-do lists and stay organized. (We use it everyday)

      The BEST way to make to-do lists and stay organized. (We use it everyday)

      I use this to make all my different lists and stay on top of things! It's so user friendly, and actually makes list making FUN. You can also assign different lists & tasks to staff, if you need to, but I just use it for me, myself and I. LISTS, baby. Get on that.

    13. 13. Crazy Egg - Increase Conversions like WHOA.

      Crazy Egg - Increase Conversions like WHOA.

      My favorite thing here? SCROLL MAPS. What Crazy Egg can tell you is where people are scrolling to on your website - and then stopping. Xing out. And going away. And what does that mean? It means now you know exactly where you need to tweak your web copy, because apparently right in there? You're losing people. Causing eye glaze. And they're abandoning. Crazy Egg is like the CIA of websites - and they make YOU a top secret agent.

    14. 14. Deputy: Manages Your Staff So You Can Get Back to Managing Your Business

      Deputy: Manages Your Staff So You Can Get Back to Managing Your Business

      If you've got people working for you, then you know that sometimes it can be challenging to coordinate schedules, find other available staff when someone calls out sick, record their timesheets, and even do payroll. Deputy is pretty darn cool because it handles EVERYTHING in one easy place where both you and your staff can log in, so shit stays organized.

    15. 15. Instantly Remove Image Backgrounds Online - Clipping Magic

      Instantly Remove Image Backgrounds Online - Clipping Magic

      You really wish you could cut yourself, or objects, out of photos, and have no background, but you suck at Photoshop. VOILA - this is seriously a crazy easy tool. Just found it recently and it's great for a quick cut out!

    16. 16. Awesome for making feedback forms, new customer onboarding forms, or even opt-ins.

      Awesome for making feedback forms, new customer onboarding forms, or even opt-ins.

      So, you know how sometimes you need people to fill out a form but it's a pain in the ass to make a form, or embed the form, or style the form? Gravity fixes that. It's a wordpress plugin that lets you easily put forms anywhere you want on your site - and even cooler? You can set up something called "conditional logic," which means the form will populate itself based on what a person selects. That way, you're never making clients fill out things that aren't relevant to them - or confusing new subscribers. :)

    17. 17. A sanity saver if you're always forgetting your passwords

      A sanity saver if you're always forgetting your passwords

      I'm pretty sure 1Password is the only reason I've been successful online. You think I could remember all of the passwords and log-ins myself? No way. I don't even know what color pants I had on this morning. 1Password gives you a great little button in your browser you click on any time you want it to recall & enter your log-in information on any site - and you can also use it to create iron clad passwords for you, and then auto fill them & remember. Maybe one of my favorite tools on EARTH. This is a must-have. Hands down.

      ◆ Mac App Store Best of 2013 and Macworld 2013 Editors’ Choice Award! ◆

    18. 18. Website at

      Website at

      FINALLY! A button in your toolbar that takes a screenshot of THE WHOLE WEBSITE - and not just what's visible on your screen. I've been waiting for a simple, pretty tool like this for a while. So handy!

    19. 19. Cratejoy - The best way to start a subscription service

      Cratejoy - The best way to start a subscription service

      Want to start a subscription service, where you mail out your hand-crafted items or products to people every month? (Like a beer of the month club, for example!) Cratejoy makes it SO simple. This makes me wish I had a physical product to sell!

    20. 20. Recite - Make Cool Posters With Quotes

      Recite - Make Cool Posters With Quotes

      You know those cool posters you see all over Pinterest that look like they've been professionally designed? With recite, you just enter in any text, pick one of their many templates, and voila - picture-perfect sharable poster in minutes.

    21. 21. How we deliver downloadable links that expire (so people can't spread them around the internet.)

      How we deliver downloadable links that expire (so people can't spread them around the internet.)

      Fetch is awesome for DELIVERING online products, videos, courses, books & files you sell. You can link it right up with a payment processor, and they'll take care of the rest. (Including making sure no one can pass around your stuff for free.)

    22. 22. Your hack to making your website LOOK pro - without hiring one.

      Your hack to making your website LOOK pro - without hiring one.

      It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, only 0.05 seconds for a person to form an opinion about your website that'll determine whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

      In other words, what your site looks like MATTERS. But most young businesses don't have a lot of money to spend on designers yet, either. Enter: Brandgasm 101. Your hack to looking pro - without hiring one. (Co-created by myself, Ash Ambirge, and powerhouse design team over at Shatterboxx, who've most recently re-designed the Bed, Bath & Beyond blog.)

    23. 23. Great for growing your email list without being an asshole and using pop-ups.

      Great for growing your email list without being an asshole and using pop-ups.

      Love this guy because it's a classy, discreet way to ask people to sign up for your email list without putting an obnoxious pop-up in their face. You can tell Opt-in Monster to slide in a nice little banner along the bottom of the website with some custom text based on which page they're on at the time, how long they've been on the site, how many pages they've clicked on, and more. It's great if you're serious about growing your list without being an asshole.

    24. 24. Words That Start With

      Words That Start With

      Find words that start with, end with, or contain the letters, prefix or phrase. REALLY useful when you need to add some alliteration to your writing, but can't think of the perfect word. :)

    25. 25. Bags & Bows - Retail Packaging - Custom Bags, Boxes & Tissue Paper | Bags & Bows

      Bags & Bows - Retail Packaging - Custom Bags, Boxes & Tissue Paper | Bags & Bows

      Selling your gorgeous creations through Etsy, or your own blog? Uplevel your company image with Bags & Bows custom packaging, boxes, labels, gift wrap paper and more. You aren't just some generic company. And you shouldn't look like one.

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