Quickly find the web articles you really want to see with Jottr #Startups


Jottr is a 15 month old startup creating a better window on the web for busy users who want to find the best available information in a hurry. Jottr is still in beta but will launch a new website and iOS App on 15 July.


Jottr CEO Shah believes that Twitter has become too noisy and impersonal. “I don’t think anyone uses Twitter anymore apart from software applications,”. “There are software automatically tweeting stuff and then software that retweets, favourites and follows. You got software applications talking to each other but still people care about followers. It’s incredible.”
Shah says that, out of Jottr’s 500 beta users, the average time spent on the platform is about 40 minutes, which is major considering the average time spent on web articles is usually between 15 seconds and one minute.

Shah stresses that it’s not an RSS reader as the tech is far more ambitious than what it initially appears to be.

What exactly does Jottr do?

Jottr monitors over 300 of the web’s most popular sites. Seconds after every new article is published they

-Analyze the article
-Contextorize it into one or more interests
-Match it to users with same interests
-Prioritize each article in their feed
-Summarize and display it as a Jott.

As a free service how will Jottr make money? “There will be advertising,” co-founder Michael Haupt admits, “but it’s very specific to the user’s interests.”

“With Jottr, when you get the news across, it doesn’t matter who it’s from,” says Shah. “The page ranking doesn’t matter.” Whether the blog post is from The New York Times, Memeburn or Coca Cola, its discoverability remains fair and depends on user engagement. The CEO elaborates:
Let’s say you blog something now, in order for you to reach people, you got to do a blogger outreach programme, you’ve got to spend a lot of time on SEO to start scaling it up. But then you’re competing with a lot of other people doing the exact same thing. You might have something amazing to say but because you don’t have the right SEO, your voice is never heard.
While the team believes Jottr’s content discovery system will level the playing field, Shah argues that it will also help publishers and brands understand users a lot better. “For example, at the moment, when you get a user hit on your site, you have Google Analytics which gives you demographic information like there’s a particular guy in London who looked at this page and spent this amount of time.” Jottr will also provide analytics but in a much deeper way.


Co-founder George Irwin adds that, with Jottr, you can now personalise your website based on the visitor. “For publishing companies, it’s a gold mine because they’ll know exactly that on their sports page, this is the kind of individual who’s spending time on their site,” he says.
“If we go completely blue sky, you can almost throw out the traditional idea of a website. Because all you need is and you give the person exactly what they want.”
“Your entire business is now focused on the customer, on what they want to see and what they’re interested in. Not what you’re trying to sell,” says Shah.

Amen to that! I found some great tech articles from places I had never found before with Jottr.

Try out Jottr for yourself at


TSU and Ello are both failing but for different reasons


It is interesting to compare the 2 social networks TSU and Ello after 6 months. After starting off with a hiss and a roar with clever promotional strategies both networks have an almost identical pattern of decline and present level of US based activity. Alexa is not the most reliable of analytical information but for statistics like this it is reasonably accurate.
Both sites have received massive investment. Just last week Ello got another 5 million dollars bring investment up to over 10 million and TSU has had about 7 million. That is a lot and should have guaranteed success. What has gone wrong?


TSU has been much more popular outside the US presumably because of the possibility that users might get paid to post. This accounts for the fact that it is now ranked at about 3000.
TSU has shot itself in the foot by behaving in an antagonistic manner towards many of its biggest supporters and promoters. Its “power users”. It appears that the people working at TSU have no idea of how to communicate in even a basic human way with the people to whom they should be the most grateful. They seem to take a random approach to whom they accuse of cheating and have also suspended several accounts that have posted about alternative networks. Many people who have expected to be paid by TSU have felt cheated and have let their own communities know about their feelings. This has resulted in a massive downturn in visitors to TSU in the past few weeks. This is unfortunate as TSU has several great features especially the way in which there is only one comment thread per post, even continuing when the post is shared.

The big issue here is people from the third world who may have worked hard at their TSU presence in the hope of making money. They should be very careful before spending more time on TSU for that purpose.

In addition TSU has closed itself off from the rest of social media. You have to join TSU to see posts for example. You cannot post into TSU from other places. As a business TSU has almost completely neglected their own social media presence.

To all those who I recommended TSU to all I can say is that I am sorry I was wrong. Their destiny is likely to be remembered as the Fawlty Towers of social networks.

Ello is ad free which does not seem to have impressed that many. I believe that we have become used to ads. We have trained ourselves to ignore them. Ello does not really offer us anything not already available on Facebook. They have not introduced many innovative features at all. They are also almost completely inactive on social media.


At least TSU has an app and at least it has kept a few users (probably dreaming that they will be paid one day). For now however Facebook is king and it will take something significantly better to even dent its supremacy. Google+ is also a great network once you learn how to drive it.


See you over on Google+ or Facebook


How @seosmarty explains @myblogu with @socialwebcafe on #WebToolsTV


Some people are great at coming up with ideas, others are great analysts and some are great at simply getting things done. Ann Smarty is all of these and is a highly experienced internet and social media marketer. Her new project is MyBlogU. It is really interesting to me how she has developed this and where she thinks are heading online.

myblogu logo

MyBlogU is an ideas community that fills an important need. Helping bloggers and content creators to get unstuck. Connecting the ideas people with the writers who get things done. Go there and find ideas and when you leave them and they are used get cited and credited.

Here is a WebToolsTV interview with Ann in which she explains both her philosophy and how MyBlogU works for you.

Why is @sniply so useful? @michaelhsc explains on #WebToolsTV


Sniply drives conversion through the content you share. It allows embedding of messages including calls to action into every page you share. You can embed “call to action” messages on a website or into articles from Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch and absolutely anywhere.

Whenever you type or paste a link, Sniply is capable of detecting your actions and then asks you if you want to embed the message. Once you confirm, this tool will automatically convert that link into a Sniply link that contains the page.

The dashboard notifies you of the clicks on your links and the level of engagement you received on your embedded content.

sniply logo

Sniply also works well with post scheduling services such as Buffer and Hootsuite as well as social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others. It is most useful for capturing leads, promoting blog posts, marketing products, getting email sign ups and driving traffic.

Do you have any tips for using Sniply?
Please add them to this list. Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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Web Tools Wiki

Your top tips on how to use @Sniply #webtoolswiki

Your top tips on how to use @Sniply #webtoolswiki

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    How To Blog In Minutes With Meddle inc. a #WebToolsTV Interview With @TedCoine


    Create Beautiful Blog Posts In 2 Minutes with Meddle.

    Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

    Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

    Ever feel like you just don’t want to see that blank page on your computer waiting for you to write something witty and creative for your company or business?

    Don’t let that blank screen mock you with it’s evil blinking cursor–if you hate to write or don’t consider yourself creative, there is a muse for you.

    That muse is Meddle, a new web tool that will help you create better blog posts.

    What Is Meddle?

    Meddle is a content marketing tool for subject matter experts. In other words Meddle is a tool that will help you become an influencer by encouraging you to offer your perspective on the stuff you read and share.

    And keep your day job.

    If your job is to write and blog, Meddle will not only help you, but will inspire your team mates so that all of you can become brand ambassadors for your company.

    Who Can Use Meddle?


    Meddle is perfect for those who want to blog but doesn’t have the time or anyone who is new to blogging could use this creative tool.

    Meddle is made to help everyday people to become more than just the average writer, blogger, random person on Twitter by simply improving their visibility online. How? By creating and curating content that meets the needs of their circles.

    Meddle is a blogging tool for those who can take five and showcase themselves to the world. If you are on your 15 minute break at work, you have time to Meddle and show off your latest piece of art.

    Of course, any pro can also use Meddle as another way to drive traffic to their blog by simply posting excerpts and interacting with the other users.

    How To Get Meddle

    Easily sign up for free with either your email or social accounts.

    Once you do that, connect whatever social accounts you want, install the plugin to your browser, and you are ready to go.

    How To Meddle.

    1. Sign into your account.

    2. Make sure the plugin is installed in your browser.

    3. Go to a favorite website.

    4. Highlight text from that website.

    5. A form will open up like the one below. Fill it out with your thoughts.

    Improve your online reputation and SEO by turning content you read into high-impact blogs.

    Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

    Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

    6. You can send it as an email, share it on social media and post it to your profile.  The image below shows the above post about InkyBee on WebToolsWiki.

    Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

    Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

    Last week on Web Tools TV Deborah Anderson interviewed Ted Coine the CMO of Meddle

    Would love to have your top tips for using Meddle

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    Your Tips For Using @Meddleit

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      Essential TSU Tips From The Best ~ #1 from @ConfluenceMedia #TSUTips


      I have assembled a wide range of essential TSU tips from 10 “power” users of this interesting new social network. I hope that by implementing these tips you will increase your success considerably. I will roll out these tips over the next 2 weeks along with some insights on how these people are using TSU and where you can learn from them.

      Elza van Swieten from Holland is up first. Elza is the graphic artist who created my green hair about 4 years ago. Thank you Elza!

      Elza was heavily active on social media 3-4 years ago but until TSU started had been much less so for some time. It is great to see her busy again! Elza has created some very interesting content about TSU and has been highly engaging not only on the social network itself but also in the Facebook groups dedicated to discussion of TSU.

      Elza has a very interesting tip and perspective on TSU which will be immensely useful to many of you. She advocates having 2 accounts and sticking to your first language in one of them.

      “Use TSU in your native language instead of poor English that make your posts vanish in the general timeline. You will create a solid crowd of friends more easily.”

      Elza also points out that you can create 2 different posts with the same base content.

      In addition to her main account Elza uses exclusively Dutch in her account. She has far less followers and friends on @nederlands but gets much more activity and earns more money.

      Another great insight from Elza is here;

      “After 3 months of trying to grasp even a fraction of what the Tsu algorithm is about I decided to stop thinking about it……. It is not about how much, how little, how long or how short. It is all about meeting friends, having fun and sharing the pleasure here on TSU.”

      Elza tip (2)

      Please add your own tips to this list and also vote the tips on it up or down. Thanks!

      Tips for using Tsu
      3.14k views 8 items
      Michael Q Todd

      Tips for using Tsu

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      1. 1

        Follow 50 people who you will believe will follow back. Only 50 pending requests each week

        Follow 50 people who you will believe will follow back. Only 50 pending requests each week
      2. The TSU Social Network is a free platform built to break the traditional social networking model where users provide 100% of the content and interaction, yet their image and likeness are monetized 100% by the platform for no economic benefit to the user.

      3. 3

        keep a list of you you friend so that you can check after a day or 2 who has responded. You can only have 50 pending ...

        keep a list of you you friend so that you can check after a day or 2 who has responded. You can only have 50 pending ...
      4. Follow the "ten commandments"

        Some findings after 9 days on site.

      5. TSU Social Network

        Tsu Guide, Tutorial And Review - Lead Generation And Making Money Online Well Tsu is a brand new social media site that shares it's advertising revenue with its members, and with this MyLeadSystemPro article im going to drill down and show you how to use Tsu to both make money online and to generate leads and make new contacts for your businesses.
        VK TSU Social Network Group

      6. TSU Social Network

        What is TSU? tsū ('Sue') is a free social media payment platform. With tsū, users can monetize all social content in an exponential way due to the nature of how established social networks work and also in perpetuity since users forever tie themselves to other users vs. tying themselves to a platform.

      7. 8

        Use Tsu in your native language to make a stronger network (@confluencemedia)

      I am please follow me there!
      Please ask any questions or leave any insights about TSU in the comments below.


      How to really power up your #SMM with @MavSocial inc a #WebToolsTV interview


      As we all hopefully know by now video is getting bigger and bigger.

      This is a 30 minute interview from WebToolsTV with Matthew Holden the founder of MavSocial. Matthew has some great insights about how to really make video and other social media marketing work for your brand.

      MavSocial is more than just a content management tool.

      It also helps you create and publish.

      You can easily create and license beautiful and rich visual content, messages and much more across your social media networks all from one place.


      Digital Asset Management. This encompasses anything related to visual content management.
      This includes access to stock photos, photo editing, RSS feeds, speedy uploads for video and images, adding meta tags to track and analyze and much more.

      Campaign Planning. This covers all you need in a professional marketing campaign.

      MavSocial helps you plan and manage your campaign, gives you a social inbox, and the ability to schedule your content. If your strategy includes reaching restricted areas of China, MavSocial has got you covered. It includes the Chinese sites RenRen and YouKu to help you get your message out to everyone in the world.

      Pricing. MavSocial is flexible and even has a special page for Nonprofit Organizations.

      MavSocial Product Feature Explainer from Mavsocial on Vimeo.

      Your tips for using @MavSocial
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      Web Tools Wiki

      Your tips for using @MavSocial

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      Hope you will try this out and that it takes you to the next level


      The Avengers #AgeOfUltron trailer goes head to head on FB and YouTube


      One of the biggest social media “transformations” or “developments” of the past few months has been the emergence of Facebook as a powerful video sharing site. Before people would usually post a video to You Tube or Vimeo and then share that link to Facebook. Facebook now shows you how many views you have had and of course allows you to keep boosting the post with paid promotion.

      So it was fascinating that The Avengers posted the trailer of the new movie the Age of Ultron to Facebook and YouTube at the same time.

      Here is how they are doing. On day 1 January 13 the Avengers trailer had around 12 million views on Facebook and YouTube together. The YouTube trailer had 5,021,494 views and the trailer video on Facebook had 6,978,506 views.

      As of today Facebook has not grown so much showing that it has more initial impact but is not so sticky. 7,140,000 views now. The You Tube trailer however has an amazing 32,114,836 views. The Facebook video does not even make the first 5 pages of Google search. I gave up looking after that. Google owns YouTube. The Facebook versus YouTube battle is on.

      I hope that you are posting videos to both of these social media places to give yourself the maximum exposure. As well as gearing your marketing more and more to video. Video is everything where I am here in Japan. Unlimited use plans on mobile and great bandwidth together with more powerful phones and tablets mean that there are no restrictions on what we can watch. This will spread around the world too. The latest Socialnomics video is predicting that by 2018 2/3 of our mobile usage will be video. It is a good watch.

      There is something special about Japan


      After spending about 13 years out of the last 23 in Japan I am becoming more and more appreciative of just how beautiful and interesting it is. As soon as I came here I realised there was something special about Japan. It is still growing on me. I truly hope that you visit here some time.

      I am making this page to showcase some of my favorite photos of Japan. Some by me some by others. I hope that you will enjoy them. I will keep adding to the photos with some personal insights as time allows. Pleas feel free to ask any questions or add your own insights in the comments


      Hoshitouge Rice Terrace  Niigata

      The Hoshitouge Rice Terrace in Niigata. Photo via
      I lived quite close to here in similar countryside for 3 years 1992-95. I love the rice fields especially when the new shoots pop up from the water filled fields on terraces like this. The rhythm of Japanese rural life is heavily influenced by rice.

      kent Shiraishi

      Hokkaido. Photo by Kent Shiraishi
      The blue pond is a common name of this artificial pond which is in Hokkaido.

      by PhoTones_TAKUMA on Flickr

      Tokyo Tower in the morning. By PhoTones_TAKUMA on Flickr

      Adachi museum of art Shimane

      This is part of a garden at the Adachi Museum of Art. The Adachi Museum of Art is popular because of its beautiful Japanese style garden and collection of Taikan Yokoyama’s art work.


      Akihabara “Electric Town” in Tokyo
      Lots of neon and maid cafes. And anything electrical you can possibly imagine.

      Takachiho-Kyo Miyazaki

      Takachiho-Kyo in Miyazaki Photo credit
      Did you know that the Japanese only live on around 93% of their land. less even than New Zealand that has 4 million people to Japan`s 130? And has similar size and geography?
      There are many many beautiful natural places to get away to.

      The Japanese sweet of the New Year, Japan, wagashi

      Japanese New Year`s sweets, Wagashi.
      New Year is an amazing time with many traditional delicacies all representing something either by color or texture.

      Nanatsugama Godan Falls  Yamanashi

      Nanatsugama Godan Falls, Yamanashi. Found on


      Tokyo at night from a helicopter

      japan photography

      Photo by Elia Locardi

      Yoshigaura Onsen Lamp no Yado  Ishikawa

      Yoshigaura Onsen, Ishikawa Photo credit
      This hotel opened in 1588

      How To Use Ninja Outreach To Promote Your Blog


      Looking to collaborate with other bloggers and influencers focused on the same topics as you? How do you find them?

      Get a free trial here

      Ninja Outreach is a blogger outreach software for digital marketers and small businesses interested in growing their presence online. It is a complete CRM, allowing for prospecting, relationship management, and analytics and reporting. With a simple keyword search you can find online influencers in your niche, see valuable data about them, connect with them through email and social media, and partner with them to promote your brand to their audience.

      Ninja Outreach is a Pillar 6 collaborative community. So many people are writing great blog posts but are not getting the outreach that they deserve.


      Ninja Outreach screenshot

      What ways are you getting your blog promoted. If you have not tried Ninja Ourteach yet you can get a free trial here


      Are You Using #NeoReach To Get Paid For Sharing Social Media Posts?



      I have just started using NeoReach to get paid for sharing social media posts. They are a new Business and have recently got $1.5 million in funding so are worth checking out. Share what you want, and say what you want. You have total control over sharing relevant content to your followers.

      In a nutshell Neoreach connects campaigns with influencers and facilitates payment. You get paid 10 cents for every click that you produce for the campaign. You add the type of topic you want to share and get invited to relevant campaigns.



      NeoReach has an affiliate program as well.
      Share your Invitation Link with friends on social media or post our NeoReach Referral Banners on your website.
      Friends click your link and create a new account on NeoReach.
      You earn 10% for all the funds raised by your invited friends on their first 30 campaigns.

      Join Neoreach via my link here

      I am really interested in learning what you think about all this.

      How To Use Disqus For Blog Comments #Blogging #Tips


      This is a guest post by Spencer Kimball about Disqus. I hope you will collaborate on the lists we have embedded below and give us a tip and an alternative to Disqus if you have one. Thank you


      Information on the Disqus site explains it as a a networked community platform, a web-wide community network, connecting millions of global users to your website or small blog. When you install the Disqus widget, registered users become part of the tracking system across different sites, even when they are not logged in, sites that use the Disqus commenting system. According to the Wikipedia article on Disqus, the widget acts in a similar fashion web bug which tracks a user’s activities(1).

      The Disqus for blog comments hosting service is a much utilized service for websites and online communities, and Disqus brags the number of users is currently “more than 2.5 million and counting,” and there is a strong likelihood it is already on your favorite sites.

      The advantages Disqus offers is the claim it will drive more participation and engagement with moderation tools to have some degree of control what is posted on your blog. Plus Disqus is a tool some use to find people with similar interests in order to build and grow and online community. Disqus offers the perk to “Follow other people who share your passions. Complete your profile so others can follow you back.”

      Disqus offers several trade-offs for increased publicity and exposure. If you want privacy and do not want to have a publicly viewable profile which publishes your entire history of comments on Disqus network sites then this would not be a good tool for you to use. Also, information you provide, referred to by Disqus as “Non-Personally Identifiable Information” is actually not so private as the statement claims, as your profile page will show your entire history on Disqus sites, including posting, and will possibly be available to anyone who might search for it.

      If you are comfortable with the fact Disqus does not give users control over who follows them nor have the ability to block unwanted followers, then it may be worth a look if you are willing to build a more integrated online presence. Besides social network integration some of the other features Disqus also offers include email notifications, mobile commenting and even analytics.

      Kickoff Workshop with Disqus: Where Comments Meet Engagement by @digiday #2013 #brettmcdonald via @SlideShare

      Do you have any tips for using Disqus? Please add them to this list. Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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      Web Tools Wiki

      Your Tips for @Disqus #webtoolswiki

      Your Tips for @Disqus #webtoolswiki

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        Do you know any Disqus alternatives? Please add the names of each tool to this list and help others to find them and try them out. Please vote up or down any alternative so we find the most popular ones. Thank you!

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        Web Tools Wiki

        Your suggestions for alternatives to @Disqus #webtoolswiki

        Your suggestions for alternatives to @Disqus #webtoolswiki

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          What are you using on your blog?

          Spencer Kimball

          Your Hashtagging Strategy On TSU. Poll Results #TSU #TSUNation


          As our TSU streams get busier and busier with more and more people joining we need to be more strategic to get our posts seen. Very like what happened with Instagram. TSU now has well over 2 million users and is growing fast. many people now have 5000 friends. Your posts will be seen less and less in the streams of your connections.
          Hashtags were not so popular in the early days of Instragram but they sure are now. I asked members of our Facebook group about TSU what their hashtagging strategy on TSU was. It was interesting to see how few were hashtagging.

          You are allowed 10 hashtags in each post but can also promote your posts and
          posts that you share by adding hashtags in the comments. The benefits of this are getting targeted views on your posts and this will lead to targeted friends and followers.

          You will probably know if your hashtags are working if you get a consistent number of people liking or commenting on your posts who neither your friend nor follow you.


          Some useful types of hashtags might be


          • The country you are from or where the photo is from
          • The topic of a photo or post
          • The name of a photographer
          • The name of the author of an article
          • Blog Post, Video, Photo etc
          • Your own personal hashtag if you have one


          For some reason I have been unable to imbed the poll. So please go to this link here to check it out!

          hashtags beethoven

          Here are 2 great tips from Karen Duryea
          When I run out of shares I use the hashtag #bcc to remind myself to come back to it later. I use generic hashtags like #tsunation on generic posts and more specific hashtags like #poetry on my #poems.

          I also will go back to some of my favorite older posts and leave hashtags in the comments so it gets bumped up. Breathe some life into those things you posted a month or more ago.

          What are your thoughts about all this? Do you have some good examples?


          I am on TSU as



          #TechNews The @WebToolsWiki launches #WebToolsTV


          The Web Tools Wiki continues to expand as new people with different skills and energies join as contributors. This is extremely exciting. Something that started as a small reference corner in The 7 pillars Book is now going multi media. Deborah Anderson has inspired the launch of Web Tools TV. Deborah is an experienced Google Hangout interviewer and video producer and like many of us keenly interested in finding and teaching friends about the latest useful online tools.

          web-design-tools.jpg 2015

          From Sunday 11 January at 8pm Eastern time Deborah and others will begin Web Tools TV shows. These will initially be live Google Hangouts but there will also be recorded interviews with founders of tools and tech bloggers. The link to watch and ask questions during the first show is here. The first show will be a 20 minute interview with me about what the Web Tools Wiki and Web Tools TV offer you offers you followed by a few minutes of your questions.

          The next show will be on Wednesday 14 January and will be a panel discussion about 5 essential tools for 2015. The tools are being decided on right now by a poll in our #ToolsChat Facebook group. Click through to participate yourself!

          The link for this show is here

          The aim is to have a show several times a day so that a constant flow of great information is constantly being presented. Most of the shows will be able to be simply listenned to as well while you are working online so I hope you take advantage of it. We have over 2000 pages of tools in the Web Tools Wiki now so there are a lot of tools to cover.

          If you want to interview someone or be interviewed yourself on Web Tools TV please let me know and we will arrange it.

          Thank you


          What are your 5 essential Social Media tools for 2015? A Public Poll


          Hi I would love your input into what are your 5 essential social media tools for 2015.
          Please add more options to the imbedded poll if you wish!
          We will feature the top 5 on our first Web Tools TV ‪#‎ToolsChat‬ on Wednesday 14 January at 10 pm Eastern. Link to watch and join in the discussion is here

          Web Tools TV is a new initiative by our team at the Web Tools Wiki and will headed up by Deborah Anderson the Hangout Queen. It will take the form of Google Hangouts and we will have a growing number of shows featuring discussion about great Internet tools and interviews with founders of the tools too. Our launch show is on this Sunday at 8pm Eastern at this link

          web-design-tools 2015

          I have found Facebook polls a great way of interacting with people. You can add other options to the poll by clicking through to it as well. I did not know that you could imbedd them in a blog post like this until now though!

          Hope we can kick start your online success in 2015 with some great information about key tools