10 essential everyday online tools


It was a little hard to pick out 10 everyday go to online tools out of many that I regularly use. However I have decided on giving you these 10 to study and use. I truly hope that they will save you increasing amounts of time and enhance your internet experience.

I get a lot done each and every day and I have tested various ways of doing that. I am sure that we all have several tricks but these are a few of mine.

I will give you a brief overview of how and why I use each tool and then send you to a more comprehensive explanation of how they work. The links for each tool will take you to pages about the tool in The Web Tools Wiki. The Web Tools Wiki is a collaboration of information about online tools. Like Wikipedia contributors can edit and update information. Right now the wiki has pages about 700 or so tools. Some of them have only bare bones information right now and some have a lot. It is just starting but I hope that you will learn a lot from it and perhaps even choose to become a paid contributor.


Here are 10 tools that I use every day

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is my main social media dashboqard. In there I can see my 3 main Twitter lists that I watch and I can do many things with the information that I see. I do not go to every day. Hootsuite also allows me to schedule tweets, Pinterest pins and more. I get so much information from accounts I trust and rely on via Hootsuite.
Please go here to learn more.

2. Skype

If you ever want to call me this is the best place to do it. I keep my skype on most of my waking hours and have a massive amount of contacts there. A huge bonus of skype that not everybody knows about is the ability to make calls to landlines very cheaply especially if you pay a monthly subscription.
Please go here to learn more.

3. Buffer

I have several Twitter accounts and Facebook pages so I use a Buffer Pro account which is set up to post to about 20 places. Whenever I find something online that I want to share I usually use the Buffer chrome extension to schedule it to one or more of these places. This keeps a regular flow of handpicked content coming out of them.
Please go here to learn more.

4. Tweepi

Managing a large Twitter account can be very time consuming. Tweepi is my go to tool for this. It allows me to follow 1000 highly targeted people a day and to add them to Twitter lists. All in around 5 minutes per account. I then use it for another 5 minutes or so to remove inactive Twitter accounts and sometimes accounts not following me back. Following steadily and regularly is great for your account as newly followed people will often check out your recent tweets and engage on them.
Please go here to learn more.

5. Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is great for analytics, for meeting highly active and collaborative people and for finding their favored content to share. Of course they often reciprocate making it all the better. It is a relatively complex and multi-faceted website for the beginner but worth getting to know.
Please go here to learn more.


I run several large Empire Avenue accounts and do not do any management of them inside Empire Avenue. All my stock market purchases and sales are done in and I regularly do 20,000 a day in there.
Please go here to learn more.

7. Canva

Pictorial content is a very powerful marketing weapon. Canva will help you get ahead in this field.
Please go here to learn more.

8. Scoopit

Not all of us have time to create a regular flow of content. Scoopit is a key curation tool. Scoopit allows you to have topic boards and also recommends popular recent content to you. It is a social network as well and you will meet many active curators in your specialist areas there.
Please go here to learn more.

9. Triberr

Another great Pillar 6 tool/ community with a main purpose of providing a stream of content for you to share from other like minded collaborators. You will also be shared heavily from here if your content is of a reliable standard.
Please go here to learn more.

10. Circle Count

Google+ is my favorite social network and Circle Count is a wonderful tool for tracking progress of your account and also for viewing other accounts via the excellent chrome extension. You can quickly see how active an account is by hovering over it while in Google+. 2 other great features of Circle Count are notifications of when you are added to circle shares and also a daily overview of how each of your accounts has performed.
Please go here to learn more.

How to raise awareness on Twitter and SM by @TumorWarrior #BrainTumorThursday #BTSM


Hi everyone this is a guest post about how he is raising brain tumor awareness from a guy who I have massive respect for. None of us can imagine what it must be like to be diagnosed with a brain tumor. The amount of courage that people like Lou has humbles me.

Here is what Lou decided to do about raising awareness. What he has achieved is impressive.

“Sometime after being diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor in 2009, I began to wonder if there were people on Twitter who also were battling brain tumors. Slowly, I began to find people and we began sharing information and mutual support. One of the people I met was Nancy @uvmer, who had recently lost her best friend to a brain tumor. She came up with the idea of a focused period of time for the sharing of information and support, a time when you knew there would be people paying attention and tweeting. #BrainTumorThursday was born. I’m not sure when she came up with the idea and when the tweets started, but by 2012, looking at #BrainTumorThursday over the course of the entire year roughly 84,500 tweets and retweets bore the hashtag and reached a potential audience of 365,000,000. Just one year later, looking at #BrainTumorThursday over the course of 2013, roughly 170,000 tweets and retweets bore the hashtag and reached a potential audience of 970,000,000.
This year, through six months, roughly 97,000 tweets and retweets bore #BrainTumorThursday and reached a potential audience of 706,000,000. Somewhere from 2009 to today, I changed from being interested about the project, to passionate about it, to arguably obsessive.


The #BrainTumorThursday campaign originally ran for Thursday as determined by the time on the eastern coast of the US. It didn’t take long to realize that there contributors from all over the world. The campaign now officially starts when it first becomes Thursday somewhere until it is no longer Thursday anywhere in the world (the “global Thursday”).
The approach to growing the activity and awareness was somewhat haphazard at first. Slowly, we started to learn what sort of tweets would be read and retweeted so that brain tumor awareness was brought to larger audiences. For me, this meant reducing the scary tweets (there are a multitude of frightening statistics available) in favor of more brain tumor news, stories demonstrating courage and resolve, tweets about what it’s like to have a brain tumor, and inspirational tweets.


The #BrainTumorThursday campaign does create some positive impact for many people. Here is a sample of answers to the question, “What does #BrainTumorThursday mean for you?
@ZHeatherChamp: It means I’m not alone and there are people who really GET IT!
@seattlerockgal: #BrainTumorThursday means there is a whole community of support out there & people committed to finding a cure.
@HYHUTriangle: To me #BrainTumorThursday‬ is living courageously with this disease and being able to use knowledge from my experience to help others.
A sample of a few popular tweets with the #BrainTumorThursday hashtag illustrates the types of tweets that are posted. Would love you to click through and engage with any of them! They are all live embeds.

“Insurance company pulls coverage for 8 month old with brain tumor” got at least 1,719 retweets

“After intense negotiations, my neurologist allows me 2 drinks a week, but not on the same night” got at least 1,469 retweets.

“Can’t grasp the notion that every day is a gift? Talk to a person with a brain tumor” got at least 1,426 retweets.


If you want to read some more about all this, here’s an unsophisticated website that I piddle with: Hopefully, #BrainTumorThursday has helped people. Frankly, if only one person spots a brain tumor early, learns important information about their tumor and treatment, or gets comfort and support, the #BrainTumorThursday campaign is a smashing success.”

~ Lou

How the new @WebToolsWiki works and what is there for you #online #tools #wiki


Some friends and I have been putting this Web Tools Wiki together over the past few months we have over 1100 pages in construction and being daily updated. There are so many tools available now that will make you more efficient in work and play. Tools develop fast and many come and go. We will keep track of them for you and will also have regular newsletters.

We aim to become the go to place for information about how to use the internet. Yeah a big goal but as a growing team of editors and contributors we believe anything is possible. Our first app is coming soon and I will update you in the next week or so how to access that to get tips on tools on the run.

We are very much is start mode and would love any feedback you have. We believe that there is something for everyone here. From great grandmas who want to Skype their new born great grandchildren but cannot work out Skype right to web designers wanting to make cutting edge animated infographics and need the latest updates and tips about GoActivate.


here is a brief video about how you can use one of our pages to get information about a tool and to then interact with other users of the Web Tools Wiki.

Thank you so much for checking it out


The 5 biggest reasons you may suck at social media


There are 5 main reasons I can immediately identify why nearly all of us are having a limited social media impact. I am not saying at all that I have all these things sorted myself. i simply attempt to improve every day. Fixing these things is going to maybe take a change of mindset and initial work. Some rowing.

We are nearly all battling away individually. With no celebrity status nor money to promote posts or pay support staff etc. Celebrity status and money are not so easy to just grab. But working together with other like minded individuals is. Collaboration.

Secondly nearly all of us do not 100% believe it works so we are inconsistent. Please trust me that social media is not going away. Every single connection that you make and footprint that you leave will serve you. Belief.

latin proverb pinterest

Third reason is lack of overall strategy and goals. Of course not every time but nearly every posts should be part of a plan to achieve something. And you need to measure at the end of each month to see if that has worked. Make a plan. Find out why you are doing all this.

Fourth is lack of knowledge and a continually evolving use of time saving tools. You could actually be doing 5 times or more as much as you are doing every day just by putting in 2 or 3 hours study. And this knowledge and these habits will serve you a lifetime.

Fifth and biggest reason is lack of original content. With the occasional personal touch thrown in. Have you noticed how selfies have got popular and get lots of likes and comments? But not if all you post is selfies. Just say once or twice a month. We want to know you. Look at the words social media and look at how social media started. Social is about people. Media is about publishing. Publish about yourself and about other people and when others do that engage on it. Do that and people will then start taking notice of your opinions.

We are now the media. Would be thrilled to answer any questions you have or to discuss any of this with you in the comments below.

To your online success


Why get excited about the inspirational content startup Kamere @kamereinspires by @shane_barker

Earlier this week I blogged about why so many of us love inspirational quotes and messages. Kamere is a site to find and share inspirational content including quotes,stories and videos.

Shane Barker is a startup advisor and also in charge of digital content for Kamere. 20140804161426-Shane_Barker


Kamere 2

The Founder & CEO of Kamere is Kim Box. Former VP at HP leading a global organization of over 10,000 HP employees & 5,000 contractors in over 100 locations. International speaker and author of Woven Leadership. Director on the American River Bank Board. Past Chair on the American Red Cross- Capital Region Board and on the American Leadership Forum Board. Producer of Emmy-winning documentary Collision Course.

Kamere was born from Kim`s desire to make a difference.

Startups like Kamere are all very different. Some go well some do not. They need to be scaled. I recently made this popular resentation about scaling your startup. Just 12 short slides hope you check it out.

We are keen to learn from other people providing a similar service to Kamere. Please let us know any other places that are like Kamere. You can vote your favorites up and down as well

Alternatives to @Kamere

Web Tools Wiki Alternatives to @Kamere

Web Tools Wiki | 2 items | 246 views

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  1. 2. LoveGrid, a new social network developed to cheer you up

    LoveGrid, a new social network developed to cheer you up

View more lists from Web Tools Wiki

So as a startup Kamere has made the site in a very basic form and will roll out gradual improvements regularly. Our next step is to make an app. Right now we are crowdsourcing to fund an app.

As you can see from this tweet things are going well!!

Once you have used Kamere we would love your tips you can add some here

Your tips for using@Kamere
Your tips for using@Kamere

Web Tools Wiki Your tips for using@Kamere

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  1. 1. Be part of Kamere by checking out their fundraiser on Indiegogo

    Be part of Kamere by checking out their fundraiser on Indiegogo

View more lists from Web Tools Wiki

Please also ask any questions about Kamere or about startups in general in the comments below. Either via the Google+ default or if you prefer by flipping over to Facebook.

Thank you so much for the chance to write this here Michael I hope you and all your friends enjoy Kamere


Why do we love #socialmedia inspirational quotes so much?


Along with cats, funny memes and gifs inspirational quotes remain hot hot hot on most social media networks. Why do we not get tired of them? I asked some Facebook friends today and got some great answers. You may have some insights to add in the comments below or in this FB post you can click on it it is embedded.

Studies prove that being inspired increases happiness and well-being, facilitates progress towards goals, and serves as a springboard for action and creativity (Harvard Business Review ‘Why Inspiration Matters’ Scott Barry Kaufman – Nov. 8, 2011).

here is what some of my friends said:

Inspirational quotes appeal to me for many different reasons. Sometimes they serve as reminders while other times it is a new way of looking at a situation. Sometimes they open a world of possibilities and other times I appreciate them because they make me feel good. And, last but not least, oftentimes I marvel at the beauty and simplicity of the message. ~ Janet Callaway

They are often easily recited and resonate with many as human challenges are similar no matter what background/culture.~ Nick Theodoropoulos

Positivity changes one’s outlook & response to daily life. Our society is witnessing extreme stress, war, increased crime, poverty, it goes on and on. For me, to read or hear a positive reinforcement influences my day, my interaction w/ others, my mindset. It becomes all good.~ Rose Prosser-Boyle

For me it is the sudden change of attitude or shift of mindset that inspirational quotes can give me. One got me the other day. It has made a massive change in the way that I am doing things. It was a quote by Gary Player saying the harder i work the luckier I get. Yeah we have probably all heard this before but maybe it got me at the right moment. I suddenly realised that if I was going to make my book successful i was going to have to work harder on it. It was simply not going to happen without that. I am now doing another 2 hours a day. Scott Buehler tweeted something today about how the biggest motivation a worker can have is to see their boss do an honest day~s work. i also found that extremely empowering as I grapple with being a boss/ manager of a growing team

Look at these 3 examples from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ 300 retweets. 1100 shares etc People love this stuff. I truly believe that wider and wider exposure to wonderful thoughts will make a serious difference in everybody`s lives if they allow and then act.

Why did these posts get shared so much?

Usually it is best not to comment on a quote. Let it speak for itself. Discuss the meaning it has for you in the comments by all means but realistically people want to share it on as it is without your interpretation or exhortation. Agree?

Here are some of my favorite quote posts. Where I can i am leaving links underneath them so that you can share and/ or engage with them on various social media places. Just click. Thank you!!



7th pillar

Louise hay



denis waitley



Larry Winget Pintererst size

carl bard pin size

Lucas pin

Never give up on pinnable

Judy Garland pinnable

Haskins pinterest

georgeeliot pin size

Some things to think about before blocking people on social media


Blocking can be a useful tool but as you will learn it is a step worth giving some consideration to. You may be a life master and if so this post is probably not for you. If not please read on! This is an increasingly vital part of your Pillar 4 social media strategy. As your connections grow and your influence increases blocking decisions may well become more prevalent.

I block extremely rarely but I have had several terrible experiences that came from me blocking people. I have had several online communities spring up to discredit and attack me just because I blocked the wrong person or removed them from a group or even just unfriended them. This was not worth it and I should have simply ignored them. Maybe you have too. Yes there are trolls and haters out there but it is important not to group them. They all have their own personalities and motives. Here are 5 things to think carefully about before pushing that block button. They are all somewhat inter related. Much like the way that blocking people can have connected repercussions that you may not have thought of. I hope that this makes your social media experience more fun and interesting.

Solve these 5 problems by starting your own podcast by @ronsley

I met Ronsley Vaz at a 2 day business seminar run by David Dugan in Brisbane last month. I also had the chance to enjoy 7 courses of Ronsley`s amazing cooking. Ronsley is growing his business and his brand by podcasting and shares some great insights here.


Did you ever consider starting your own podcast? Do you currently listen to a podcast you really love and want to do the same?

Well, that was my story. I used to consume podcasts and audio books like they were going out of style. They inspired me. They got me thinking about points of views that I hadn’t ever thought of before. They got me envious of the podcast host because of how fluently they spoke and carried a conversation. They motivated me to make changes to my life that I would have never considered making before.

For example, I now have my own show. Its called the Bond Appetit Podcast. And, I have been on the top of iTunes in two categories: Food and Fitness & Nutrition. My show is all about fixing your relationship with food and uniting various people over food.

It does not matter what the podcast is about. What matters is the first question of this article. Did you ever consider starting your own podcast?

I believe that these are the top 5 problems you will solve if you start your own podcast:

1. Never be a nobody again

Please do not misunderstand this heading. I don’t mean that you are “a nobody” now. I mean that when you have a podcast, you suddenly get known in countries that you wouldn’t have ever thought of before.  I currently have listeners in Luxemburg, Switzerland, Mexico and even Kuwait. It does not mean that I feel more like “a somebody” now that people in these countries know my name. But, it does however impress on me that I can reach these people from my study table. And, that blows my mind.

2. Change the world

Did you ever want to be a small part of history? I have never admitted this to anyone but my wife before, but I would love to be mentioned in a history book for future generations.  I am nowhere close to that point, but my podcast will forever be part of the Internet. I hope at least, unless iTunes crashes and takes all my audio with it. More importantly, I know that I would have at least changed one person’s world before I go. Which brings me to my next point.

3. People will value your point of view

Within the first 3 weeks of starting my podcast, I got a message that said this: “Found this podcast by accident and I’m glad I did! First off, I LOVE this dudes voice! Ok, I eat like CRAP and I’ve REALLY been trying to change my ways lately. Then bam, I find this podcast! GREAT info that REALLY is a wake up call for me. We NEED to feed ourselves in the best possible way imaginable and this podcast is a GREAT source of info! Way to go!!”

4. Have influential and cool friends

Because I have an interview show, every single guest on my show is now a friend. They are experts in their fields and they have been on my podcast. Have you heard of the saying, “Its not what you know, but who you know”. That is not entirely true. I believe that it is pointless knowing the right people, if you have nothing valuable to contribute to the conversation. The fact that you are reading this article would tell me that you are on a quest to know more. More importantly, it should tell you that you have something important to say.

5. Talk about what you care about

I bet you must have something that you can’t shut up about to your friends and family. There is a topic that you can talk about for days without food, water or even a compliment. I can bet that there are other people on the planet that would love for you to talk to them about that topic. They would love to listen.

So, please don’t die with your music still inside you. Go out there and create your own show. Make it great and in your own image. bond appetit

If you have any questions on how to go about doing this, please contact me. I will be very happy to help.

By Ronsley Seriojo Vaz

Chief Food Sharer @ The Bond Appetit Podcast

Would you try having 10,000 targeted new Twitter followers in the next month?


These are days of massive connection so I wonder if you are getting involved in all of it as much as you could be and getting the benefits as well. In June and early July I travelled in Australia and Hong Kong and was not as active on social media as usual. I did manage to keep up a basic presence and I explained with some tips how I managed to do that here.

What I did do however in Australia was learn a lot from Adam Houlahan about how to maximise the possibility for connection. I learned for example that if you are prepared to put in say 15 minutes a day you can get 10,000 new targeted Twitter followers a month. Since getting back to Tokyo on June 7 I have spent the last 3 weeks putting Adam`s teaching into practice and I have to say that I wished I did it earlier. Numbers are not everything many of you will be saying. I definetely agree. There is how a lot to be said for connection. By reaching out to a new engaging person who is following one of your regular Twitter buddies you may well spark a very interesting and useful relationship. This is what I have been finding in the past 3 weeks.

be open be a connector

How to do it
I selected 10 of my most active friends on Twitter. People who I have regular interaction with. I figured that many of their most active followers must have seen my name and my content. After 5 and a half years on Twitter I have learned that very very few people actively follow but a great many will follow you back. So you have to take the initial step. I have been following 1000 of these ten peoples followers a day in rotation. I urge you to try this for a month and see what happens for you. Get a Tweepi account and spend a little time learning how to use it. There is some information about Tweepi here. I cannot guarantee what will happen for you as that will depend a lot on the nature and quality of your content. My personal strategy is to follow back anyone who has tweeted in the past 2 months and who has a photo and a bio. I will usually unfollow people who send me automated or non personal direct messages.

The results
Twitter had been very quiet for me in the past 2 years or so. In the past 3 weeks since adapting Adam`s strategy it has simply exploded. Around 20 times the interaction that I previously had. When you use Tweepi you may be quite shocked to find how few of your followers are actually still tweeting. You will benefit from connecting with some of those who are heavily active. Who knows what just one new connection could lead to? Another big flow on effect has been increased connection in other places as well. This is probably because I list my profile in my bio and new Twitter followers reach out to me on other networks via this. I have also sold more of my updating online book in the past month than ever before. So I am convinced that this works. We are all playing a different game on Twitter and on social media and there are no rules. I do believe however that you cannot have too many connections.

By the way you can actually learn a lot about how I am using the internet from looking at my browser in this photo. What a giveaway!! Listly, Hootsuite, Twitter and Google+. Plus the editing area for updating and improving the 7 pillars Book. These are my go to places.


This is an example of the kind of response that I have been getting to my tweets in the past few weeks. For a start you may want to go down the list of the good people who have retweeted and favorited this tweet. Most of these reactions have come from new followers. Connecting with these accounts will give your Twitter account a great kick start I think. Over 240 retweets and 104 favorites so far. Not bad right? Thank you so much everyone.

If you decide to try this and follow 30,000 people in the next month there is a fairly good chance that around 8-12,000 of them will follow you back. Of course if you do not have so many followers right now you will be restricted by Twitter follower limits to 10% more than you have following you. So for example if you have 5000 followers you can follow up to 5500. The same principles apply though and you can use Tweepi to unfollow inactive accounts and also accounts not following you back. There are a lot of great people out there and if you have something great at a great price then you may well make some sales. Some of you already do this. How does it work out for you?

Thank you for taking the time for reading and hopefully sharing this post.

To Your Online Success

3 things I learned about the internet and life from the movie Jobs


I watched the movie Jobs on a plane from Hong Kong to Tokyo a few weeks ago. The movie was not everything I wanted it to be. I wanted to know more about the products and how Steve came up with them. I am a geek i guess! It did however have some amazing learning in it.

My 3 biggest take aways were;

1. Do what it takes.

If you are offering massive massive value to everyone around you then people will still appreciate you even if they do not like you. Being so focused on your success can lead you to neglecting relationships. However sometimes I think we go to far to please everyone and neglect simply delivering an awesome product. This is even more true nowadays because we are easily subjected to the views and opinions of naysayers via the internet. Ignore them. Steve Jobs knew what he wanted to achieve and nothing was going to get in his way. he was prepared to fire loyal and clever and hardworking employees at the drop of a hat if it meant that the path to the ultimate goal was cleared.

guilt and relatives

2. Opportunities are everywhere but your success may well depend on what you say no to.

There are literally dozens of opportunities available to us every day. The internet and social media has exacerbated this. The internet offers us a myriad of opportunities to create products and/ or new ways of doing business. We have to pick something that we truly love and something that offers huge value. Then we have to stick with it. Mark Zuckerburg for example would probably have made an amazing success of many entrepeneurial ventures but he stuck with one and that is why Facebook has grown so fast. How many people have given up and gone off to something else just when they were about to succeed?

3. You have to choose something that you love.

Building something truly amazing like Apple Computers is going to have up and down days. You have to ignore them and push on. You also have to be focused on the future when you are doing anything internet related. All of this requires a great deal of hard work. You really and truly have to love something to give it this much. I also saw that people followed Steve Jobs because his love and focus for what he was doing was obvious. You cannot fake this.

After the movie I got home and reassessed what I really loved. I love the internet and the possibilities that it offers. I am a writer. I am loving writing. I am so excited to have finally found what I love doing after all these years. I already get focus and hard work. I was a lawyer for many years in what already seems like a past life. I have no phone. No one has ever visited me at home for over 7 years. I have zero distractions. I plan my day and I execute it. I have zero contact with anyone. In fact over the past week i spoke to my friend Adam for 45 mins and apart from that have only spoken to my wife Yoriko. I have gotten a long way closer to my goal of creating the ultimate internet information website this month and next month I will focus even more on that.

Thank you Steve Jobs and the creators of the movie for the inspiration.


Like this song says at the end….

Do what you love

I hope that you find your big thing.
To your success


Using the Power of a Love Tribe to promote #PoemADay by @JulietEaston #Amazon

How does one measure the power of a Love Tribe?

How about a Book Launch Party!

Hi I am Juliet Easton from Athens, Georgia. I am writing about how powerful your tribe of social media friends can be. Thank you so much for inviting me to guest post on your blog Michael. I am a marketing strategist.  And I am also a poet.  I’m in the middle of a launch party on Facebook for my first book ever, “Muh Boots Haz Rainbows:  #PoemADay  Days 1 – 100″ which contains a series of 100 poems and song lyrics that I shared, one per day, on Facebook beginning December 2, 2013.

Muh Boots Haz Rainbows

My goals for this book launch are hitting #1 in poetry and breaking the top 100 in the Kindle store.  And my tribe helped me hit #2 in Poetry in the Kindle store the first night of the Facebook launch party.  And we hit #3240 in the Kindle store overall. 



My love tribe is not all my friends & followers on Facebook, my social home base.  It is not all my followers on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.  It is not all my Linked In connections or my subscribers on YouTube. My love tribe consists of friends that I interact with on a regular basis in these virtual spaces, primarily Facebook.  My peeps. My family.  These are the people who have my back.  And I have theirs.

Isn’t that what social networking is really all about?  Connection.  Interacting.  Supporting each others’ goals.  Applauding successes.  Giving virtual hugs when life presents challenges.  This is what love tribes do.

I feel that it’s not nearly as important to have a large number of social media connections as it is to deepen the connections you have.  A small number of people who love you and what you do can help support your goals far more powerfully than a large number of casual connections can ever do.

If you want to take a peak at my launch party-in-progress and see a love tribe in action or join us, you are invited. :)

Juliet Poem

I will update this post over the next few weeks with progress on how this all works out and I’d love to hear about your love tribe in the comments!


3 very useful social media sites that you may not be using yet


You are probably using Facebook and maybe Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Google+. Instagram, Reddit, You Tube and Tumblr as well as part of your social media makeup.

Here are 3 “second tier” networks which will help you meet targeted people and to promote and amplify your content. These are Pillar 6 networks. Content based collaborative communities. You may have a lot of followers on the networks above and you may be producing great content but not getting it seen as much as you wish. The big thing about the shares from these places are that they will often come from respected authorities. This will give you instant credibility and if your content is good it will get heavily shared by people you are not presently connected with. You can see below that one of my slideshares has been viewed over 10,000 times already.

A regular presence on these 5 places will be a big help to you. In all these communities you have “followers” just like on any social network. Most of the principles of having to follow a little to get followers and sharing other people`s content to get your own shared apply.


Scoopit is a place where you “scoop ” content to topics that you have selected. Rather than following people you follow their topics. Much as you can do on Pinterest. You will find some highly active and passionate people in your chosen niche or niches. The pro version is good value as you are able to have 5 rather than just 10 topics and also schedule your posts (scoops). Scoopit is set up to facilitate networking. You can easily comment on scoops, rescoop them and then share them to your social networks.

Scoopit gives you updating suggestions for each of your topics as well making it a great place to find content to share. Remember to keep scooping and to tag your scoops to help get them found.


2. Slideshare

Slideshare is now owned and integrated into Linked In. It has a new mobile app. It is still however one of the internet`s best kept secrets for those wanting to promote their knowledge and brand.



Listly lets you easily create and edit both your lists and other peoples` lists. You can use Listly to increase user engagement, get found, and distribute your content to a wider audience.

It is also a fantastic tool for bloggers.

There is plugin for wordpress which allows users to create lists and use it on their own site. This plugin is very easy to use. It allows publishers to add/edit lists, add items to a list and embed lists using shortcode. Plugins link- Click here

The Listly bookmarklet is a quick way to add items to your lists (or any lists you contribute to) on Listly.


How to Use

Your Top Listly Tips
Your Top Listly Tips

Web Tools Wiki Your Top Listly Tips

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A list of ways that you make the most of Listly

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    7 tips for getting your daily social media done while travelling


    “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”
    ~ Maya Angelou

    Recently I was lucky enough to travel for 5 weeks to Hong Kong and Australia with my wife Yoriko.  As you may know I am a fairly “heavy” daily user of social media. I was a little worried that my online presence would slip a little while I was not at the keyboard as much as usual. Some sites like Facebook and Google+ have algorithms which reward regular quality posts. Alternatively they will punish an absence lasting more than say a day or 2. I often read an update from someone saying “I am travelling for the next few days I will be offline for the next week or so”. I always wonder why this has to be the case.

    I managed to successfully make some great social media great conversations around some holiday photos including these ones. You can click on the Google+ posts to read them.






    This post is a result of some thoughts that I had before, during and after the trip. Hope that you find these tips useful for when you yourself are on the move. I hope that you will add some thoughts of your own in the comments.

    1. Make a weekly content marketing plan and stick to it.

    This will obviously include less posts than you would usually make but it will be something that ensures that you maintain a “barebones” presence. It will probably include a post or 2 a day on all your main places. Check your plan every 2 or 3 days to make sure you have stuck to it.

    2. Schedule

     Using various tools especially Buffer you may even be able to schedule several posts before you even travel. Perhaps you could schedule some “regular” posts that will be supplemented by travel photos and photos with people who you meet along the way.

    3. Draft some blog posts before you leave

    Blogging takes time. If you do not blog about time sensitive topics write a few before you head off.  wordpress even allows you to schedule these as well. Alternatively you can post them manually as well. Having them pre-written will be a major boost for the days when your travelling life gets in the way. Maybe even blog a bit more than usual in the days leading up to your departure.

    4. Go more mobile.

    Adjust your online focus to mobile orientated social media. Beef up your Instagram and Foursquare presences for example. Yes it will cost a little to get smartphone access if you are in another country but I suggest that whatever you spend will be well worth it. Ask people what works best in what place. For example in Australia Telstra provided a great pocket wifi service for under $100 for about 2 hours a day for 35 days. Choose accommodation that has wifi. Get a battery pack that doubles or triples your phone or tablet life.

    Perhaps do some more “cross posting” from your mobile social media places than you usually do. For example when you post to Instagram send it to Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare at the same time.


    5. Become a better photographer.

    Use the opportunity to skill up. Do some study before you leave and try out what you have learned. There are lots of You Tube videos with photography tips for example. Even smart phone photography. You will not regret the time spent on this. Your social media posts will be of higher quality and when you look back at what you have created your memories will be all the better

    6. Consider a virtual assistant to help keep things together

    If you do not usually have the need for one of these wonderful people you will almost definetely benefit from one if you are taking a trip. They will help you keep a balanced online presence and also deal with answering messages and more. Basic daily tasks that you can probably manage yourself when you have more time on your hands.

    7. Do not sweat it too much.

    I do not advise “unplugging” completely but let key people in your life know that you will not be around as much as usual. They will accept this and make allowances. If you have to be off the internet for a day or so then so be it. Enjoy the change and make the most of it.


    I had a great great time and kept a basic flow of content coming out. Even improved some skills as well. Hope that you will manage this as well.



    Pinteresting new development. You can now follow “Interests feeds” on #Pinterest


    People have been asking Pinterest for a long time to give them more targeted feeds. Lists like Twitter or Circles like Google+.
    Well this has not quite happened but there is a big improvement. Now Pinners will be able to see updates from categories or ” Interests ” they choose to follow.

    Pinterest Software engineer Ningning Hu explains in a blog post:

    You may notice something new the next time you visit one of your favorite categories on Pinterest: now each category has a whole new selection of specialized interests to explore. You can even follow along to get Pins from other people who share that same interest delivered right to your home feed.

    When you find a topic where people are Pinning lots stuff you like, click or tap the Follow button and a selection of those very Pins will start appearing in your home feed. That way there’s always something interesting waiting for you whenever you drop by Pinterest.
    If you ever want to stop seeing these Pins, just go back to the interest to Unfollow. Or you can always manage your interests in the newly updated Following section of your profile, where you’ll now also see all the boards and Pinners you follow.


    This is interesting from a number of aspects. Firstly as you can see you can now see who exactly is recently active on Pinterest and has decided to follow that interest. For example I can see 35 people who have just decided to follow the Interest “Tokyo Fashion”
    Next it means that how you describe your pins will become way more important. The words you use will help you get found by the Pinners you wish to reach. This has always been the case but it now takes on a whole new relevance.

    Pinterest Interests are also going to place a higher emphasis on targeted quality content and will vastly increase the chances of a Pinner with fewer followers pinning something that gets heavily repinned.

    What do you make of all of this?
    Would love to have your comments and insights.

    I will experiment more and come back and update this post (hopefully with some of your views) as more angles develop.

    Please consider tweeting or pinning this on the buttons out to the left if you think your followers will like it.


    How to get to 200,000 followers in an hour a day. Secret Sauce from @adamhoulahan


    I keep getting told by people that they do not have enough time. Well here is some Secret Sauce to give you some time back. Adam Houlahan has deconstructed what it takes to succeed online and put it altogether in a simple to follow book.

    secret sauce book slider-image-masterclass

    You may say that this is impossible but there is living proof that this can be done in the form of Natasha Zuvela who has been following Adam`s strategy since mid February. Natasha will reach that 200,000 follower mark with ease inside 12 months and you can too. It starts with belief and with throwing away much of what you are doing now.
    I explain a bit here.

    I found out in Australia last month that there really is only one Adam and that he really does manage a large company Miessence. So if Adam can do this in an hour a day why not you? I found that Adam is a Mechanic profile (more explanation here) which makes him the ideal person to examine a social network and make it work for his particular style.
    Adam now has around 500,000 followers. He has done this in under 3 years. He works with clients now all over the world in US, Canada, Middle East, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand helping them build their online presence. You can contact Adam here

    Sometimes things are very simple and we over complicate them. One of the biggest things I have learned/ had reinforced by watching Adam and reading this book is to keep things simple. Create a brand, prepare your branding and create a strategy. Then stick to it every day. People who are meant to “gravitate” towards you will do so if you offer value and you are consistent.

    Adam has built his brand around social media advice and tips and positive and inspirational quotes. This is one of his favorites

    Adam Houlahan-0110


    Grab some of your time back each day and be much better focused in how you are approaching your social media.

    Check this out today

    Please ask any questions about the book or Adam`s strategies in the comments below

    Thank you