Why you are not on Empire Avenue

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My name is Michael.

I am an addict.

I have been hooked on Empire Avenue for over 2 years. I am not able to stay away for very long at all and have even got to opening extra accounts. I have never once asked why.

Like my friend Omar Habayeb has said “It is like crack”.

I knew on day one that I had come home.

Here are 10 possible reasons why you are still not participating.

1. “It’s just a silly game.”
Wrong. It is a social network just like Facebook or Linked In. It has a gamification aspect but this is simply a clever way of enhacing networking and collaboration between member s and of helping us monitor our socisal media progress.

2. “I do not have time for another social network”
You do not have time not to be using Empire Avenue. It helps you create more leverage on and offline in unique ways which will will give you more time to do other things.

3. “I joined but I do not get it”
Spend a few minutes learning how it works. You will be glad you did. Just go here.

4. ‘None of my customers or my network are on Empire Avenue”
They will be soon so if you grab the chance now you will be their go-to person about it. There are many stories already about how others have done this. Be a leader and an early adopter.

5. “The User Interface Sucks”
It is being continually improved and much of the networking and collaborating goes on off the site anyhow. Especially in Facebook groups. There are Empire Avenue related Facebook groups and also communitues on Instagram, Linked In and Twitter. A lot of the buying and selling of shares is done on 3rd party sites and apps as well. There are several of these and there will be more.Empire Avenue is something of a bare canvas still. What is important is the incredible people who have gathered from all over the world and how they feel about both each other and the community itself.

6. “It is too complicated”.
The community is incredibly helpful and supportive and there is a growing body of videos and books and blog posts explaining how to participate. If you are prepared to seek assistance and have half a brain you will be flying along in a week or at the most two.

7. “It will probably die out”.
Wrong. Several of the main people involved will make sure this keeps going forever even if the founders were to head off to another project. The community is too good and too strong.

8. “Not many people are doing it”.
Looking at mere numbers you could say that. However look at who they are. Many of the leading social media figures from nearly every main city of every country in the world are participating.These are the people with true belief in the power and future of Social Media. Visionaries basically. You can find out why they think this way and get on the wave.

9. “What is the point?”.
If networking and upskilling is not for you then what about the missions? Have a look at how you can get hundreds of people to share your content, support you in competitions and more here. Crowdsourcing is also very easily facilitated. Recently Project Forgive attracted 830 or so people to pay $10 or more to raise $100,000 in a month or so to initially finance a movie. A lot of that was a result of Empire Avenue Activity.

I am blown away now I can target my missions. I had been getting a great result with just 20-30% response but expect closer to 80% now. And the 20% that do not complete the mission will be easier to spot. Across my various accounts I have access to around 300 million eaves. I can do some serious damage online with that now that the level of action rises from 20% to maybe 80. A normal mission costs around 200,000 eaves. That will now get say 100 people to like and comment on a FB page. There are an infinite number of possibilities for missions. Simply open to your imagination.

We have much more interaction and knowledge of the others in our Empire Avenue community because of increased visits to each other’s social places.

10.”We are a business so there is nothing in it for us”.
The opportunities for businesses to run competitions, attract brand advocates, staff, customers and upskill social media marketing skills are immense. Very few businesses have kept playing hard out but those who have are benefitting greatly. Do you think Nokia and Intel would be doing this if it were not worth it?

So there you go many of your reservations have hopefully been dispelled. Give Empire Avenue a try for a few weeks. 2 hours a week is enough and after a month at the latest you will see the benefits.
Under 10 hours to find out the secret that many of us are keeping.

Anyone interested in having the very top people promoting them online is playing hard out.

I maintain an inner circle of people I promote hard out all day. They are all owners of 1700 shares in me. I imagine that there are many ways of organising your online life, I find this the best

Just do it.


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