15 Reasons why I love Flickr and you will too


After being sceptical for some time I am beginning to really love Flick.

And yet it’s still the most important photo-sharing site on the Web, a place that photographers flock to for ideas and photo users surf for images. We’re not saying that Flickr is the only place you should be marketing your images, but here are 15 reasons why you should be using it to show — and sell — your photos.

1. It’s real
Real photos by real people.On so many social networks you do not know if you are dealing with real people. There is much more chance that you can tell on Flickr. You can decide which of 3 levels of access you will give to each of your contacts.

2. Networking
You won’t find a larger photographic community. New photographers can chat with professionals who have been shooting for decades while veterans can swap stories and see what the latest technology can do. The power of all those photographic minds together can do wonders for your skills. Flickr is a social network.

3. Feedback
One of the benefits of a big network is that everyone will have something to say about your photos — or at least, everyone you ask. Many of those will be helpful, letting your skills grow with some well-aimed advice.

4. It’s Easy to Get Compliments!
In practice though, invite people to comment on one of your images and most of the responses will be flattering. That’s especially true if you’ve been nice about their photos. If you’re the sort of photographer who needs the odd slap on the back to keep pushing forward, you’ll find plenty on Flickr.

5. Get your Own URL
Okay, you can get a URL to promote your photos without going to Flickr, but it’s still more than you’ll get from a free stock site or even many microstock sites.

6. Stand out from the Crowd
With so many people on Flickr it doesn’t take much to stand out and appear as an exceptional photographer — even when you’re just starting.

7. Sell Stuff
Plenty of people are managing to use it to promote goods. And why not? If you’ve got the photographic talent, you can turn your Flickr page into an eye-catching storefront.

8. Get New Ideas
Look beyond the puppies and parties, and you can find all sorts of inspiring images on Flickr. You can also get all sorts of ideas from people who comment on your photos. As with all things the more you give out the more you will get back.

9. Can be free if you want
Okay, Flickr doesn’t have to be free. You can choose to pay for pro membership if you want. But if you’re happy to do without collections and to limit your uploads, Flickr is free marketing for cash-strapped photographers.

10. It’s Easy
Another reason that some people don’t like Flickr is that they say it’s badly organized and offers few features such as portfolio templates or print sales. The flipside of that criticism is that Flickr is very easy to use. You can’t do much with your Flickr page but you can show photos on it, and that can be effective enough. Flickr is regularly adding new editing features too.

11. Sharing
Sharing is growing more and more popular and Flickr allows you to share with just a click to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

12. You Don’t Have to Show your Privates
Flickr’s filtering system lets you restrict public access to images. While that’s really meant to keep family shots within the family, it can also be a useful way to restrict access to invited customers or clients

13. Groups
Groups are the core of Flickr networking. Pick your niche and brand yourself as an expert.Make a club group or a family group. The possibilities are endless.

14. Geotag your Images
Flickr makes geotagging easy, letting you pitch your photos to buyers looking for shots of specific locations… or photographers who can reach them.

15. If your Pictures are Stolen, Someone Will Know
Become really big on Flickr and your images will become well-known. That might mean they’re also more likely to be stolen but it also means that they’ll be spotted if they are. When your images are seen on Flickr, you’ve got thousands of eyes looking out for your shots.

Hope you will get into it! I look forward to seeing your photos.


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