How I used G+, a @Twylah #powertweet and @ThePollTaker in my campaign


Are you using the hottest new tools combined with innovative strategies to run social media campaigns?

Here is a practical example in action. I know that some of you like to learn from a practical example. Which you can then use yourself.

The starting point for the campaign is G+ even though that is the last place I had to go to create it. Please share this and +1 it on G+ and ask any questions about Power Tweets and the Poll Taker there. Tag Kelly and Lisa in your questions to get their attention.

See how I have used a Twylah #powertweet to get massive SEO for my Tweet and used The Poll Taker to get people’s interest. The power tweet shoild propel this tweet to the top of any search for Michael Q Todd on Gooogle today. The Poll Taker poll and comments on it will be shared liberally on Facebook, Linked In and Tumblr plus of course Twitter because my Poll asks people to show their interest.My Poll Taker account is connected to all these networks and integrates with them.

Please vote as well and get your own accounts at Twylah and The Poll Taker.

Also see how I have used the #powertweet hashtag on G+ AND Twitter to link the tweet and the G+ update and get peoples’ interest.

See also how I crafted my tweet to get people to the Twylah page rather than merely reply to me on Twitter.

I am also promoting my friends Lisa Loeffler of the Poll Taker and Kelly Kim of Twylah by using their tools and showing them to you. I also connected them just now in our #toolschat Facebook group and automatically they saw huge synergy between their two startups. This gives me immense satisfaction. They are both highly engaging women who you will all learn much from.

People who see the G+ post will then go to Twylah then The Poll Taker then to the Shorty Awards then they will tweet out their nomination. However I had to create the 5 places Twitter, Shorty Awards Profile, Poll Taker Poll, Twylah Power Tweet and the G+ post in exactly the reverse order.

I will give the campaign a kick start by running and Empire Avenue mission to 200 highly networked and influential social media people.

Can you run a similar strategy for your business or cause?

Tell us about how you do it and ask questions in the G+ thread.




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