The value of retweeting and the thinking behind #EAvRTs


Getting retweeted is extremely important on Twitter but unless you are already a celebrity you are going to have to do some first. A mistake that many many make on Twitter is randomly retweeting an assortment of people with no strategy. Nothing comes from this so people give up.

Sort out 10-15 people in your niche to retweet and review these after a month or
so. It is not vitally important who they are but if possible go for people who are giving
out great info, retweeting regularly and conversing a bit too. Check out their last 20 or so
tweets and you will easily see patterns emerge.

I do promise that this is vital!  You will change your top 10-15 as time goes on but initially stick with them and it will pay off exponentially. Go for people who RT and communicate the most in your niche rather than simply the ones that have the most followers. You will discover that follower numbers do not necessarily mean so much on Twitter.

Follow these people who you find are talking to and retweeting your key people.
If you are visible, intelligent and communicative in your particular niche as well, these
people will also naturally be interested in you and will check you out and probably follow your tweets.
I would also recommend that you follow 10 or so people that are using Twitter well. These people have a good balance of conversation, information and edification of others. They tweet regularly but not TOO often in a
positive, meaningful way. These are a few of the people I have learnt the most from and
you will too.

Try for a start @brenisphere @tpr2 @terrinakamura
@NealSchaffer @lorimoreno @lorimcneeartist @AskAaronLee @i4harold @LynnHasselbrgr
@henrystradford @JackiesBuzz and @zaibatsu

Some of these people do not retweet so much as they no longer have to as they are
searched for by many fans and followers. Look at other ways they are doing things
though. How are they conversing with and thanking and edifying others? How are they
structuring their tweets? Using #hashtags, asking great questions to keep conversations
going and get you interested enough to open links etc.
A few of the people you follow will follow you back but at the moment do not worry
at all who follows you back. Likewise you should not worry or take any notice when
people send you automated direct messages after you follow them. In your settings
where it asks you if you want to be emailed when people follow or message you just
click No.
I would also recommend doing a Follow Friday ( #FF ) each week of the 10-15
key people you are interested in. This is a way of acknowledging that you like and
recommend them.
If say your niche is the use of Social Media for Non Profits or Causes you could tweet
like this..

Using Social Media well to promote Causes @kanter @johnhaydon @eadvocate
@afine @rjenbarr @cfnoble @jackiesbuzz #FF

Then repeat later in the Friday with another few names to make up your 10-15
Remember to keep your tweet short. Ideally some of your followers will retweet you.
RT @mqtodd Using Social Media well to promote Causes @kanter @johnhaydon
@eadvocate @afine @rjenbarr @cfboble @jackiesbuzz #FF

One or two of them may well also thank you if you make it easy for them.
Eg @eadvocate may tweet

Thanks Michael RT @mqtodd Using Social Media well to promote Causes @kanter
@johnhaydon @eadvocate @afine @rjenbarr @cfnoble @jackiesbuzz #FF

This will quickly get your name circulated and seen by the serious tweeters in your
niche. After a month or so of this they will be checking you out after recognising you as
a supportive, communicative, consistent, niched person.
So by the end of 4 weeks you should have sent out about 400 retweets. If you have followed your key 10-15 people and all those that retweet them and who they talk to then you will have probably followed 100 – 200
new accounts.
DO NOT be frustrated even if none of these have followed you back. Just ignore it. If
random people follow you then follow them back.

No need to thank or acknowledge them. They are followers not friends or not necessarily
even supporters. Engage in conversation with them if they are in your niche but do not
retweet them.
Stick to your strategy of keeping to your key people and after a month or so things should be humming along for you.

#EAvRTs will make all this a lot easier. Simply use to find the tweets that have used this hashtag in the past 24 hours and share a few. Other people will see and RT you as well. To fuel and connect the whole thing I have made a twitter account called @eavretweets which will consistently retweet people who participate.

This is a way you can connect with and add and get value from your Empire Avenue participation. This will give a great boost to your social media presence. It is nearly always much more effective to have others sharing your messages rather than pumping them out repeatedly yourself.

I hope you follow #EAvRTs and share some around.



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