An archive of our #ToolsChat on Pinterest with an explanation of how the chat works


#ToolsChat update of Pinterest Tools from 5 September

I am blogging this to show you the flow of a Twitter chat from start to finish. I selected about 70 of around 1200 tweets. If I missed your tweets do not be offended I did it quickly and randomly!

Much to learn about Pinterest here too. Enjoy!

I am adding some comments during the tweets to show why I asked the questions I did and when. I use to display questions, tips , news and instructions and to tweet from tweetchat which is imbedded into our twebevent site. We have had around 35,000 views on our twebevent page already.

We started #ToolsChat about 15 months ago to build a community of people who like to tweet and who like to know the latest online tools. We have a Facebook group as well that you may enjoy too

  1. DuaneTilden
    Like Pinterest? Join #pinchat NOW with @tribe2point0#toolschat 7pm Pacific today with @twylah &@mqtodd Meet pinners & learn new tools!
  2. Tribe2point0
    10 Minutes to #PinChat with @PinLeague and then join#toolschat at 10 chatting about #Pinterest tools!
  3. I warmed everybody up and invited/ reminded some of our biggest supporters that our chat was back on after a 2 week break. I did not just dive straight into asking questions.
  4. CosmicDoggerel
    Like Pinterest? Join #pinchat NOW with @tribe2point0#toolschat 7pm Pacific today with @twylah &@mqtodd Meet pinners & learn new tools!
  5. mqtodd
    Today`s #toolschat is about @Pinterest (still growing fast) Q1 How often are you using it and why? #pinchat
    I made this question to get participants involved. A simple question which is not yes or no but can be answered in 100 characters
  6. ChristineLBowen
    A1. LOVE #Pinterest. Post a few times per week…#toolschat
  7. AFriendlyHouse
    A1 We use #Pinterest ea time we see an image that expresses the message of removing barriers in design that others need to see #toolschat
  8. kmullett
    A1: I’ve slowed down due to schedule, but hope to pick back up now that there is an Android app. #toolschat
  9. arabpestcontrol
    @mqtodd We try to use @Pinterest daily. It’s a great tool for branding #Pinchat #toolschat
  10. Twylah
    A1 Sadly, I don’t get to it very often, but I do love it.#toolschat
  11. OSPInteresting
    “@arabpestcontrol: Anyone offering thoughts on shared “group boards”? #toolschat”Careful who you invite Useful for project planning.
  12. relinowes
    Hello all! I’m studying SM in #NewhouseSM4 with@dr4ward learning about twitter chats. This is my 1st time participating. #toolschat
  13. ChristineLBowen
    @Blogathon2 Ha! I’m addicted to @Pinterest too. Was pretty bad in the beginning. LOL #toolschat
  14. wordwhacker
    A1 I unfortunately am using it less. There are a lot of new tools and platforms. #toolschat
  15. mqtodd
    A1 Quickly learning Pinterest not just about photos. Networking, branding, bookmarking, SEO all happening#toolschat
  16. Tribe2point0
    #PinChatters ~ Want to chat more about @Pinterest? Join #toolschat NOW:) #pinchat
  17. OSPInteresting
    A1: I use it for personal and business use. I write a blog about Pinterest which has brought me clients.#toolschat
  18. MalharBarai
    A1. Wasn’t using it much, though have started of lately. Thanks to @BekiWeki and @Tribe2Point0 to get me interested #toolschat
  19. bennettdoneit
    A1. I use Pinterest personally, but also for a nonprofit – one more free way to drive traffic to a cause! #toolschat
  20. mqtodd
    Ahhh have missed #toolschat !! What was wrong with me in August? Heatstroke? Q2 Pinterest username & what are your boards about?
    Another question to get people involved and tweeting and to connect more deeply with each other. Best to do this early as it will help bring their friends to the chat and everyone will see who is here. Will do more difficult questions next which there will not be so many answers to.
  21. tamcdonald
    I’m tamcdonald on Pinterest (and most other places) Boards incl #cmgr #CoffeeTime and stuff you don’t care about (seriously) #toolschat
  22. topilarity
    username: at20 My boards are about my history, my passions and my future. #toolschat
  23. OSPInteresting
    “@Sheresed: #toolschat What would be a pinnable post?” Something with an eye catching image.
  24. topilarity
    And a hint of intrigue 🙂 QT @OSPInteresting: “@Sheresed: #toolschat What would be a pinnable post?”Something with an eye catching image
  25. OSPInteresting
    User name CynthiaPins Bards are about recipes, food, humor ,social media blogging, podcasting, all about me. I’m an open book #toolschat
  26. mqtodd
    @Tribe2Point0 Since we had you as a #toolschat guest nearly a year ago #pinchat has grown & grown. You inspire me Kelly
  27. mqtodd
    OK nitty gritty Q3 What are your favorite tools for searching on Pinterest? #search #photos #sm#toolschat
    Our chat focus is tools
  28. Tribe2point0
    A5 Reverse image search by Google or Pin Search Chrome extension ~ find the source for images and attribute #toolschat
  29. LovelyLu
    What amazes me is how mainstream #Pinterest is….. it is just as popular with the older generations as the young. #toolschat
  30. OSPInteresting
    “@Sheresed: @OSPInteresting Would the image link to the post to drive traffic to blog? #toolschat” It sure can!
  31. bekiweki
    @LovelyLu What amazes ME is the people that are still dismissing #Pinterest. Just shooting themselves in the foot, IMO. #toolschat
  32. Sheresed
    #toolschat A2: pinterest username is sheresed using to connect on a lifestyle level w/ biz audience.
  33. Tribe2point0
    @Blogathon2 @arabpestcontrol Find your niche, what are you passionately interested in, Pin it and others will connect #toolschat
  34. relinowes
    Is Pinterest fated to be just a personal means of expression or does it have professional applications?#toolschat #NewhouseSM4
  35. mqtodd
    Q4 What are your favorite Pinterest analytics tools?#toolschat
  36. arabpestcontrol
    A4 @Pinreach is another tool to consider. I haven’t used in a while, but seems popular #toolschat
  37. ModWorkingWoman
    “@MalharBarai: @Tribe2point0 Reverse image search = Very important tool to know the image source!!#toolschat
  38. mqtodd
    Q5 What general tools do you recommend for Pinterest? Please use their twitter handles if you know them#toolschat
    Attempted to attract the attention of Pinterest tools twitter accounts plus makes it easier for chat participants to search for them
  39. crazedmom
    A4: Pinerly #toolschat
  40. websuccess
    “@topilarity: #toolschat A4: pinerly is great for tracking single pins, and I like @repinly for trends and content ideas.” We <3 Pinerly
  41. kmullett
    A5: I like using Share As Images to take twitter posts and turn them into pins. #toolschat
  42. websuccess
    “@CosmicDoggerel: A5 Use @woobox to add a Pinterest Tab to my Facebook page. Helps to direct more FB visitors to my Pinterest. #toolschat
  43. Tribe2point0
    @LovelyLu Yes ~ actually so much easier for everyone to use. No lists, no need to think of a status update, just#Pin #toolschat
  44. mqtodd
    Q6 What is your favorite #Pinterest #tip? Or make up your own! #toolschat (Best 10 will make my blog post)#toolschat
    Gives experts a chance to show themselves off and will give real value to those in the chat and reading the archive. I learned a lot too!
  45. ModWorkingWoman
    “@arabpestcontrol: A6 #Pinterest #tip Use hashtags within the title and Tweet your Pins! #toolschat
  46. Blogathon2
    A6. You can mention a pinterest user just like on twitter by adding @username in your pins. #toolschat
  47. mqtodd
    A6 As everywhere on SM post & network on #Pinterestto get shared not simply to get seen once #tip #toolschat
  48. ModWorkingWoman
    “@bekiweki: A6 Don’t pin all at once–it’s tempting to “pin all the pretty,” but frequent visits and steady activity wins. #toolschat
  49. Tribe2point0
    A6 Be consistent, edit boards ~ check for bad links, follow others, comment/like, have FUN:) #toolschat
  50. bekiweki
    @Tribe2point0 The same can go for sharing–share only the best of the best pins on other SM platforms.#toolschat
  51. Twylah
    Pinterest definitely needs a @bufferapp function.#toolschat
  52. Blogathon2
    A6: When an image is pinned, it automatically pulls what’s in the atl tag of the image. Use this to your advantage on your site. #toolschat
  53. Tribe2point0
    A6 On @Pinterest you are a curator not an aggregator ~ be discerning #Pin the BEST stuff #toolschat
  54. michelejmartin
    Q6 Pin articles you have penned. Great way to drive traffic to your blog/writing #toolschat
  55. shilps31
    Ans 6: It may sound cliched but it helps if anyone doesn’t get overdose of pics posted by u. . #toolschat
  56. mqtodd
    Q7 Will you use Pinterest more in the future? Why?#toolschat
    People are warmed up and are feeling more comfortable and are more likely to express opinions
  57. Blogathon2
    A7- probably. I love collecting ideas and I’m a visual person, it’s perfect for me. #toolschat
  58. crazedmom
    a7: I plan on to but I know for a fact especially after tonight I will be updating my board #toolschat
  59. kilby76
    @mqtodd A7) I hope to use Pinterest more in the future. Still trying to be good at Twitter and Facebook! And maybe G+ too! #toolschat
  60. Tribe2point0
    A7 Definitely more ~ excellent research tool, SO much data available #toolschat
  61. CosmicDoggerel
    A7 definitely. @Pinterest helps me to create visual boards that I can use as inspiration for my work or projects. #toolschat
  62. mqtodd
    Q8 What would you like to see as topics for #toolschatfor the rest of September? Have really enjoyed it today. Thank you!
  63. Blogathon2
    @mqtodd A8 – I really want to know more about using@linkedin and @empireave #toolschat
  64. bennettdoneit
    @mqtodd A8. I want to delve into which “newspaper” type schema is best and why (rebelmouse, paperli, Tumblr, hypemarks).2 many! #toolschat
  65. LeoWid
    @Twylah @ChristineLBowen @mqtodd Hi guys, I feel very bad for having to slack, I’ll back to the US soon and chat tools w/ you! 🙂 #toolschat
    Then there was a lot of thanking and see you next week stuff . Hope you will join in #toolschat next week! Wednesday 7pm Eastern every week.

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