A simple but highly effective 30 minute a day social media strategy

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How to spend an incredible 30 minutes a day online every day.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I recommend following and supporting, promoting and connecting a limited circle of people.

In addition to this I recommend that you find your favorite social network to focus on.

If you do have 30 minutes a day and you want to try something amazing please put a those minutes into this every day.

So to do your 30 power minutes online a day choose 15-20 key people in your niche or at least a related niche that are sharers and promoters and connectors of people. If you do not know who those people are then ask! Seek recommendations from people you know and trust. if you do nit have time for 15-20 just do even 5-10.

The key about the 30 minutes you will spend is that it will have nothing to do with you. Nothing.

To go deeper into what I am suggesting please read Chapter 4 of my book. Pillar 4 is about how to socialise effectively online.

How this will work is that instead of you trying to reach everyone yourself you will develop a key group of supporters and advocates who will do that for you. However first you will have to pay it forward.

You are going to use 7 websites initially. Use them openly, randomly and supportively.

1. Twitter
I have chosen Twitter first because it is the only truly open, random and supportive network where you can see and be seen without any barriers. The people truly punching above their weight are open, random and supportive. You can quickly become one of those people.

Make a Twitter list of your 15-20 people and follow it in Hootsuite. Make a Buffer account and once a day go and load a tweet from each of them into your Buffer so that in the next 24 hours something will come from you that may people will see. Mix it up. Tweet their blog posts, their retweets of others, their quotes anything. Put their blog posts on RSS through your account. Follow those who retweet them and talk to them.

2. Empire Avenue.
Max your investment in the 15-20 people. Give them the occasional thumbs up. Do their missions and like and comment on them. Endorse their blogs and watch and recommend them. Once or twice a week send a mission supporting one or more of them.

3. Scoopit.
Follow their Scoopit topics that are related to your niche. Thank them and rescoop them.

4. Stumble Upon.
Stumble their blog posts and favourite them. You will easily find these because you have them on RSS. Stumble Upon is highly transparent and highly powerful.

5. Pinterest
Repin and comment on their pins. Follow the people who are doing the same.

6. Google+
Make a circle of the 15-20 people. This will make it easy to find, comment on and +1 and share their posts.

And of course Facebook. Like their pages, friend and/ or subscribe to their personal profiles. Bomb their posts with likes and comment in an intelligent, supportive manner.

Share their posts occasionally. Make them “close friends” so that each of their updates will show up in your notifications. Friend and/ or subscribe the people that they are talking to mostly about matters related to your niche.

Take these actions without expecting reward nor reciprocation.

Within months and maybe even within days or weeks these actions will start paying off for you big time.

If you spend another 5-10 hours or so a week creating and curating content yourself ( in short becoming a person of value) you will soon be getting it supported and promoted by these key people and of course those in their inner circles. You will inevitably be invited into those circles yourself if your content is of high enough quality and you are consistent, friendly and fun.

Many of you are doing the things I suggest but in a sporadic, unstructured, unfocused way and it is working just a little.

What I have suggested will produce incredible results.


So as I said above to learn more and to go deeper into what I am suggesting please read Chapter 4 of my book. Pillar 4 is about how to socialise effectively online




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