Why Foursquare is a vital part of your online presence. #4sqday

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This is the 3rd Foursquare day. Foursquare has 20 million users who have made over 2 billion check ins. We are a community and a highly active one. Today many of us will take things offline by having meetups of all shapes and sizes all over the world. In Tokyo over 100 of us will gather at the Taproom in Naka Meguro.I will meet several online buddies for the first time or the first time for a while. That is what it is all about.

Foursquare is a social network where people share what they are doing and where. Photos, tips and lists of related locations.

If you are a regular visitor to this blog you will have seen me talk again and again about the 7 pillars of online success.

The 5th pillar is about being seen doing things that other people do. People like people like themselves you see.

It also personalises you and brands you. Wow the Dalai Lama likes ten pin bowling and lives in Dharasalam for example. Terry Rota is a highly successful and inspiring New Zealand businessman who takes his son to the local playground in Cambridge. They then become a people who does real things in a real place that we can identify with. Not just some mythical figure who comes up with great quotes and radiates compassion or someone who helps people invest their money. We gravitate towards them becausewe see see them doing things we love doing and realise that they are no different to us and that we can even be them with a little work on ourselves.

So I hope you get into Foursquare! Here is a short, basic overview of how it works.

A thing that always interests me and has been particularly outstanding this year is that people in North America do not embrace a day like this from the start of it. They wait till it begins in their own time zone by which time it is already half way over. Why is this?

I always get into these things from when they start in my native New Zealand (even though I live 4 hours behind the Kiwis in Tokyo, Japan). I then participate till the end of it all in Hawaii 48 or 49 hours later. It is the same for online birthdays. They always go 48 hours in my mindset.

Facebook alerts us to a North American friend’s birthday 24 hours before they alert North Americans about it. Perhaps that has something to do with it. Days like Earth Day (coming up this weekend), Social media Day and Foursquare day are best viewed as a 48 hour happening then you really maximise the connecting and “One World Together” feeling that they bring.

Foursquare is clearly not going away although there are several challengers. Facebook and Google checkins for a start and a new kid on the block called Highlight which is getting rave reviews.Yelp is slightly different but there are many other variations on the location based theme.Get Glue deals with virtual checkins where you watch a movie, TV show or listen to music in real time with your friends.

Foursquare is friendly and fun and an absolutely amazing branding and connecting tool you just have to be using a few times daily if you really want an effective online presence.

If you have a location based business it really is a no brainer as the creative possibilities are endless.

The other thing I want to finish with is this. There is a clamour for people who are genuinely authentic. Confident and comfortable in their skin. Living their birthright to the full. Checking in and sharing your life with your friends and with the world is part of stepping up to being a true leader.

Think about this. No secrets or fear. Authentically you. This is the 7th of my pillars (read more here) and necessary to have ultimate success from all your other branding, networking and marketing efforts.

To your ultimate success.


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