5 Things You Need to Know About Good Customer Service

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This is a guest post by my customer service mentor Jean Fan.

Hello everyone! My name is Jean and I’m here today wanting to share a thing or two on customer service.

Remember that time where you have to call the 1-800 customer service line, go through the phone tree and sometimes can’t even talk to a real person! Recognize that frustration! Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what we called BAD customer service.

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You see, a good customer service experience shouldn’t bring out frustration before customers even have the chance to talk to a staff member. What should happen instead, is trust before the service and satisfaction at the end.

Let me ask you one more thing here, when you are buying a nice piece of steak, besides all the fancy advertisements, what would make you spend USD$100 for that one piece of meat? Surely, the fancy advertisements won’t always work here, especially if we’ve got other bills to pay and other desire we have in life. If your best friend, or just that one friend you can always trust, if it was him introducing you to the restaurant, telling you how great that one steak was, telling you how sophisticated the service were, and especially on how they handled their mistakes.. you are more than likely to want to pick this steakhouse because of your friend.

Here are a few things that you want to know about good customer service:

1. Good customer service builds trust

In today’s world, we see a lot of scammers out there in reality and not to mention the internet. Trust is literally the last thing that can be put on the table here. However, with good customer service and enough level of communication, this would be really easy to overcome. A good customer service experience, brings out the authenticity of the company. With a genuine conversation, it is easy to connect with customers and connect with them. Now, I’m not saying that this will happen overnight, after all Rome wasn’t built in one day. But the key is to create real human connections.

2. Good customer service equals quality marketing

Like the story mentioned above, we are more than likely to spend money on something our friends and family recommend. Comparing to the nice and fancy advertisements, if your that one cool friend tells you how great of an experience he’s had at this steakhouse, chances are.. you would want to take your partner there for special occasions as well.

3. Good customer service help gains revenue

As you probably know already, gaining new customers is simply more expensive than keeping the ones your already have happy. If you are trying to make a profit here, you want to make your current money spenders happy and well treated. Let’s think of it this way, you gain more from a customer who is willing to pay for you continuously for decades, rather than having all the one timers coming in all the time.

4. Good customer service makes mistakes seems like good opportunities

I want to acknowledge that no one is perfect, it is true that we all make mistakes. Sometimes it can get very very ugly. This is where customer service comes in place as a very crucial role. When we solve the problem right, it produces loyalty. Chances are, if you are able to solve the problem and resolve the mistake correctly, what comes out instead would be one of the most loyal customer any organization would ever have.

5. Good customer service is the best way to improve

We after all, live in a world based on collaborations between one and another. By delivering good customer service, it would not only be a great way for a company to know what is desired, but also to improve based on all the important and precious suggestions. It can even be a good opportunity to develop new and innovated ideas, and possibly make this world a even better place.

Customer Service

How has customer service influenced you?

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