The 7 Pillars of Your Online Success as an Author

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Are you a writer with their first book finished or nearly finished? It is practically impossible nowadays to get a publishing company to look at your book let alone publish it. So what are you to do?

E-book or self publish? What is the worst thing that can happen? Get it out there and get started on your next book!

Social media and an organised online presence allows you to get you and your book out to the masses in a way that was not previously available.

Pillar 1

Who are you what do you do? 3 key things people will know you for and thus be able to remember and recommend you.

1. You are a writer about………..You adopt the best writing and self publishing practices and embrace daily improvement. You use the best technolgy, the best online tools, the best strategies and collaborate with best people.

2. You are are based in….People will know and remember you by that. This will also assist you in attracting local business but your reach and ability to provide service is very much worldwide.

3.You are reader orientated. You create great word of mouth by always over- delivering on expectations. Any reader whether they have paid or not are treated like gold. You become famous for this and this will be promoted regularly both privately and publically by our readers. You need no marketing budget.

For example… Candace the thriller writer from Calgary. I can remember my friend Candace like this! Or Kristina the Lithuanian spiritual writer from Adelaide. This kind of thing.

Pillar 2

You are skilfull.You are highly and increasingly proficient in the use of various key online tools including skype, webinar technoplogy, gmail and the back office of your company. You are also highly proficient at search, search engine optimization and workflow management. You aim to trial a new tool every day and to adopt one or more of those tools to your armoury every week.

Pillar 3

You are seen as a giver and an authority.This is known as content marketing and will be one of the biggest trends of 2012. You create content, by way of analysis, news and views, which is updated regularly on your personal blogs your You Tube channels etc. This is your way of giving value for free, promoting others, branding ourselves in our niche, promoting yourself as an expert and more. This leads to the building of your subscriber list and reputation. Often you can give out some of your book online and at least quotes from it to create a buzz around the launch.

Pillar 4

You are social. You are massively connected and engage regularly in a fun and friendly way everywhere. While you focus on daily interaction with the social accounts of your team, your readers and key collaborators you are totally open and random and supportive in all our time on the social web. You have a Xeeme profile with around 30 networks listed and you are heavily sociable on all those 50 places 24 hours a day. These will include the 30 places listed at and maybe more.

Pillar 5

You are real, active and approachable.You organise and participate in events both on and offline. This will drive your visibility and you will use check ins by yourself and participants, photos, videos, hashtag strategies, competitions, live interactive participation and more.

Pillar 6

You get shared.You share heavily in your niche and get shared yourself because of your oustanding content. You are are very easily shareable on all the major sharing platforms especially Stumble Upon, Digg, and Triberr. Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Slideshare and are other places you will have an increasing presence on. This is the age of increased sharing and you aim to be leaders in this. People are searching for content or products less and less. It comes to them via their online friends. You need to identify 20-30 people who have written a similar book and who are engaging and supportive people online. Then promote them heavily. You have no competitors. See only abundance.

Pillar 7

You are great.You are among the best at what you do and are comfortable promoting yourself as such. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too. At the same you do not denigrate others in your “industry” as that denigrates the industry itself. In fact you never denigrate or even question anyone or anything. You are open, random and supportive. You are happy to collaborate and interact with respected “competition” and even promote and recommend them from time to time because you believe in abundance. You NEVER fight or argue with anyone online. In short you are a leader.

Your success is totally inevitable.

This can all be summed up by the 5 following concepts. You must first be known, then liked then followed then promoted then bought. Know me, like me, follow me, promote me then buy me.

The result of this is that you will be paid.

Adopting these 7 pillars of success will give you the social media edge.

Read in more depth about the 7 Pillars of YOUR online success here.

Thank you


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