The 7 Pillars of Your Empire Avenue Success

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When you have read “The 7 Pillars Book ~ Build and Nurture your Online Presence for Success.” you will understand that Empire Avenue fits strongly into the 4th and 6th pillars of your presence but it also deserves a chapter of its own and here is a draft of the chapter.

First I had better explain what it is. It is essentially a connection and collaboration platform and community. If you connect and collaborate well and have great content that content will get shared by other members of the Empire community.

You have to get involved to understand it fully and those who do get involved are finding it increasingly powerful.

Please look at Empire Avenue as your social media meeting point. I have had incredible experiences in this community in the 3 years I have been involved and you can too.

Empire Avenue is also a “game” that allows you to buy and sell (like a virtual stock market) shares (pieces) of people who also use social media. But depending on how and the way that you use the “game” you can see a massive increase in your social media activity, networking and maybe even make some solid business partner and friendships along the way.
Why are you online?

When we build a solid base and follow a tried and true system success becomes inevitable. As more and more of us get into Empire Avenue how can we ensure that we make our time spent on here worth it?
The getting BOUGHT FROM will become inevitable.

Here are the top ten leaders by way of share price on Empire Avenue right now (Kevin Green also has a “company account which is at 905 eaves) so I just squeeze into the top ten. We are all doing things differently and I hope to get these people`s thoughts about how they are doing things by way of a tip and to add it to this chapter.



Who are you and why are you doing this?

Your very first step before you start on EA is very important, but one most people miss. Figure out your *Exact* goals of using Empire Avenue.

Goal you say… is this a game? Yes. It’s a game .. but when used correctly there is much more to it. Some examples of goals.
Network with other people in my Industry
Connect with technical, web and SEO people to help me with my website

Get a better/new job
Get advice from the best of each Industry- From Wine makers to CEO to musicians(all of whom have profiles on EA)
Get in touch with Venture Capital or Angel Investors
Increase awareness and sales of my songs/art/website/invention/business
Expand my network of influence to people in other industries

Keep this goal in mind as we go through the next few steps.

Setting Up Your Profile – Connect Your Accounts
Make sure you connect your networks to your account. These social media networks will make up your ‘score’ on SE. You can add your accounts under the Home Button at the top and then select “Your Connections” in the Orange Bar. Follow the simple process to add your accounts.
Only your top 5 scores will count for your daily price rise or fall. That includes the BLOG score that is currently not displayed with a Button. So pick at LEAST 5 accounts and then step 2.
** TIP ** – Don’t have 5 accounts? Now is the time to make them. If you are using social media these sites are some of the best you can use. You will be making lots of connections on EA so why not get started? Take a few moments and create accounts at all the websites(or at least 5 of them). Your score of 1 will help you better than your score of “doesn’t exist”.

ALL accounts you have added will contribute to your dividends.

Complete your Profile – Photo and Bio

When you choose you name and ticker use your name that you use everywhere else online if you possibly can. Brand yourself!
Make sure you change your photo from the default. Nothing says “I’m not coming back don’t buy me” like the stock ‘charlie brownish’ photo. Upload your face or maybe even your company logo, but change it from the default.
Take a few moments and write a little bio. Perhaps a 140 character sentence of what you do followed by your goal we already figured out above.

Use the same photo that you use elsewhere online.

Join Some Communities.

One final stop to your profile. Click on Settings in the VERY top bar beside your Name and Money… And then select the “edit Profile” option. Complete your birthday, name, etc.
***Tip*** You also may wish to update your email settings under the NOTIFICATIONS link at the very top too. Otherwise you can expect a lot of emails.

Stick to your goal and your 3 keywords about yourself all over Empire Avenue. With 6,000 shareholders how can I remember you if you do not? How can I connect and recommend you, add you to groups and lists etc?
You are Now Ready to Start Networking and Buying and Selling!


Know how the thing works

Empire Avenue is made up of 4 apps. Here is the four work.



How is your score made up?
There is much speculations about what makes up your score. But here are the answers. 100% legit and taken from the rules of the site.
There are Three things that go into your scores
Audience – Size of the people you are interacting with (Twitter followers, Facebook friends, You Tube Subscribers)
Activity – What you do on the networks (updates, comments, uploads.. see below for more details)
Interaction – (Retweets, comments on your content, likes on your content, subscribers and comments on your You Tube) .. It is said this score is “most important”
The “to-do” list of Activity score on Empire Avenue
Twitter: Activity on twitter, the audience of your tweets based on your followers and the quality of your followers (bots, for example, are low-quality followers), the reach and quality of your retweets and mentions.
Facebook: Activity on Facebook through posted updates and comments on your profile, the quality of your friends and their interaction with your postings and comments. Both your profile and your page.
Flickr and YouTube: Your activity through posting photos or videos, the connections you make with other Flickr and YouTube users, their interaction with you on Flickr and YouTube through comments and favorites.
Empire Avenue: Your activity on Empire Avenue, excluding the specific acts of buying and selling; user engagement with you on Empire Avenue including how they react to you, engage with you and the success of your advertising.
LinkedIn: Your connections, actions and recommendations count for your LinkedIn score.
BLOGS Although there is no symbol, blog also count as a score number so make sure you add any TRUE blogs you have (not just rss feeds).
Foursquare, Instagram and are also available. As I said before now is a great time to sign up if you are not using these.
Only The Top 5 Networks Matter each day
Your Score is made up of your top 5 scores, including the ‘no published’ blog score. You should work on those with the smallest number, by increasing either the audience, activity or interaction as stated above. The above is taken from the FAQ on score on the website.
My ROI / Divs are going down.. What can I do? Choose
Your .div share per day (which is used to calculate your ROI) Only updates once a day, at “roll time”. It is also a weekly average. If you are just starting out, this number will be wrong… This is for two reasons:
Each time your outstanding shares increase.. your .div share will go down as your spreading your Social media scores over more people now. This automatically adjusts at “roll time” . The more popular you are, the more this will be shown on your profile and you likely will have a very small .div share each day. Check out Growth stock for more information.
Your Social Network scores are still being calculated. As these numbers adjust around your number will also bounce around a bit.
Although people will be talking about it everywhere, TRY NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT. The simplest answer for ways to improve your ROI and DIVS is .. Get bought less and Do more of the above to improve your score numbers. As this tends to be a bad strategy,either by not getting invested in or inflating your Social Media scores to a number you can’t possible continue, will only result in dips and selling of your stock down the road. The simplest answer is: Try and improve your Social Media Scores a small amount but ultimately focusing on your GOAL is the most important thing to remember.

Not many of us understand how things work better than Kevin Green who has the 2 best stock market prices in the “game”.

1 The divs you pay out are based on your actions and response to them. They are NOT based on the yield factor of tickers you own.
This MYTH has been around forever and just isn’t true.

another one going around

2 Buy me because I only receive divs if we both own each other. MYTH You get paid on who you own regardless if they own you.

and my favorite MYTH that has been around forever

3 They way to win the game of EA is thru yield. Well first of all there is no winner, at least from a monopoly game sense, your personal goals of why you are here will make you a winner if you achieve them. Unless you are a celebrity ignoring your “fans” will most likely make you a looser. oops even celebrities can fade away. In social media judging someone by a preconcieved caste system (yield) will most likely lead you to failure

~ Kevin Green

For more advanced tips and to be able to ask questions from a great community go here and join up now

You can play Empire Avenue easily in an hour a week if you want to.

Buying and selling are relatively easy. I recommend buying people who are active in Empire Avenue communities/ doing and completing missions and have a lot to spend as a starter. Then buy active people OR people who have a lot to spend and are regularly buying.

For buying and selling use


One of the apps and tools available to Empire Avenue participants is missions. We have had them for 2 and a half years and I do a few each day. Empire Avenue is a collaborative Pillar 6 community with a few thousand active social media fanatics. By Pillar 6 I mean that this is a place to get your content a spark. You can have tens of thousands of followers and awesome content but how does it reach them? All of us on Empire Avenue help each other out and if your content is truly good it will get heavily shared. There are many communities like Empire Avenue online but we have special tools which others do not.

You can do missions for anything your imagination desires. You promote your content to the community and offer a reward of eaves. Eaves are a virtual currency which you earn by investing in other Empire Avenue accounts and also by doing the missions of other accounts. The system is very fair and transparent and works well.

Today I wanted to wish a friend on Empire Avenue Akansha Gautam Happy Birthday, let Empire Avenue people know it was her birthday and I suggested a tweet for them to send her. Here are two screenshares and a short video of how I did that.




I will keep you updated with how the mission went but hopefully I can get Akansha a few hundred birthday wishes. Send her one yourself I am sure she will not mind even if you are a little late.

Have fun on your missions. If you have any questions please let me know below!


Empire Avenue is connected to Facebook, Google+ (for personal profiles), Twitter, You Tube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare and WordPress. Every account on Empire Avenue shows other members a score for you on each of these 9 networks as well as a score for your activity on Empire Avenue itself. Your last 30 days are taken into account.

The LinkedIn score and to a great extent the Flickr and You Tube seem dependent in the main to the number of connections that you have on those platforms. Scores do not seem to fluctuate so much. On the other places however the scores can quickly tell both you and people visiting your page how active you have been on each network and to some extent how much your posts have been engaged with. Facebook business page scores and Google+ scores seem to me to be the most relevant of all and have an excellent mix of both activity and the success of that activity. The benefit of all this (apart from keeping track of our own “golf handicap for each network) is that we can quickly find out where to most successfully engage with a person. Instead of engaging with them on OUR favorite network we can go to their place to gain their attention and get connected to their community there. This is highly valuable information.

In another section the “Discover” area we can find who are the leading Empire Avenue member scorers on each of the 10 networks.

You can see my scores here and can see that my Facebook profile (96/100) is probably the best place to find me. This is very true. I pay a high level of attention to people who reach out to me there.
These analytics are as far as I know not available anywhere else but once we go into our private Empire Avenue “back office” in the “Evaluate” section the information gets even more interesting and useful. For Facebook I can see how many likes and comments I have had for both my profile and my page (this information is also actually available publicly on my Empire Avenue profile). I can also see which of my posts was most popular together with how many times I have posted. There are week on week comparisons for all these statistics. For Twitter I can see what my most popular tweets were, which hashtags I have used most often and who has retweeted me the most and mentioned me the most.Flickr and You Tube statistics are also available.I “crowdsourced” thoughts from other Empire Avenue members and these were “representative”:

“Empire Avenue has managed to rate both reach and activity across 10 social networks. It’s the only place you can see how you “rate” on places from Facebook to Flickr vs. very active people online. There is hardly a better way to figure out where to focus and what actions can be taken to improve your social engagement.~ Rex Dow
I like to see at a quick glance each day where I need to spend a little more time. If I see I am falling a little behind on Twitter, I send out a few Tweets. I feel like it also helps me continually raise the bar for myself. ~ Christine DeGraff

In a quick flash we can see whether we are doing as well online as we were last week and make appropriate adjustments to where and how we spend our time and energy.


These are similar to Facebook group while lacking in the amount of functions at this stage. They have hyper linked interaction with the rest of the site and you can choose between private and public. Everybody is able to make a community or 2.

eavleaders community


Give value.

This about getting liked. Empire Avenue works best when you are a content provider. People flock to great content and are always keen to share it. Particularly social media or content about Empire Avenue itself (like this).
Contribute everything you know in the Facebook groups and online in general. This will attract people to you who will share your content and buy your shares.

Here is a crowd sourced, collaborative list of Empire Avenue Tips

17 items   1.36k views

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip

A selection of great tips from Empire Avenue users to help you get going on there!


Buy back at least something, preferably 10 shares in everybody that buys you

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Buy back at least something, preferably 10 shares in everybody that buys you

Have Fun

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Have Fun

Keep in mind that Empire Avenue is a GAME. Yes, there are numerous potential benefits when playing this game properly- but at the end of the day- There are no winners and no losers! Play Fair and Have Fun!


4 Simple Steps

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | 4 Simple Steps
  1. Be active (Run missions regularly, connect lots of networks)
  2. Be honest when doing missions
  3. Invest in high dividends shares or someone who do well.
  4. Hold a minimum of xxx shares in each shareholder.

Run missions regularly. This will keep your stock price AND your online presence humming

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Run missions regularly. This will keep your stock price AND your online presence humming
Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | HSP Health Blog

Be generous with your actions on mission. Do more than you have to. It extends goodwill and that makes for a better experience and better results.


Top Weekly Dividends

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Top Weekly Dividends

Every week I try to add one more person from the top div list. I am also now asking people to follow me, like or connect on several social media platforms, this is helping gain followers and more engagement.

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | - Manage your stock portfolio.


Participate in EA related Facebook Groups for deeper connection

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Participate in EA related Facebook Groups for deeper connection

New arrivals

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | New arrivals

look every day at new arrivals and buy them to build ne relations

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Lucas Wyrsch (SOHU)

Get rewarded for being social. Discover your value online with Eaves - the social currency that rewards you for being you! Be Social. Collect Eaves. Exchange Eaves to access people and cool stuff.


Connect everywhere

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Connect everywhere

Don't just buy shares in someone, use the opportunity if it's the first time you're meeting someone online! Make a good impression and actively connect with people on all other networks and get to know them properly by what they post and who they are! This is a great way to network and find other people to work with in your area of expertise!

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Empire Avenue Tips & Strategies - Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue Tips and Strategies. Not just an Empire Avenue Tutorial! - Empire Avenue is a great tool for networking with other social media minded people as well as creating social signals for your content.



Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Tip

Buy anyone that buys you.


EA tip

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | EA tip

Be constantly active, and make sure ALL your SM is connected


Act social

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Act social

Do whatever you like to do on the Avenue BUT act social as you do this in real life.

I have so much fun to run mission where I ask people to buy other people. This positive energy comes back.....


Be friendly

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Be friendly

It's a game, don't forget!

Your biggest Empire Avenue Tip | Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Sued for 'Misappropriation'

Bankrupt Mt. Gox, once the world's biggest Bitcoin exchange, was sued by a customer in federal court in Chicago in a proposed class-action lawsuit representing all U.S. users who lost money. The Mt. Gox exchange announced Feb. 24 it had lost 750,000 Bitcoins belonging to users and 100,000 more of its own.


Be sociable.

Most of you on Empire Avenue will get this. Stay as open and supportive as you can everywhere on Social Media.

Make yourself as easy to find and be followed as possible. The more connections and activity you have the better dividends you will generate.

On Empire Avenue do shout outs when you buy, thank for buys and thank for missions. Endorse blogs of other players. Every time you do this you get dividends and get seen.

There is a large chapter on this earlier in the book and it pretty much applies here.


Are you a robot?

Be real! If possible use your own name and photograph. People like people. Like themselves. let us know about your life and your friends and family. Share photos of what you do each day at work and away from work. People will support and want to connect with you more if they know you. It builds trust and rapport.


This is a mutually supportive promotional place.

A lot of Empire Avenue is about getting shared. So make your content shareable. A great deal of this will happen on Twitter as this is the main open and supportive network.

After 22 months on the Avenue you will be pleased to hear that I am now getting my head around how you can leverage your presence there with your Twitter presence by some more strategic interaction. And of course vica versa! Here is what I am finding.

I have identified seven key points but am sure you have more.

1. Empire Avenue, Facebook, G+ ,Twitter etc etc are tools. Software, spaces, platforms.Not walled in areas that do not intertwine. People are what to focus on. Get 2 circles of people who you interact with all over the social web and work with them. Depending on how long you have to spend online each week I recommend that your inner circle be 20-50 and your outer 100-150. Make a Twitter list of each of those two circles. Watch the streams.

2. Have two Twitter and two Empire Avenue accounts. One for personal and one for business / cause / hobby etc. If you are going to master these social networks you may as well leverage that learning and of course the networks you build daily. Speak and act the same way you do out of both. Use a photo of a real person. People are highly reluctant to talk to logos on Social Media.

3. Talk about Empire Avenue on Twitter and vica versa. Promote and support your inner and outer circles on both. Whether they are on Empire Avenue right now or not. They will come. They will see your daily activity and your rapidly increasing network and skills and be inspired by your passion.

4. Have your main or both Twitter accounts in your Empire Avenue name. Then when people shout out buys of you you get Twitter mentions. Your twitter account also gets constantly seen all over Empire Avenue streams. Here is how I have mine set now.
I`m @mqtodd host of @eavchat See my social places http://xeeme/mqt
See how this tweet will get 3 of my accounts “attraction” and grow their brand recognition, get click throughs etc.

5. Make a twitter list of each of your top Empire Avenue shareholders. Once people own say 100 shares in you add them to the list. Watch that list in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and interact with these people! You have attracted them for whatever reason. Now support and promote and interact with them. Promote that list around Empire Avenue. Promote it around the Facebook groups about Empire Avenue.

6. Add your Empire Avenue link, your Index on it and your position on the index to your Twitter bio.
Here is my example. This will brand you, your interest and Empire Avenue and also bring your twitter buddies to the Avenue and earn you 2,000 eaves each time! A no brainer.
Location: Empire Avenue, Tokyo
Bio: Speaker, author, love promoter. CEO of NPO Index Empire Avenue. Join at Recovering Kiwi lawyer into raw food, juggling & daily #lifegasm xeeme/michaelqtodd

7. Be consistent about your niche on both platforms. Be fun! Pick 3 key words that you are about and want to be remembered by. We all have growing networks and it gets harder and harder to get remembered. Promote and connect all your twitter buddies to your Empire Avenue buddies. This is powerful I promise! You have built your skills, networks and reputation in both “spheres”. Would it not be possible that one X one might equal eleven here?


Get bought! This a stock exchange!

Getting your shares bought is what it is about. Your price depends on how many people own your shares at anyone time. Also called “Shares Outstanding”.

Become the best in your particular niche of everyone on Empire Avenue and tell us that. Promote yourself. Shyness and modesty are sometimes OK but this community is used to self promotion so you have to tailor your style somewhat.As we are a Pillar 6 community we also have to make sure that we are promoting Empire Avenue wherever and whenever we can.

I sincerely believe that the people that will be the thought leaders and the connectors on the future are on Empire Avenue right now waiting for you. They are easy to find. Just check the leader boards.

If you have had some value from all this I hope that you will give it a tweet and a share on Google + with the share buttons on this page.

Keep on rocking the avenue.

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