Your 7 Simple Pillars to build Online Success

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When we build a solid base and follow a tried and true system success becomes inevitable. As more and more of us get into online life how can we ensure that we make our time spent on here worth it?


The getting BOUGHT FROM will become inevitable.

To do this there are 7 major pillars which must all be nurtured and re-nurtured.

Firstly we must decide who we are so that people know who we are and what we stand for. Then we will get readily found and recommended. Success is often determined by what we say no to so please do not make your niche too wide and do not attempt to be everything to everyone. I am fairly and squarely into social media and the environment. I daily get people coming to me wanting to work with me in those areas and even better sometimes both. I doubt that this would be happening if I talked about say health and real estate a lot too. Although those 2 areas are passions of mine and I am highly knowledgeable I let them go in the interests of being able to be recommended.

Secondly we need to be continually skilling up about the internet. Gmail brings out a new feature? Learn it! Skype releases a new version? Upgrade immediately! Try new things. Beta launches of new sites etc. Add a new skill every day. Unlearning is key here too. Strategies and tools are developing fast. Embrace change. Have a data base and keep building it too. Be concious of always adding to it. Have the best available system for capturing email addresses and regulalry showering that data base with great content. Know SEO and stick to key words. You drive your car well right? Drive the internet well too. If all these things are not solid then what you build above will be like a castle in the sand.

OK so now we have a base to build on.

The third pillar is getting liked. For this we need to give value. Be friendly, fun and especially be an expert. Be the go to guy about pet care in your town, state or country. You need an authority blog and you need somewhere to channel the people who you attract to. Insanely great content is necessary. Somewhere along the line there also has to be a product associated with your area of expertise. When you comment on blogs, threads in FB, tweet etc you must always regularly turn conversation back to your expertise and your product. People will grow to like you and the product.

Next (number four) we must be social and accept followers. Engage and interact with these people. Be real. Get on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, G+ and be yourself. Treat people like you would have them treat you. Be consistent. Better to be on social media for say 30 mins a day instead of say 12 hours a day once a week.

The extension of this and the fifth pillar and the fastest growing area which many have as yet not embraced is location based social media such as Foursquare, Gowallah and even Get Glue. Be seen to be doing the things that everyone does. Like going to restaurants, watching movies, ball games etc. People like people like themselves.

Sixthly you need to make yourself shareable. A recommendation from someone else to their followers and friends is worth umpteen times more than if it comes from ourselves. So do not broadcast! Often you need to regularly share and promote the content of your “competitors” to have them do this back for you. Think abundance. Promoting others in your nice or industry promotes that industry. For example network marketers bickering with each other turns people off from becoming one. However if they see it as a fun and friendly space then they will be attracted to it.

Everything you do must always be geared towards getting PROMOTED. This is how you leverage your online presence. Niche, great content, socialising, being seen to be real, promoting and connecting others will lead to getting promoted.

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Whether you are truly great and reach and stay at the top of the tree is determined by your mindset. So the seventh pillar is about being great. Be relentlessly confident and positive. People come online to have fun and be inspired. Do not “fight” about anything or with anyone. Ever. Acknowledge and enjoy your greatness. If you do not no-one will. Be the leader of the leaders in your niche. You will get promoted like crazy. It is inevitable.

Once the pillars are in place keep renewing and strengthening them.

To your success online.


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