My 9 daily “go to” Twitter tools

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For better or worse I spend most of every week on Twitter. I use several tools to help me tweet. Here are 9 I especially recommend. In no particular order.


Create a website full of your recent and most popular tweets. Set out in topics of your choice pictorially. Also create “Power Tweets” which get their own we page and can be comented upon.

Manage Flitter

Follow and unfollow quickly and accurately from here. The unfollowing function is useful as will filter those who have not tweeted for a month, those who have unfollowed you and those with no photo (eggs). It can be especially useful to “prune” followers while you are still establishing your Twitter account, getting past the 1850/ 200 follower ratio for example.

Pro version is a no brainer at the price as well.


Creates a dashboard of the people and content relevant to you and you can tweet from here too. The semantic web and the relevance graph come to life.


Need I say anything? The indispensible Twitter dashboard. Manage teams, schedule, Watch multiple streams from lists of multiple Twitter accounts and more and more and more. I strongly recommend that you do the Hootsuite Academy and laern how to drive it to the max. This tiny investment of time and money will pay itself within the first 24 hours and serve you incredibly well for the rest of your life.


Create recipes of sharing actions to and from Twitter and several other social places. Also has an outstanding Twitter list creating feature.

Here’s how.
Make a private list in Twitter (go here, click on Lists in left menu, then Create List button). I call mine “engagers”.
In ifttt, create a task in the Twitter channel with the trigger, “New mention of you”.
For the action, in the Twitter channel, choose “Add user to list” and type the name of the list you created in step 1.
Add a column for the Twitter list in your favorite social media dashboard.
Now, every time someone RTs you or sends you an @ message, they’ll be added to that list. Now you can focus your attention at any time on those people who have been responsive to you… at least once.


This shows how many times a hashtag has been used in the last 24 hours and an archive of every tweet of that tag. Also the 10 most followed people who have used the hashtag and also a list of who has tweeted the tag the most. The pro version is super amazing and shows all sorts of things. Charlie from Hashtracking has been a long time and supporter of #Toolschat. Thanks Charlie for what you do.


I lead and particitipate in Twitter chats including #Toolschat and #EavChat every week day so Tweetchat is an invaluable tool for me. It creates a stream based around any hashtag I can pause the stream, tweet to everyone in any tweet and more

Empire Avenue Twitter Advisor

This tells me who has mentioned me the most in the past week as well as who as who has retweeted the most. The info includes how many times each of around 10 people have done these actions. It also gives total Retweets and mentions for the past week plis tells me how many times I have used each of every hashtag I have used. Go to the ‘Evaluate” section inside Empire Avenue and click on the blue Twitter bird.


Schedules tweets as well as Facebook and Linked In Updates for you. Just load them into your Buffer. Try it out now for free just head to the Buffer button on the slide bar to the left of this post. <<<<< Thanks Michael

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