Why your Social Marketing Strategy must focus on Abundance not “Competition”.

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There are a fast-increasing number of people using Social Media and a fast increasing amount of sharing happening.

This demands a new strategy. There is plenty for all of us and we do not need to fight with each other for anything. Abundance means that you can be anything that you want to be and have anything you want to have.

Marketing is the promotion of a product or service, of an idea, of a cause. Traditionally this has been competitive. Use of comparisons or even campaigns that undermined “competitors” has prevailed.

The concept of Abundance Marketing is based around the premise that marketing need not have a competitive aspect. There is no longer a need to deride another person or company’s product, service, idea or cause. There is not even a need to suggest that what you are promoting is even better than anyone elses. Simply focus on what you have and its benefits.

Network Marketing businesses have embraced this concept for some time. They realised that if they put down another company in their industry that that would provoke an unfavourable reaction towards the whole industry.Similarily if they were complimentary of other network marketing businesses prospects may well say “What a great friendly industry to join”. As there are literally billions of people yet to join such a business then there is no “fight” for leads or sign ups. Simply market the benefits of your business, your product or service and your
system and members. Prospects can then make an educated choice.

Abundance marketing in one of its purest forms. This is also a lot about becoming open and supportive.

If you truly love what you do, which includes loving your industry or business, you will want to support others in that business. This is the new earth. This is relaxing, positive and productive. This is abundant. Consumers, customers, prospects, donees (the targets of your marketing) now make choices based around what their friends say and recommend. If the product or service of someone in your niche sucks there will surely be criticism of it for all to see online. You do no need to fuel and especially do not want to be seen, fuelling the fire. You are best to remain open and supportive. Not closed nor critical.

Win win.

As a result of exponentially better search skills and tools and as a result of increased public conversation about and sharing of content on the myriad of Social Media platforms the cream will rise to the top. You still need to market but you can do so positively and abundantly.

As a practical example of these concepts let’s take a relatively new mountain bike company.
Let’s call it New Velo. If their bikes are good and reasonably priced New Velo can get them before the eyes and into the minds of
potential customers quite quickly in the new media space.

New Velo can pin photos of their bicycles on Pinterest boards that include photos of other company’s mountain bikes. These boards will become popular to follow as they are inclusive not self promotional. Abundance. By creating and promoting boards like this your company will be seen by all mountain bike lovers as friendly, supportive, savvy and fresh. Potential customers can make their own choices, often based on what is said in the threads below the boards or individual pins.

As their Facebook page New Velo can comment on or share content from other mountain bike companys’Facebook pages. They can also comment on, share or curate content from travel, fitness or leisure businesses.Do you think that the fans and followers of all those other businesses will not see New Velo doing this and not click through to their page or website to check them out?

On Twitter New Velo can send their their followers to the content of other mountain bike companies knowing that New Velo is part of the conversation about that content. Confident that New Velo has the best product or service and will stand scrutiny. It is inevitable. This is because abundance is inevitable. This is the new earth. Those that embrace this will be the successful marketers in the new media space.

It is no longer possible for New Velo to protect their list of fans and followers from other businesses. Everything like that has gone public.Thus New Velo must focus on making the best bikes. And focus on being seen and having their content seen as much as possible. In a positive, constructive, open and supportive way. Welcome to abundant marketing in the new media space.

I mentioned being “open”. What does this mean?

Openness is also about abundance. Be open both about and to yourself and also to others. Transparency. People want to know you. Be you. Acceptance. If someone approaches you or follows you follow back. Do not close yourself off to people. This is an age of connection. Do not be a disconnector.

be open be a connector

This does not mean answering every message or notification. Reading every email or listening to every answer phone message.There aere about to be so many of these that you will not possibly be able to cope. You must be random. The people who matter will not mind you taking this approach. They will understand because they will be adopting it to. This will also involve you not being disappointed nor discouraged when people do not immediately respond to your every message. This is about being being confident in yourself because you love what you do and are doing it the best you possibly can.

Be supportive. Keep supporting. Everyone. Abundance in relationships including Social Media relationships means unconditional love. Do not be controlling or selective. It simply will not work in this new age of mass connection. Pinterest was the fastest ever social network to attract 10 million users. These numbers are increasing all the time and beore long may have zeroes on them. The length of time that these users spend on these sites is also increasing. As are their sharing skills.

If you embrace the concept of abundance marketing and have a content and social media strategy there will be more than enough customers to feed you and your family.

Which brings us neatly around to information. Content. There was an explosion of sharing in the nougties. Just when many thought this growth could not possibly be maintained the level of sharing in 2011 doubled that of 2010.

In 2014 it is on course to double that of 2011. There seems little reason not to expect that instead of say 1 million items of content being shared per minute right now there may not be say 20 million in 5 years time.

How will anyone cope with this if they are controlling and selective? How will they avoid information sickness? The answer is that will they not and that the adoption of new strategies is upon us. Thus the migration to becoming random about what information we see is inevitable. People will no longer necessarily search to find the best new mountain bike. It will find them. New Velo does not necessarily have to market or promote itself to be found or seen.

It will be enough to merely be part of the conversation about mountain bikes. If they have the best bikes at a reasonable price and if they have a skilfull, open, supportive and abundant content and social strategy they will make sales.

The best mountain bikes will rise to the top. Like cream. As should be the way.As is the way we all want.

Without having to compare themselves to or criticize other mountain bikes. Abundance. Abundance marketing.

Sound like fun?


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