Awesome honesty by Bitclub after our random $147,000 #Bitcoin find #GoodGuys

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I am proud to be associated with people with this level of integrity. They could have easily just shut up and kept this $147,000 worth of Bitcoin after hitting the block where it had been mistakenly sent. And now they are going to give it away rather than keep it.
I have been in Bitclub 9 months now and I am really impressed with how things have been handled in general by the owners/ leaders of our club.

Here is the latest news release from Bitclub.

“Record Setting Block… By Mistake!
Date: April 26th

Our mining pool got very very lucky today!

We mined a block that was worth a total of 316.523 Bitcoin (about $147,000 USD)

Here is the block –


However, this was clearly a mistake made from a single transaction within the block that accidentally sent 291 Bitcoin as the transaction fee instead of putting it to the receiving address.

We have actually seen this happen before many times but never on this scale. In fact, looking at all the blocks ever mined this may be the biggest mistake of all time.

After doing some research into this transaction it seems to be a very unique transaction. Our initial thoughts are possibly a mixing service or some type of automated payment script that may have malfunctioned and put the wrong amount in the wrong place. (this is just a guess).

We are currently waiting for someone to reach out and claim their mistake so we can verify them and send this Bitcoin back. But so far, as of this posting, nobody has been able to verify it.

If we cannot verify the details then we are giving it all back to the Bitcoin community!

We feel like this Bitcoin does not belong to us or our members and because it was a mistake made from what looks to be a pretty shady source we can use it for good if nobody comes forward to claim it.

This gives us an opportunity to prove we are one of the good guys in this industry and despite the stigma of being an MLM and being in the Bitcoin space we can operate in an ethical manner for the benefit of everyone.

So, here is what we are going to do…

We are going to give the rightful owner 1 week to contact us and verify themselves. If nobody emerges during this time then we are going to donate the entire 291 Bitcoin back to the community or to a Bitcoin related charity.

Ideally, we would like to provide a portion to Bitcoin core development, the Bitcoin Foundation, and we will be open for other allocation options that benefit the community as a whole!

We hope this opens up some eyes as to what kind of organization we are, but honestly people will more than likely continue to believe what they want and we will continue to do what we’ve been doing since we launched BitClub Network 18 months ago… EXECUTE OUR MODEL!

We will keep you posted as we try and validate the owner of this transaction, but one thing is for sure… We will not be keeping this Bitcoin either way! ”

-BCN Support Team

Check out what we are doing at Bitclub at


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