Bitclub has terrible security. How I had $5000 ripped off internally by Benny Mortensen

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The crypto currency mining community Bitclub lacks basic security which lead to Benny Mortensen stealing my mining earnings in minutes.
I have been a member of Bitclub for over 2 and a half years, have invested over $50,000 into various mining pools and have been a huge supporter and promoter of Bitclub. I am a Founder and have introduced about 50 people to the community. I like Bitclub and many of my friends and I have done extremely well from it. Writing this post is very much a last resort as I have exhausted all other avenues.
Last year one of my Bitclub accounts was compromised when Benny Mortensen guessed my password and managed to send around $5000 of Bitcoin to accounts that he himself had created. Benny took advantage of Bitclub’s “pay it forward” system and sent my money to 4 different Bitclub accounts he owned. Members of Bitclub can create multiple accounts and no 2 factor authentication is required by Bitclub when paying it forward.
The minute I discovered the theft in December last year I immediately messaged Bitclub support and despite a flood of requests for action I have yet to have a reply. It would be an extremely simple thing for them to do to fix the issue by giving me access to the account of Benny Mortensen and the 4 accounts he used my money to create. Yet so far they have declined to do anything. I have had 2 replies from them but neither made any sense at all. I have had around 20 messages with my upline in Bitclub and have also messaged the founder who is my Facebook friend and who I have met in person.
I came across Benny Mortensen online around 6 years ago and we have hundreds of mutual Facebook friends. Benny is a cyber criminal. In the screenshots below you will see 100% proof of how he created 4 Bitclub accounts and sent my money to them.
I immediately confronted Benny on Messenger and he did not deny the theft. Well he couldn’t as it is blatantly visible. Plus if Bitclub bothered to check I am sure that they will see a Danish ISP accessing my account on the days that the transfers were made. I am willing to bet that the email addresses used to create the Bitclub accounts my money was transferred to were made on those days and that there are no real people behind them.
If you know anybody who knows Benny Mortensen or knows anyone connected with Bitclub please urge them to return my money.
Bitclub has 2 factor authentication for other internal transfers and for withdrawals but not for Pay It Forward. I have no idea why not and I hoped that this theft would have encouraged them to add this security layer but so far nothing has been done despite over 3 months having passed.
I will press on and use whatever means that I have at my disposal to recover my money. I am going to the Danish police and to the FBI and to Interpol and will also use a Danish lawyer.

Here are some screenshots showing the accounts in question being added under Benny Mortensen in the Bitclub tree and details of the transfers from my account to these accounts. Thank you for taking an interest.







So you can easily see how Benny Mortensen created the 4 accounts and then sent money from my account to them. He is getting paid mining earnings in Bitcoin every day from these accounts money that should be going to me.

I will write an updated post next month when hopefully this matter will be resolved.


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