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In December 2010 two clever and motivated young entrepeneurs called Leo Widerich and Joel Gasgcoine met at Warwick University in England. Leo is Austrian and Joel from Britain but both are living in San Francisco bootstrapping their startup.

They both saw the need for an application that would send messages to social networks over a 24 hour period. Some of us are not online all day right? We see great content and want to share it but do not want to dump it on our friends and followers all at once. Buffer is so clever it even decides when the optimum time for you to share will be!

The way I use Buffer is two-fold. If I am on a site that is using the Buffer wordpress plug in I will share from there. You can see it on the options to the left of this post. You may need to alter the tweet a little as this has yet to be perfected. For example I would love you to add by @mqtodd to the tweet as then I see who has shared the post and follow, list and thank you.

Usually however I use Buffer from the Chrome extension on my tool bar. This is brilliantly convenient and a great sharing device.

There is also an option next to Twitter’s reply button for saving retweets to a queue.

Of course there is a mobile option as well.

If you go to the app itself you get a wide range of options like this on your dashboard.

We all want to get our links opened more often. From a 2,000-user sample, on average Buffer increased click-through rates on tweets by 200% in the first three weeks after they signed up. They tweeted at times of the day when more people are using Twitter.

So having tried and tested their application on Twitter Leo and Joel are now in partnership with Facebook and as of today a certain select few of us can “top up” our Buffer and have posts hit our Facebook streams at regular and appropriate intervals. Super cool.

Of course Linked In and Google + are next in line for these enterprising guys as they bootstrap their start up. They have both been highly engaging with the social media community which is one of the big reasons for their success.

So try Buffer out when you get the chance, right now with Twitter and day by day more invites to use the Facebook option will be released too.

Information and ideas are being shared and spread in increasing clever ways and Buffer is at the forefront.


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