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Around 2,600 years ago the Mayans prophesised that 1999 would begin the 8th wave, the wave of connection which would reach a peak in 2011 when the 9th wave would start. Well,  Linked In, Friendster, Ecademy and AOL began about then as did the “dotcom bubble”. Look what has happened since then! We have the technology.

This year has seen a frenzy of connection as connectors have become more connected. Linked In is now cashed up and adding fantastic new features. Mixtent, Klout,, Branch Out, Tumblr and Empire Avenue and many others are all playing their part in niche roles to fuel the fire.  Of course Facebook,  Google Plus and Twitter are adding some new tool or feature virtually every week as well. This excites me.

Once we are all connected then the age of consciousness and wisdom will kick in. Can you feel it?

When I was 16 I got the chance to see Bob Marley perform live and the words he sung at me “Let’s get together and feel allright…” particularly resonated. I now understand that my life purpose is to connect people. So I constantly study cutting edge ways to facilitate this such as those I have mentioned above.

Into the fray has jumped Xeeme (pronounced Xeeme).

Xeeme is your new Social Address Book.
- Keep all social network profiles of your relevant contacts in one place.
- Have people find and connect with you in a whole new easier way.
- Keep track of the visits, last visit, visit intensity and relationship strength.
- Build stronger relationships with more people in less time.
- Have people find and connect with you in a whole new easier way.

It has up until now been difficult to link all of of your increasing number of networks to the same site and make it easier to get followed and connected everywhere.

When you make Xeeme your social business application platform you can begin leveraging off these amazing features;

- Install powerful social business applications as you need them.
- Use XeeMe/Flights!&trade to manage your business objectives while socializing.
- Engage with your market through contests with XeeMe/Compete!
- Leverage XeeMe/Braino! as your social eLearning system

Opportunities with XeeMe’s social business apps will continue to expand.

For those of us that are “open networkers” this is a phenomenal advancement and I take my hat off to CEO Axel Schultze, founding partner Marita Roebkes and their team for bringing the world more closely together so that we all get wiser and more conscious more quickly. They are great!

My Xeeme profile is xeeme/michaelqtodd.
Look forward to seeing yours and learning about you.
Put your profile in the comments below so everyone reading this can find you.

Let’s get together and feel allright.


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