2012 is the year of Content Marketing. Why? What does this mean for you?

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I read recently that Coca Cola are focusing on content marketing right now.

This made me think…why?

Surely Coke makes drinks not content?

Binh Tran, CTO and co-founder of the San Francisco-based Klout – a company that provides social media analytics and measurement of influence on users – says when it comes to comparing two job applicants on paper and making a decision, the job usually goes to the person who serves up creative, engaging content that has strong connections in the professional community.

Wow so we are all expected to be content producers?

Yes. You control the information age.

In 2012 we all have the ability to quickly make social networking profiles, websites, pages and more for free. So everyone is on an even footing in the new marketing and media paradigm. If you are not skilled at creating then curate other people’s. They will love you for it. Some of you will share this and change my title slightly or add a different picture. This is curation and there are many great free tools available to do this with now. I would start with Scoopit. First visit here.

How do you brand yourself most effectively? How do you get your name shared around everywhere in a positive way. How do you give value for free?

By creating or curating a constant flow of insanely great content.

Content is indeed king. How are you using this kind of marketing? Content that was previously highly guarded and sold is now free everywhere. Marketers realise that they should give away their best stuff and keep the second tier content to sell. Or give up trying to sell content altogether.

This is the age of sharing and the term “shareism” may well be the word of 2012. In 2012 there will be twice as much sharing as in 2011 which will be for times as much as in 2010.So it is not enough just to create and curate content. You need to get it shared. Do you have a strategy for this?

Tumblr is now facilitating more sharing than Twitter. Pinterest is adding a million users a week.

Let’s look however at Reddit.

In December 2011, Reddit served 2.07 billion pageviews. Crazy. Here are some details:

2,065,237,338 pageviews
34,879,881 unique visitors
12.97 pages / visit
16 minutes average time on site
Over 100 million monthly pageviews per employee
And, more importantly, the community stats:
100,000+ subreddits
8,400+ subreddits with over 100 subscribers
In less than a year, Reddit traffic has more than doubled.

I recommend a weekly content marketing strategy with a regular analytical review of how much each piece was shared and where from. You may be able to build a brand much more quickly than you think.


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