How Crowdify Fuel will work. An initial overview #CrowdifyFuel

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Crowdify is a community with a goal of joining together to make money with each other and to also collaborate in investing in promising businesses together. These business will be handpicked and will all have the goal of making the world a better place. The cleantech sector will be a particular target. Crowdify Fuel will be the backbone of the Crowdify economy which will revolve around
There will be 1 billion units (tradeable on the blockchain) called “Crowdifies” gradually released on to the market. Holders of Crowdifies who invest them for periods of 6 months and above will receive dividends of 1% per month. Crowdifies will be saleable once a month by each individual holder and selling will be limited to 10% of your total holdings. So if for example you purchase say 1200 Crowdifies now you will be able to invest 600 of them for 6 months and be paid out 636 Crowdifies in 6 months time. You will also be able to sell 120 Crowdifies a month if you see the price rise and want to take advantage of this.
Every purchaser of Crowdify Fuel will get a Crowdify Fuel Wallet with which they can manage their holdings.
Crowdifies will be individually numbered units and be 100% secure. If for some reason your Crowdify Fuel Wallet is compromised or “hacked” it will be possible to quickly reset your wallet to its previous balance.
Crowdifies will not be used inside the Crowdify economy for purchasing products and services. There will be a Crowdify Token for that. In this sense Crowdify Fuel will be similar to Ethereum. crowdify_logo_twitter

The simple reason for the restriction on selling more than 10% of Crowdify Fuel a month is to prevent “pump and dump” profit seeking groups from manipulating the price for their own ends. Many other “digital currencies” or “altcoins” have become vehicles for groups of people to pump up the price for say a week or even just a day by buying large amounts quickly. When the price has been “pumped” they then orchestrate a quick sale and dump the price. Innocent and well meaning investors can be hurt by this practice.
So why does Crowdify need “fuelling” ?
Every business raises money in different ways and as Crowdify grows we want to share the rewards from that growth with as many people as possible. In essence the price of Crowdify Fuel will depend on the success that Crowdify enjoys as an entity. Exactly like the price of a company share on the sharemarket.
1% per month or 12% per annum is a very high level of return and we believe that it will be sufficient to encourage a large number of investors to “stake” their Crowdify Fuel after buying it.

Would love your questions or any feedback you may have.


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