20 or so ways how you and Crowdify are going to make money

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It is possible to initially identify around 20 different ways in which people can partake in the growing Crowdify economy,.
We have a unique ability to pay often and to many with our multi faceted Ethereum currency Crowdifycoin. This means we will pay you all regularly and for many things you are already doing!!

Perhaps the area which has undergone most development recently is Events. You can now create an event and get paid either in Bitcoin or by PayPal. On 15 June we will add Crowdifycoin to these options and possibly a Credit Card option too via Stripe. Once we open our MLM system properly very shortly you will be able to get paid for promoting events and your up line wil also he paid when you do as well. When people use Crowdifycoin to pay they will get a substantial discount on the ticket price. Our app MingleApp will extend the reach of our event area
Crowdify Online Marketing School This will be a growing learning resource which will carry a one time initial payment and also monthly subscription. We will pay Crowdify members who are recognized experts in such areas as content and email marketing, list building, landing and sales page creation, copywriting, podcasting, blogging, social media marketing and more to contribute content and run webinars. Again there will be a discount for use of Crowdifycoin and again this will be a saleable product.
Mindmapping This product will be available very shortly and will include the ability to project manage with maps
Courses Similar to the Udemy model again saleable products for us all
Digitizing photos and videos


We will go out and get the world`s photographic and video memories and digitize them
Talent This area has had a lot of development and is ready to use now. Get jobs done for you or get paid for your skill
Advertising Soon members at Driver level and above will be able to run approved ads in their own content and if they have nothing to advertise they will be able to sell the space to other members

Sponsoring new members
If you have sponsoring ability and find new paying members you will be rewarded with an initial payment and ongoing bonuses from their activity. Please study the compensation plan and the compensation plan FAQ for more information about this.
Travel and eating and drinking With DroppinApp you will be able to source discounts and also to get paid for establishing merchant relationships with hotels, motels, cafes, bars, restaurants and venues.
Recruitment Get paid for finding jobs that are added to our jobs board and get paid for finding successful applicants
Crowdfunding Get paid for finding campaigns that list with us both reward Crowdfunding and equity Crowdfunding campaigns

Blogging ~ Get paid for blog posts that attract a certain level of views
Games We will source games and they will either be paid for or free products
Perkfluence areaWe will reward people who find perk sponsors that offer free trials or discounts to Crowdify members
Random rewards We will have random pop ups that pay you being on Crowdify. Bitcoin, Crowdifycoin and Crowdify Points rewards
Ask good questions We will pay you for contributing to our FAQ or for making quality explanatory content about Crowdify

App market There are a lot of half built or disused apps . This could be a fun and interesting marketplace
Coworking spaces Get paid for introducing members to Crowdify Coworking Cafes
Stake Crowdifycoin Once Crowdifycoins go live on the marketplace on July 1 you will have the ability to earn more by staking the coins you already own
Our shop Will be a similar system to Amazon but with many more ways for you to get paid
We are always very interested in your ideas on how to build a more diverse economy


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