What is in the Crowdify Talent area for you by @JoanStewart1 #CrowdifyTalent

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We are proud of the new Crowdify Talent area. You will be able to advertise what you require done, no matter how big or small. If you have a talent then you can get someone to use it. No Pay pal or credit card required.


Fill in the required form and reflect what you are prepared to pay (in Bitcoin or CrowdCoin), then wait for the right person to make contact.

1. Websites, IT and Sofware: When you are new to something, looking for an expert to help you, this is a fantastic place to find the right person with the talent. For starters, it will help you avoid most rookie mistakes, and free up your time to run your business. This section will include Website build, PHP, HTML, Software Architecture, WordPress, MySQL.

2. Writing and Content: Explore for Talented – content writers, ghost writers, translators, articles, and whatever you can imagine on the web.

Writing is not for everyone, avoid writers block, present great fresh content and to obtain results many turn to accomplished skilled writers. Advertise and wait for the right person to make contact.

3. Design and Media: So you are not creative. The truth is life is not fair, we are not created all equal, and for creative work to spread, you need more than a talent. You have to get exposure to the righ networks. Find graphic design enthusiast, website designers, logo design, photoshop experts.

Also Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language. If you have the creative side sell it, if you not creative put in an offer for a member to assist you.

4. Sales and Marketing: This is inclusive of Social Media, Internet Marketing and Online Selling. With the rapid rise in eCommerce many small businesses are selling goods online, promoting business via blogs, email and social media sites.

At Crowdify Talent we boast trusted Social Media Experts

who will gladly help run campaigns via strategies they have learned. So if marketing online is not one of your strengths, post your requirements.

5. Request Talents: Once you have decided you need help with a specific job, fill in the form indicating exactly what you are looking for. These requests will be found by Members with Talents who will be able to make contact and negotiate directly with you.

6. Manage Talents and Orders: Communicate and manage what you are donig in one place, report back or follow up with workflow and keep on target.

7. Bitcoin and CrowdCoin: Payments will be made using bitcoin enabling members ease of use across borders. Bitcoin is currently working, with CrowdifyCoin planned in the near future.

Find out more about Bitcoin and where Members are working together inside Bitclub, moving into cheaper more efficient FinTech.

No one needs to struggle on their own, with the right planning someone is always close at hand to assist.

Crowdify Talent where you will get to know and enjoy experts in their respective fields online.

Working as one, Members are able to share recommendations and ideas with each other.

Joan Stewart

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