A mix of Ethereum, Social Media, MLM and Commerce = Crowdify #ComePlay

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Hi I have been asked by various people in the past few days to provide an updated vision statement for Crowdify. The guys making our Ethereum Crowdify Coin, a Venture Capitalist, a web designer and several people considering becoming city managers or life members via our Astronaut package, are all asking me “Where is this thing headed?”.
4 main things keep coming into my head when I think and talk about Crowdify. The first is the famous Margaret Mead quote that goes something like “By ourselves we can only do so much but together we can do so almost anything”. Crowdify started as a crowdfunding platform. But it had no community support that would promote and evangelise the campaigns of our customers.. We needed to build a community of people doing business with each other and teaching and collaborating with each other. Meeting in real life even.
The second thing that keeps hitting me is the quote from Russ Medlin the co founder of Bitclub. Russ said in a webinar back in November that well over 5 billion people are excluded from doing business online because they have no credit card or paypal. We have addressed that with peer to peer payments inside our site with Bitcoin and Crowdify Coin.


Thirdly was the statement by Vitalik Buterin the co founder of Ethereum that “Ethereum allows you to create and do whatever you can imagine. There are no limits”. This one of the reasons our premium members are called Astronauts. This is like being back at the start of the internet in the early 1990s. We have been given another chance to be early adopters. This is the most exciting ever to be alive. Without Ethereum there is no possible way that I could be dreaming so big. What can you yourself dream up?

One of those who took first mover advantage in those early days was Bill Gates by producing Windows 95. I still remember the banners in the Electronic stores back in London on launch day. What strikes me is that Gates had no limits to his dream. He was sure and confident that everybody with internet access would want his Windows software. Notably Microsoft is now embracing Ethereum. Microsoft have given our team full access to their growing suite of tools plus a $360,000 support package spread over 3 years.

So taking all these things into account my primary vision is that Crowdify will empower many of your dreams. By educating you, connecting you, facilitating collaboration and providing increasingly groundbreaking tools.
Our $9 monthly membership package will be improved upon every day until everybody in the world online who finds out about it will be attracted to it. There is a free trial as well but if you are wanting to get better value for your time online you will snap up the $9 option. Our coworking cafes will spread to cities around the world. Our coin will enable a wide range of events to occur at point of sale giving you all the change to innovate and experiment with ecommerce in ways never done before.
Thank you for being a part of this. Let`s help new clean technology reach the world via community backed crowdfunding and promotional campaigns. Let`s enable budding entrepeneurs the world over break the shackles of poverty and above all let`s meet up!


In the past week around 50 of you have stepped up to become Pilot or Astronaut members and have been placed accordingly at the top of our fast growing binary tree. Thank you so much for sharing the vision and your trust and faith in me and our team of developers and support and administration staff around the world. I communicate daily with our team in in Finland, Australia, South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Panama, Japan, Phillipines and the United States. 16 people in 9 countries. We have taken your $50,000 or so of investment from the past few days and begun development of 2 more apps and have also purchased a licence to white label cutting edge back office software which will be enabled next week. We have 2 new programmers starting on Monday and are also finalising plans for a complete design overhaul of the site. We have taken steps to create our first support center in Davao.
We have added several new features and tools to the site and over the next few days you will see many more.
I will be able to report on massive progress next weekend I am sure. By then I hope that you will have seen a point of becoming a member at…
Thank you all so much I am beyond excited.



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