What if you had a chance to buy Bitcoin at 5 cents each again? #CrowdifyCoin #Crowdsale

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Launching on or about 8 June. Up till the end of May Crowdify will release 6 levels of purchase. Crowdifycoin is built on Ethereum and possibly the first to be used for e-commerce ever. The coin is a product of over 3 years research and development. You can see some of the code in the photo above. They will be 10 cents each to start with so you will be byting them for 5,6,7,8 or 9 cents each and be able to take an instant profit at launch if you wish.


Pay here >>


Level 5 will give you 2 times the number of Crowdifycoin at market rate on launch date in June.(this is now closed as we have reached our allocation at this level thank you!)

Level 4 will give you 1.8 times the Crowdifycoin

Level 3 will give you 1.6 times the Crowdifycoin

Level 2 will give you 1.4 times the Crowdifycoin

Level 1 will give you 1.2 times the Crowdifycoin

Minimum purchase $25 please. Purchases in multiples of $25 please

Crowdifycoin will be be usuable both inside to source discounts on the rapidly increasing range of products and services and also outside the club.

Our team of 28 led by CEO Dan Schwartz, CTO Nathan Senn, CFO Dr Yoriko Todd, CCO Tom Miller and COO Colin Sydes are working hard to combine the coin with our site to bring you a revolutionary experience early next month.

There is a money lifetime money back guarantee on any purchase.

Make an account at and your coins will be transferred to your Crowdifycoin wallet within 24 hours, locked until launch date. Please email [email protected] once your make payment with Paypal receipt at username [email protected] or Bitcoin walllet number.

Thank you so much for your trust and support.

Our Bitcoin address for payment

is 1sFNQy6MNnRsfe6Uvb7VWdGoWymTXpvQ8

please remember to add your Twitter account to the

message so we can credit your coins to you.

Or more easily pay in Bitcoin with this QR code below


do not forget to add your Twitter account to the

message and / or email us.

first board meeting

Photo is from our Crowdify board meeting in Tokyo today.

Please ask questions either in the comments below or by clicking help out to the right.The 2 times the coins opportunity will be removed any day. Hope you do not miss it. We always guarantee to give your money straight back no questions asked.

Michael Q Todd LLB

Lawyer for and Co- Founder of Crowdify

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