Where in the fog (oh sorry the cloud) can you use Google Drive? #toolschat

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On #Toolschat this week Wednesday 10pm EST (archive link here if ya missed it) we are talking Drive. Google Drive that is. #Toolschat returns to its tools roots after getting a little too social mediaish in the past 2 weeks with Kred and Pinterest.

Does the whole internet seem foggy to you right now? I am a huge advocate of learning new tools daily and in particular keeping installing and using updates from major places like Skype and Google because when they update again the jump from say Version 6 to 8 without knowing 7 can be stressful and sometiems very difficult.

Google Drive allows the interaction of third-party apps which can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. These apps, running in Google Chrome, are operating on the online files, and can be used to edit images and videos, fax and sign documents, manage projects, create flowcharts etc.

So where to start and maximise the potential of all these tools and apps?

Google has a collection of around 100 free services. The picks of the bunch for your average internet user are probably Chrome, Gmail and Google documents. I guess your were using Docs?

I do not have barely anything at all on my hard drive. It makes me so much more moble and flexible. It creates time and leverage for me.

From what started as a search engine Google really are a phenomenal company. What value they gave given all of us, for free in most cases, for all these years.

Drive is the base on which to ….ahem…drive your online presence. It is worth learning and to keep learning.

Google Drive is a file storage and sync service by Google that was released on April 24, 2012.Google Drive is an extension of Google Docs once activated, and replaces the URL with
Rumors about Google Drive began circulating as early as March 2006.

Google Drive gives the user a free-of-charge cloud-storage of 5 gigabytes to start with.Extra storage, which is shared between Picasa and Google Drive, from 25 GB (2.49 USD/month) up to 16 TB can be acquired through a paid monthly subscription plan.

So free for all but heavy storers. Awesome stuff right?? Especially if you are using mobile regularly or computers at places outside home or the office and want to use all your stored content.

Besides the web page, Google Drive needs a client to synchronize files. At the start of the service the client software was available for the following devices: on Macs with Lion and Snow Leopard operating systems; on PCs Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 OSes; on Android smartphones and tablets with Eclair and newer OSes (Android 2.1+); on iPhone and iPad, iOS 3.0+. Linux support is underway. According to Sundar Pichai of Google, the Google Drive online storage service will be tightly integrated with Chrome OS version 20.

The fine print

As Google has only one, unified terms of service and privacy policy, it would seem that Google retains a very broad claim to reproduce, use, and create derivative works from content stored on the Google Drive.
According to CNET, unlike competing services Dropbox and SkyDrive, Google retains a more broad claim to reproduce, use, and create derivative works from content stored on the Google Drive. This license is perpetual even after removal of content. Although the user retains intellectual property rights, the broad Google Drive license allows extraction and parsing of uploaded content to customize advertising and other services that Google provides to the user, and for promoting the service.

Another report from The Verge finds that Google’s terms are quite comparable to those of its competitors, and slightly better in some cases.

Sincerely hope that you will join us on #Toolschat to learn about these indispensable tools to drive your online presence with. You will get tips and insights about what apps and strategies are best for you. Whatever you want to do and whether you are on mobile or an internet cafe for example.

We also have a #Toolschat Facebook group where we are talking semi-geeky stuff like this 24/7. Just apply here to join.


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