Learning to drive a car and learning social media

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It is constantly interesting to me watching how people go about learning to do social media.

This is something they will use every day for the rest of their lives.

Like driving.

When we learn to drive we have as our goal the passing of a test that grants us a licence. If you were to take a social media test how would you do?

Everyone recognises the need and value of driving instruction.

Yet so many are prepared to spend the rest of your life stumbling around the internet at limited capacity for the want of spending a few dollars and a tiny amount of time on getting up to speed?

On Saturday I crowdsourced from my Facebook friends their order of activity once they logged on each day. Each was different and many to my mind seemed to have serious gaps. Gaps that if were driving gaps would result in accidents, damage to the car and at the very least taking a long time to get somewhere.

With 781 others I was part of a 3-4 learning experience called Social Traffic in early 2008. Daily tasks, education and review. It was an incredible learning experience of the basics and I have spent over 15 hours a day 7 days a week for the last 3 years mastering the spaces, tools and strategies we learned about. Plus all the new ones that are continually appearing.

As far as I can see I am the only one of the 781 who maintained a reasonably rounded social media presence with minimal gaps during the past 3 years since Social Traffic ended. Presumably because I have a reason and purpose behind why I log in and even more importantly I believe that what I am doing is effective.

Same as driving. You need the confidence that you will clear an intersection before pressing the accelerator.

One gap in your online presence will not necessarily derail you. Just as an inability to replace a flat tyre or complete a hill park manouvre will not mean you cannot operate a car. It will however hold you back.

I see a reasonably clear road map for use of the internet. In Social Traffic Simon Ford laid out this road map.You need to know you are, you need content, you need to be social, you need to support and promote. You need to be shareable. You need a list and a product. These kinds of things. Simon prepared lengthy videos explaining each and every social media website of relevance and had us watch them over a 3-4 month period. Sometimes I wonder if I was the only one of the 781 who did.

What are you doing about this?

Are you planning just to plough on through your internet experience with a piecemeal education and gaping holes in the way you operate? Leading to minimal effectiveness.

Reading blogs like this, attending webinars, seminars and the like are good and valuable but not necessarily comprehensive. You will always miss out on the big picture.

From this month I am taking small groups of people through a short “course” to fill in their gaps for a tiny fee. Especially I can give you a road map for say 5-15 hours a week using the latest tools and strategies that will help you maintain a social media presence that will effectively market your business or cause.

Message me on Facebok if you want to learn more.

Just like you got a friend or relative or driving instructor to help you. You gotta know it is worth it.


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