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Has anyone noticed how we are all getting better connected? Empire Avenue is a key vehicle for this.

I have now been on Empire Avenue for 10 months and am just as head over heels as I was on day 1. I am passionate about the connecting, the skilling up and the exposure for the causes I support. This all fits perfectly with my passion and purpose.

The complaint I hear from most people considering joining is that it takes too much time. I hope to alleviate these concerns by sharing some strategies and tactics I have gleaned from some experienced participants especially Tom Cooley and David Sanger. I also hope to bring back many of the people who have opened accounts and then left. I am beginning to question whether you can afford NOT to have Empire Avenue as part of your daily social media mix.

We are having big fun. Get involved and maybe someone like William Pitcher will make a video like this with you in it. I got a huge kick out of pushing play on this for the first time William. Bless you.

The key points I want to make are

1. Start as you mean to finish. Otherwise your graph will go up and down and people who are wanting to raise their price will sell your shares. By this I mean if you want to just spend 2 hours a week start that way and enjoy slow daily growth. If you look at my graph you will see a gradual upwards trend of 1 point a day. Barely anyone ever sells my shares.

2. Other people’s stuff is other people’s stuff. Do not engage in retaliation selling. It will not help you.

3. Get a system.

In 20 – 30 minutes a day you can do this…..

Divide up the amount of eaves you have into around 50. If is say 100,000 eaves then spend 2000 50 times. If you just have 50,000 eaves then use 1,000 each time.

Use your first 10-15 minutes to do about 10 or however many buybacks you need to. Then say “Thank yous” for buying me on Be fun and friendly in those shout outs. Endorse say 1/3 of the blogs and feeds of those who buy you each time. Check all your shout outs and give thumbs to them. Reply if people have asked you questions.

If you see people going by on the “buying bar” down below buying large parcels of shares then buy say 25 shares in them. They have probably just come on looking to spend their eaves as quickly as possible and may buy a lot of you.

There are also iPhone apps available which will allow for quick purchases as well, I’m just telling you the current site which I use when I want to employ the account maintenance strategy.

Then spend 5-10 mins to do say 20 new buys and 60 buys in those you already own using a service by Paul Houston.

I have learned a great deal from many people but key strategists for time use and buying and selling tactics are David Sanger, Tom Cooley as mentioned above but also Kosta Montoya and Ryan Ziegler. Each in very different ways and in Kosta and Ryan’s case the opposite. I have adopted a little of their thinking in how I play and also in this post.

How will this help your share price? All your buys and shouts will show up as you having daily Empire Avenue activity which is one of the things investors look for when buying and holding. Daily investing says to people that there’s a chance you’ll be investing and/or interacting with them and that your account is not abandoned. Combine that daily activity with the dividends which your other social media activity produce and I feel that 20 minutes per day 7 days a week is enough time to spend on Empire Avenue provided that all you are interested in is slow but steady growth of your price.

I would, however, also advise that you connect with the active Empire Avenue players who you wish to network with, either on Empire Avenue or on the other social media sites which you favor. This allows your Empire Avenue account to be more than just a cardboard cutout of an active account. I hope these tips have been useful for those of you who may currently see Empire Avenue as an insufficient ROI for the amount of time you feel you need to spend on it.

If people have not performed any Empire Avenue Actions for a week they have probably stopped playing. I usually sell those people’s shares.

Once a week send a fun and friendly shareholders mail. Promote Empire Avenue as much as you can wherever you can. Support Empire Avenue by shopping for “bigger pieces of pie”. This gives you the ability to buy 500 shares in anyone. This is the best $100 you will spend. Just do it.

Some people say that this a game. I say no. It is social media. Relations formed and deepened.To deepen the relationships use to follow the social networks of those who buy you. Also join Team Zen and X Bar, Social Empire and Empire Avenue and Social Media for Business Facebook groups to ask questions and get to know the other participants. When people blog about Empire Avenue have a quick read and gain as many perspectives as possible.

Some people will sell you and some people will not buy back in you when you want them to. I suggest that instead of selling shares in these people you should make a small buy if their dividends deem them worthy of being bought. In the long term they will return and buy you. I have seen this happen.

My take on Empire Avenue will always be “How other’s treat me is their path ~ how I respond is mine”.

In the past 10 months I have met and got to know what I believe are the cream of the crop online. People who promote, connect and collaborate with others. We are having big fun. Come and join us you can too.

Join Empire Avenue here and buy 200 shares in (e)MICHAELQTODD. Give me a shout out and say you read my post. I will point you in the right direction.

Let’s get get together and feel allright


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