7 ways to best leverage Empire Avenue and Twitter together

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After 21 months on the Avenue you will be pleased to hear that I am now getting my head around how you can leverage your presence there with your Twitter presence by some more strategic interaction. And of course vica versa! Here is what I am finding.

I have identified seven key points but am sure you have more.

1. Empire Avenue, Facebook, G+ ,Twitter etc etc are tools. Software, spaces, platforms.Not walled in areas that do not intertwine. People are what to focus on. Get 2 circles of people who you interact with all over the social web and work with them. Depending on how long you have to spend online each week I recommend that your inner circle be 20-50 and your outer 100-150. Make a Twitter list of each of those two circles. Watch the streams.

2. Have two Twitter and two Empire Avenue accounts. One for personal and one for business / cause / hobby etc. If you are going to master these social networks you may as well leverage that learning and of course the networks you build daily. Speak and act the same way you do out of both. Use a photo of a real person. People are highly reluctant to talk to logos on Social Media.

3. Talk about Empire Avenue on Twitter and vica versa. Promote and support your inner and outer circles on both. Whether they are on Empire Avenue right now or not. They will come. They will see your daily activity and your rapidly increasing network and skills and be inspired by your passion.

4. Have your main or both Twitter accounts in your Empire Avenue name. Then when people shout out buys of you you get Twitter mentions. Your twitter account also gets constantly seen all over Empire Avenue streams. Here is how I have mine set now.
I`m @mqtodd host of @eavchat See my social places http://xeeme/mqt

See how this tweet will get 3 of my accounts “attraction” and grow their brand recognition, get click throughs etc.

5. Make a twitter list of each of your top Empire Avenue shareholders. Once people own say 100 shares in you add them to the list. Watch that list in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and interact with these people! You have attracted them for whatever reason. Now support and promote and interact with them. Promote that list around Empire Avenue. Promote it around the Facebook groups about Empire Avenue.

6. Add your Empire Avenue link, your Index on it and your position on the index to your Twitter bio.
Here is my example. This will brand you, your interest and Empire Avenue and also bring your twitter buddies to the Avenue and earn you 2,000 eaves each time! A no brainer.

Location: Empire Avenue, Tokyo

Bio: Speaker, author, love promoter. CEO of NPO Index Empire Avenue. Join at Recovering Kiwi lawyer into raw food, juggling & daily #lifegasm xeeme/michaelqtodd

7. Be consistent about your niche on both platforms. Be fun! Pick 3 key words that you are about and want to be remembered by. We all have growing networks and it gets harder and harder to get remembered. Promote and connect all your twitter buddies to your Empire Avenue buddies. This is powerful I promise! You have built your skills, networks and reputation in both “spheres”. Would it not be possible that one X one might equal eleven here?

To your success

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