7 tips for using Empire Avenue and Google+ together

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I am having a lot of success with Empire Avenue and Google+ and this success is not mutually exclusive. I have had over 33 million views of my G+ profile and I have have the 5th highest Empire Avenue price. I also have a top 10 Google+ network score on Empire Avenue. This stuff works and when you focus on the 2 as a combination it works exponentially. I will share 7 tips on how to maximize your two presences by using them to support each other.

1. Talk about Empire Avenue occasionally both in your posts or in G+ communities. Occasionally add the link to your Empire Avenue account in posts. Use the #empireavenue hastag in some of your posts and actively search for that hastag to support other members` posts. There are a lot of people out there watching but you cannot sell a secret. I even promote the Empire Avenue logo on my Google+ cover banner. Can you spot it?


2. Conversely promote your Google+ profile and/ or page prominently on Empire Avenue in your bio or your status updates or maybe even your ticker.

3. Run regular missions to your best Google+ posts. I do not recommend ” +1 bomb” missions” I believe that it is more effective by far to focus on a particular shareable post and get that into Google`s “What`s hot” section. You see Google will highlight and promote your most popular recent post to those who circle you.

4. Promote your Empire Avenue Account prominently in your Google+ “about” section. Include something about Empire Avenue in your bio area and also link your Empire Avenue account there.

5. Join the Empire Avenue Google+ tips community on Google+ here

6. Analyse. Look at the top plussers on Empire Avenue at this leaderboard.

What are they doing right? Keep an eye on your own G+ network score. Is it rising or falling?


7. Get involved in Empire Avenue circle shares that promote active Google+ accounts. Share these and add the people in them to an Empire Avenue circle in your own circles. Here is the latest one it is an interactive embedded post. You can click on it. Enjoy the avenue and the plus!
Would love to learn of any tips or questions you have for this in the comments down below.
Thank you for sharing this post on both Empire Avenue and Google+ if you get the chance.



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