How are FaceBook hashtags working for you? A success story from @dryorikotodd

  • These new Facebook hashtags are working well for me. Are you having a good experience too?

My wife Yoriko posted a photo on Friday night (2 days ago)  about something that means a lot to her. She is a biology and botany PHD and knows a bit more than most of us about what this company Monsanto is doing to our bodies and our future. So we had some fun with this post and we did some regular tagging with the new Facebook hashtags and it has about 600 shares already. Her previous best ever post had about 3 or 4 shares. She has about 700 FB friends.

We have deliberately not given the post any other special promotion. This was actually the second time this photo has been posted. Last time 3 months ago it got 11 shares this time 593 so far. Has been a fair bit of tagging. This stuff works folks. We have been tagging this post every 6 hours or so for about 30 hours with #monsanto #occupymonsanto #organics #gmos #food #foodsecurity #lmao #health



It is harder to generate social impact through Facebook than other networks like Twitter, G+ or Tumblr. Facebook was a very closed network till hashtags came. It seems now that the walls are very much down.

Hashtags make your post searchable and give you a potentially far wider audience than just your friends and their friends.


Click on the tag and you will see popular or recent posts that have included that tag. Alternatively put a tag into the search box.

So the learning is;

  • Make your post topical
  • Choose about 6 tags that people who will be interested in the post might be searching for
  • Keep tagging regularly over the next few days
  • It seems to work better if the tags are in the post itself rather than just comments although comments are of course also searchable
  • ??? (What are your tips? )


Any questions?




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