20 fast rising SM leaders who you probably do not know yet

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These people may not be well known to you right now but they will be soon.
You have probably not seen them on “influencer” lists or anything like that but I am guessing that by the end of this year you will. I am online most of every day and I have watched the impact and presence of these people grow over the past few months.

They get it. They are in short extraordinary and prepared to do what others are not. They are my kind of people.

They also thirst for knowledge and experience. They support and promote others heavily. I can all but guarantee that if you get behind these people and support and promote them then you will get it all back and more. They have a daily, organised presence across several key social networks and while far from the finished article are all gradually getting it together and rising very quickly recently in their own ways.

It has been relatively easy for me to notice them and while I could have added many to this list who would not have been out of place here are twenty who I truly believe are destined for great things. If there we are a social media stock market I would be heavily invested. Oh right there is and I am!

It will be highly valuable for you to follow and gradually connect more and more with these people as tjey are the leaders of the future and will take you along with them.

You will notice that there is an interesting international mix to this group showing that social media is quickly spreading outside America. Most of these tpes of lists include almost exclusively Americans. This will not be the case for much longer. They are also from many different walks of life and are using social media successfully to promote their businesses.

They also have one more great quality which is contributing to and may even be central to their success. They are managing a quickly growing number of relationships with great skill. Kudos for that.

Make sure you buy and hold all of them.

In no particular order…

Nicolas Liu

Nicolas is of all crazy things a tax accountant and a tax coach. He has true belief and passion for connection and sharing information and I am really impressed at the impact he is having while holding down a very demanding job.

Kimberly Reynolds

Kimberly from Palm Desert, California and a Partner at Savvy Media Marketing has expertise in QR Codes and life in general. Fun and friendly.

Mindy Koch

Mindy has mastery of WordPress, SEO and more. Klout score up from 56 to 63 in April. Thats a big jump in one month.

Adam Justice

Adam from Stanville, Kentucky and has a very sound background in technology has founded The Social Sun and is a emerging leader and an excellent blogger.

Anise Smith

From Philadelphia. If you are even a sproadic reader of this blog you will have seen me raving about Anise before. Why she is not world famous by now I have no idea. Learn from Anise especially how to share content effectively and how to engage in threads on your Facebook profile. She is a master.

Gaye Crispin

Gaye’s online presence has grown greatly in the past year. Leading the Australian Empire Avenue leaderboard and a daily supporter and connector of people.

Michelle Harris

Michelle is in London, England. She has a deep love of tech and a constant friendly, fun and supportive presence.

Elza van Swieten

Elza is a deeply positive and spiritual person from the Netherlands with great desire for improvement in all areas of her life. Long term I believe she will probably end up becoming the most “influential” of this group.

Cyndee Haydon

Cyndee is a realtor from Clearwater, Florida. She is using video and photos particularly well to brand herself and draw attention to the properties of her area. Becoming one of the very best in the world at this.

Daniel Zeevi

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wow is all I can say. For the last 11 months since we connected Daniel has provided me with a constant daily flow of excellent posts about technology, media, design and life in general. In addition we have pretty much daily interaction through comments on each others’ Facebook and Google+ profiles and retweets. Daniel has received around 7,000 +Ks on Klout in the past 90 days and is score is 78 with a bullet.A true Social Media powerhouse and founder of Dashburst.

Timothy Snow

A social media strategist out of Rhode Island Timothy shares beautiful images on his Facebook profile and has an especially great knack of sayng the right things at the right time.With an 81 (has been 82 recently) Klout score Tim is the best in this group for a reason. He is brilliant every day.

Anne Thomas

Anne from Cleveland, Georgia is something of a phenomenon with the amount of activity she generates each day and her positive, caring approach.

Neil van Wouw

Neil is a Canadian but a long term resident of Tokyo, Japan and very passionate about leading a revival in the spirit of the people here with his initiative Ganbatte 365. Ganbatte means “keep trying”. He is stepping up his social media activity as he begins to see it working.

Marie Snow

Marie is a musicians agent and manager from Rhode Island and wife of Tim. Marie is probably the fastest rising star on this list. Very personable approach and is networking in a mediu sized group of people and giving a lot of attention to them all.

Des Daughter (online name)

From France. Passionate about and increasingly skilful at spreading news and views about Diethylstilbestrol Des has also become an incredible communicator and supplier of information about new Empire Avenue players seemingly 24 hours a day. Fairly shy and reiring a year ago but a flower quickly opening.

Rami Kantari

Rami is in Dubai and runs on and offline training courses. Klout and training. I have been tweeting back and forth with Rami for 3 years or so now and it has been wonderful watching him gaining more and more belief in it and connecting with more and more people

Terry Rota

Terry from my native New Zealand is founder and ring leader of my favourite Facebook group and his passion for life and people especially his family and friends show through every day. Klout score 75 and currently trading at … Very much a recommended buy and hold.

Candace Mountain

Candace is a writer in Calgary, Canada with expertise in Instagram and Pinterest. She will be a great friend to you.

Henry Stradford

Henry is also in Tokyo, Japan. An awesome photographer and serial tweeter of both his own photos and those of others. He really gets the art of public conversation rather than one to one and is passionate about making the world a more compassionate place.

Lene Jytte Hansen

From Silkeborg, Denmark an amazingly supportive and friendly woman especially on Facebook still with a lot of potential to fully round out her activities and when she does that she will be unstoppable.

So there we have it.

Many different occupations and many different countries and states of America and backgrounds but all with much in common.

I treasure the fact that we have found each other.

To find them simply log into your Empire Avenue account and add their names to the search box.


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