Some questions about using FB and G+ you may have not yet asked

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Facebook and Google+ like life are for fun. Think about them as just another playground.
Here are 8 things you may not yet have thought about. Would love your questions and comments on all this down below.

1. You do not need to search for anyone or anything. What you say and how you present yourself will be reflected exactly. By the people who connect to you and communicate with you and by what information you see. Like a mirror.

2. Does it make much more sense to be talking business on your profile and being fun and personal on your business page? I strongly believe so.

3. If you genuinely want to sell your products and services and are not ashamed of them why wouldn’t you have your profile privacy settings set to “Everyone” ?? Why are some people afraid of this? I did it on day 1 and have never seen the slightest reason to change.

4. Facebook or Google+ “friends” do not necessarily have to actually be friends. Reset the word and inference “friends” for say “members of your network”. Does that alter your mindset? I really enjoy having several “friends” who do not agree with everything I say. It creates awesome discussions.

5. If you adopt some simple strategies is it any “harder” to have 4800 “friends” than 480? Use lists. Use your circles. You can have as many of both as you like. After 2 months on Plus now I am finding it so easy to see what I really want to see. Facebook I simply wait for friends to tag me in threads and then I join in.

6. If you trusted that Facebook and Google+ were going to be around for a while would you be spending more time and money learning how to use it?

7. Between personal profiles, business or like pages, lists, community pages, notes, events and groups, hangouts and all the various available tools is there anything you can’t do on Facebook and Google+ that you can do on your blog or website? Or even You Tube?

8. Is a thread of conversation going to keep going by itself if you do not keep returning to answer questions, add value, be fun and ask great questions yourself?

Hoping I have made you think a bit! Any comments?

Make magic in your day whether it be on Social Media or not.


P.S. Let’s get together and feel allright

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