Why your Klout score may be totally irrelevant. You may be intrigued by my recent experiment.

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My “Abundance Marketing” account has a Klout score of 79. It has risen 18 points in the past 6 days. My personal Klout is 72. With many pretty active social media accounts connected. It has stayed the same for 5 months.

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There is a very good chance that you are kidding yourself by getting excited about your Klout score and promoting it anywhere. It may be time to give up on all this “measuring altogether” as it may be too difficult to get even a reasonably accurate reflection.

This is not a criticism of Klout as a company in any way it just seems that what they are attempting to do is too difficult and that by tweaaking their ways of measuring they are getting increasingly bad results. I am merely detailing an experiment and I know some of you will find it interesting.

As many of you know I did 53 days in a prison then an immigration detention center detention in Japan late last year. I was never charged with anything but I think I was held because I was being investigated for a breach of my visitor visa regulations. It was thought that I may have done some volunteer work for a Canadian television crew filming the dolphin slaughtering in Taiji. Actually I did not.

Among other things I checked upon my release was my Klout score and I was fascinated to find that it had stayed pretty much the same. A drop of 72 to 71. Before Klout made its radical changes to its way of measuring about 6 months ago my score was 83. Many of my friends also had their score reduced by similar mounts. I am not “sore” about this merely interested in the whole thing. Some people actually think it is relevant you see. What it now seems to measure is the average score of people in your network. So if you are a “wide” and “open” networker with a myriad of connections you may well be heavily downgraded for that. Despite the fact that many of those people are readers and do not post often so have lowish Klout scores. I bet that if I wiped out nearly all my networks and just kept those with a score of over say 75 my score would be about 90.

There are 3 major measurements aside from Klout there is Peer Index and I am 77 and Kred and I am 963 with activity of 10. I understaand how Peer Index and Kred work but Klout is baffling.

The Klout pie graph on my account was reflecting pretty much the same balance as when I entered the Japanese prison on September 15. About 85% Facebook, and a spread of 2-4% from Twitter and Klout itself.My score is now 79 and still only 0.51 of score coming from Klout itself. My @mqtodd Klout account has 5.91 of the score of 72 coming from Klout. So massive chance to hit say 82-83 for @abundancemktg in the next few days.

Google Plus and Linked In seem irrelevant to Klout. This lack of change was despite almost zero social media activity for nearly 2 months. Some friends put out some updates on my Facebook profile. About 8 in total. When I started using Facebook again I found that my edgerank had been totally destroyed and nobody was seeing or responding to any of my posts.

This got me thinking about Klout actually measures so I delved a little deeper. A week or so ago I disconnected my Facebook profile from my Klout account to see if it would make any difference to my score. I replaced it with a brand new Facebook business page with about 175 “Likers” and very little activity. My Facebook profile since being released by the Japanese authorities on November 7 has averaged around 2,500 “like clicks”, 1000 comments and 500 shares a week. My edgerank is back up and when I post I automtically get around 20-30 like clicks on average within few minutes as I am reaching several news feeds of friends and followers and often their friends as well. From my experience as a Facebook business page administrator I estimate that my Facebook profile has the “reach” of a page that shows the analytics of say “30-40,000 talking on this page”.

On our new SocialSteamr page when I post we get zero likes. We have no influence yet. We have around 1000 “taking on the page”.

Klout now tells me that Twitter is 85% of the make up of my Klout score. Up a staggering 83% from the week before when I disconnected my Facebook profile. It was previously 2%. The Facebook page is contributing equally with the other connnected networks and Klout itself. Around 2-3% each.

As I said above my @abundancemktg Twitter a/c which barely garners an RT an hour has a score of 78. While my personal @mqtodd a/c has a fairly big and active Linked In and reasonably popular Google+ a/c attached. This seemingly counts for nothing. I tagged the Abundance Marketing FB piz page from my personal profile and jumped the score from 73 to 78 in 24 hours yesterday!

All this has made me look at the scores of some people who I consider to be “inflential”. People who get a lot of Facebook engagement as soon as they post and who get retweeted a lot. Mari Smith, Jessica Northey, Neil Schaffer, Kim Garst and Lori Moreno were 3 I checked and they all had scores in the low 70s. I then looked at some other scores and saw many many people I know quite well but who get almost zero engagement and reaction or found them with scores in the high 70s.

The Kred “outreach” score is n indication of how often you post and engage with others. That would seem to be the only of these scores that we could use as any indication.

Please no-one take any notice of anybody`s score on all these things.

Use them for networking a little. Klout interestingly has recently removed nearly all the networking benefits that their website had. You no longer see leaderboards for topics and lists have lost their earlier value too.

“Influence” for me is the ability to get people to read, share and open links from my Facebook, Twitter and other social media places. Especially Facebook as it is a huge part of social media. For Klout to take seeming zero account of whether I have my Facebook account connected or not seems bizarre!

Please try it for a week or 2 and see what happens to you.

My next move will be to disable my Twitter account maybe next month and I will blog again about the result of doing that.



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