A very simple but vital G+ circling strategy

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We need to be very aware that the Google + API is about to open any day and that business pages and communities are also due for imminent release.

Now is the time to get your G+ house in order and to build your presence there. Not to mention the fact that it is possibly the best place  to get your content shared online. I have no doubt at all that G+ will go from strength to strength and become a very vital part of everyday life online for everyone. The reach and tools that Google has are overwhelming and we are about to see them all lined up. Blogger, Picassa, Gmail, Google Docs, Places, Images, You Tube, Search and more and more.

So up till today around 3500 people had circled me but my circles were all over the place. I had made too many I think and I had simply followed back everyone who had circled me. That would be my preferred policy but unfortunately there is a pesky 5,000 circling limit which we will all hit before too long. Now is the time to get it sorted out. For logistical reasons and others as well. Imagine when the API opens any day and people are able to get notifications that you have uncircled them for example.

So I  decided to start from scratch and  uncircled everyone.  My 2 questions were;

  • How do I extend my “reach” in a way that the content of both me and the people I support gets seen and shared and
  • How do I organise this thing?

My first circle is a “Follow back” circle which came to  around 500 people. In that circle I am putting people who have circled me who I know. After that I guess I will just begin following  in my niche and will have around 5 more circles. Close friends,  People whose stuff I am interested in seeing, Environment,  Social Media and the final circle my “following circle”.  Sometimes you need to circle to get circled back – in this way it is kind of a game when there is a following limit as is the case with G+.

It has been interesting that of my 4,700 or so Facebook friends only 189 have circled me on G+. So it is still very much early days. So now I am going through circling the others from Facebook who are on G+.  I got them through Yahoo pipes and found around 250. You can do this by creating a Yahoo account and grabbing the emails of your Facebook friends and then creating a CSV file.

A problem is that I often know people by their Twitter handles.  But on G+ they have to use their real names because of Google’s strict policy.  So it is quite the brain tease. It is alleviated somewhat by the ability to hover over names and see information about the people.

If I have missed you let me know or simply circle me.

This is whole thing is fascinating strategical exercise and very much a work in progress and no doubt provokes a huge amount of discussion. I am pleased with the way I have worked it through and am now busy extending my network.

How are you doing it?


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