My 5 favorite ways of dealing with haters on Social Media

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Haha seeing so many of my blog readers are stateside I spelt favorite in the headline your way today. I am keeping this fairly short as I do not want to dwell too long on negative tinged stuff. Just got attacked in a FB group (put together to help out a friend of mine) by a bunch of haters. Didn’t fight with them just left. Haters are gonna hate you gotta know. The more people you connect to on and offline and the more confident you get and the more you express your opinions the more haters will come out.

Some of the most frustrating hating came recently when I was nominated for a Shorty Award in the #Green category and I made the finalists. I could have done a huge amount of good as a connector and promoter of others in the environmental sphere if I had won that award.

The guy who was made the winner got way less genuine votes than me. I was the subject of an intense hate campaign where people tweeted that I was a fake etc. And they voted by Twitter for other finalists and tweeted hatred for me at the same time. I am still Facebook friends with some of those people. I maintain intense unconditional love for them. I am not saying that their actions were the deciding factor as the guy who won has a long history of achievements in the environmental arena but I will always wonder.

So haters are everywhere for various reasons. Sometimes from misunderstandings sometimes because you just have so many connections they feel ignored by you if you do not reply to the. Some from jealousy some just from their own self loathing or a combination of any or all of these factors.

Here is how I have been dealing with them all…

1. Never engage them in a way that recognises or questions their hate. Either publicly on social networks or by private message.

2. Support and promote them heavily.

This works great. Social Media makes this so easy to do. Send them RT’s click some likes on their Facebook profile you know what to do. Often they turn back into or into new supporters quite quickly.

3. Blame yourself before them.

How could I have done things better? Was I overly self promotional? I do not recommend changing your opinions but perhaps your style a little.

4. Do not cut them off by blocking or even defriending or unfollowing.

Let them do that if they wish. “Keep your enemies closest”.

5. Run reputation management software to see what people are saying about you.

This is cheap and easy nowadays and will help you put out any fires before they get bigger than you would like.

So keep positive out there in social media land and just stick to your own beautiful path.

haters like me

Other people’s stuff is…..other people’s stuff.



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