How an ICO can easily get stolen and tips for protection #Bitcoin #Crypto #SuperiorCoin

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An ICO or Initial Coin Offering can be stolen easily if the right measures are not in place. Recently I ran one for Superior Coin with disastrous results
The most important thing is to show zero trust in anybody in your team. I trusted and I just lost several million dollars and several years work and investment.

!. If possible to not begin your public blockchain until after the ICO is finished. This will greatly diminish the chance of all your money and all your coins being stolen together.
2. Divide tasks. If possible do not allow anybody access to anything but if this is not possible make sure of these things. Do not allow one programmer access to both coins and money. Especially do not allow them access to your database or your social media accounts.
3. People nowadays have the attitude that if they can get away with stealing something then they somehow deserve it as their own property.
4 People now barely care about wrong or right and in general will not support you when you are stolen from. They will gravitate towards supporting the thief as the thief is the one who now has the means to pay them.
5. Do not expect help from the courts or the police or enforcement authorities they simply will not care.
6. It is much to have built a community around your project if you are stolen from. The community will immediately side with the thief making the recovery of your property even more difficult.
7. If possible tell nobody your business plan as the thief will simply steal it
8. Use cold storage wallets to store your crypto currency do not keep it on an exchange it is too easy for the thief to get at.
9. Use double factor authentication wherever you can.
10. Do not be lulled into giving even the slightest bit of trust even if a team member lives in your house for 8 months as Nathan Sеnn did with me.
11. Keep your premined coins or your tokens in a wide variety of secret places so if say 90% of them get stolen you will at least be left with something.
12. Nobody in the crypto currency world will care less about you. It is a cold, evil jungle where everybody is out for themselves. Accept this and deal with it.
13. Forums such as Bitcoin Talk and Facebook are pay to play. Administrators and staff are routinely bribed so do not accept assistance. My Superior Coin Facebook page was stolen by Nathan Sеnn gaining remote access to my computer and making himself an admin and then deleting my wife and I. After promising intially to immediately reverse this Facebook then went cold. The people there had obviously been bribed. DM me on Twitter for their name.
14. Bitcoin Talk will delete any posts you try to make if you are not paying them hefty bribes. I have several instances of proof about this.
15. Do not rely on anybody to help you you are on your own.
16. Learn as much as you can about servers and online security. Knowledge is power.
17. Have a Plan B. My wife and I were completely cleaned out so have found it very difficult to recover.


18. Be extremely vigilant every day it only takes a few seconds for a thief to strike.

How these people who have run off with our business hope for a minute to get away with it is completely beyond me. I still retain enough hope in humanity to believe that one day somebody will do the right thing and stop this.

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