How to Use @ifttt to Rock @Twitter, @Klout, @Kred, @EmpireAve and Everything Else

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This is a guest post by long term Social Media strategist and visionary Scott Allen. I often discuss Social Media on my Facebook profile and of all the wonderful contributors who stop by Scott stands out for his understanding of what is going on. Scott recognises that advanced use of social sharing tools and strategies are key to your online presence in 2012. Ifttt is a vital part of this. You can learn more about Scott below.


In Michael’s post, 9 ways to rock the social web, he makes a couple of very powerful suggestions:

2. Reply in some way to everyone who engages you publicly. Hopefully within 24 hours but at least within the week. Promote the people who reach out to you. You will make friends for life.


9. Hang out mainly with people who “get” and are doing the first 8 things I recommend.

I’ve also heard him suggest, more specifically, that you find a small circle of friends and “support each other vigorously” in social media — a great strategy, which I whole-heartedly agree with.

What I’m going to do here is show you a couple of very cool ways to use to accomplish that with Twitter.

As you grow your social media influence, one of the biggest challenges is to manage your time and attention. Most of the non-celebrities who are successful on Twitter follow people back — some automatically, some manually. Either way, once you get beyond a few hundred people, how do you manage your attention? You can’t drink from the firehose all the time.

Most people in this situation have probably discovered Twitter lists by now (tutorial /manage your lists) , and maybe even are making use of them via HootSuite, Seesmic, or some other dashboard. Lists are great, but they can still be time-consuming to create and manage, plus they often get out of date and you forget to add new people who match the lists. You may not even realize they’re not on the list. Point is, lists can help focus your attention, but maintaining them is still a lot of work.

Here’s where ifttt can come in handy. I’m going to show you two ways to use it to accomplish Michael’s exact suggestions above.

Scenario 1: Make a list of people who mention you.

“Reply in some way to everyone who engages you publicly.” How about going one step further and building a list of those people so you can focus more of your attention on them. “Promote the people who reach out to you” — on an ongoing basis.

Here’s how (ifttt recipe here if you want a shortcut):

  1. Make a private list in Twitter (go here, click on Lists in left menu, then Create List button). I call mine “engagers”.
  2. In ifttt, create a task in the Twitter channel with the trigger, “New mention of you”.
  3. For the action, in the Twitter channel, choose “Add user to list” and type the name of the list you created in step 1.
  4. Add a column for the Twitter list in your favorite social media dashboard.

Now, every time someone RTs you or sends you an @ message, they’ll be added to that list. Now you can focus your attention at any time on those people who have been responsive to you… at least once.

Scenario 2: Make a list of Twitter chat participants.

“Hang out mainly with people who “get” and are doing the first 8 things.” Who gets it better than fellow participants in Twitter chats, such as #ToolsChat and #EAvChat?

Same basic process as above, except use the “New tweet from search” action and use the appropriate hashtag.  Or, you can just use my ToolsChat recipe and EAvChat recipe. Or, even easier, you could just follow my public ToolsChat list and EAvChat list on Twitter (I just set them up — they’ll get fully populated with next week’s chats).

So now you can have a stream of just your fellow #ToolsChat / #EAvChat participants — people who “get it” and are more likely than most to be supportive of your social media efforts.

Hope to see you on next week’s chats, and if you found this post useful, be sure to connect with @ScottAllen on Twitter and let me know!

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