Simple but powerful tips from the Instagram superhero Tony Bennett aka @superherosm

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I have now had the privilege of associating with Tony Bennett for 2 years. We spoke back then and he outlined his vision for a political campaign based around social media. For 2020. An impressive vision for a loans officer from Shelby Township, Michigan with barely any online connections.

What I did not know was that Tony was a magnificent photographer and also a magnificent networker.

Tony was literally made for Instagram.

Tony has been an inspiration on the big IG and here is his brief explanation for how he has now got well over 100,000 followers.

“My Instagram success is easy to explain, but takes time and patience to follow through. Bottom line is I didn’t start REALLY blowing up until I landed on the popular(explore) page. If you wanna be “instafamous,” you’ll need to have a lot of active followers(aka fans). If you could care less about that, feel free to stop reading.

If you want it bad… here’s what you do – follow(and like a few posts each of) IGers who are liking pictures which are similar to yours within the first half hour of that photo’s posting. You could even syphon off mine. Or, target peoples followers who have a really good like to follower ration (posts get 50 likes and they have like 100/150 followers and extropolate for larger followings). Do that until you are over 1K- 5K followers and unfollow those who didn’t follow back (unless you like their posts, it’s up to you). WARNING: Your stream will be cluttered and messy during this time, but hang in there if you still want it. Then once you have built a good size base, simply like 100’s (or 1000’s) of photos in a similar tag every single day as you weed out those you don’t want to follow.

For those with access to a computer, it’s SOOO much quicker to do it from site like webstagram or statigram in a grid view. Hopefully after a few months of “getting your like on” you’ll have enough fans to get you to the pop page where you’ll get hundreds or thousands of new followers each post without having to do much of anything!! ”

~ Tony

Here are 2 of Tony`s photos of nature that I have quickly found to wow you with but please go to to get the full monty from this impressive man.



I have learned from Tony the power of engagement, of sharing your knowledge freely, the power of leveraging a skill you love into highly shareable content and the power of focusing on one network rather than trying to be everything to everyone everywhere.

A Senator in 2020. With a low budget but overwhelming campaign. Yeah I can see that happening.


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