Klout about to roll out 3 amazing new features

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Klout gets bad press from some people who look merely at what it was when it started.  A score.

These people have failed to keep track of and encompass the vision of what this company is doing. What they offer now is much much more than a score. Please look again.

3 months or so ago Klout introduced +K. This enables you to choose which topics you wish to be seen as an “influencer” in. Klout recommends them but you are free to remove topics you do not like until they are replaced by ones you do. People can then +K you in each of these topics once a week. They can give 5 a day. It is a great way to edify and connect people you like and respect in their chosen topics.

Around 12 days ago Klout introduced lists. You can now add your 20 Twitter lists to your account and edit them inside Klout. The members of the lists are ranked so you are edifying and connecting the people you have listed. Both to each other and the world. I personally can attest to the power of this feature with several comments about my lists being passed around and also several comments about lists I have been added to.

You are  branding yourself here as people see the topics which you have decided to create lists about. So please choose carefully.

Not content with that Klout is beta testing 3 more great ways to network, connect and edify. Klout is a sufficiently visionary company to gather together several of the most active people online and form a community called Klout Squad of which I am grateful to be part. We discuss possibilities and test proposed improvements. We are not a cheer leading squad and I myself have reservations about the emphasis on a simple score as a metric. I believe that moving forward Klout will de-emphasise this in favour of the other measurement tools it is bringing and will bring to the table.

In the past few days we have been testing;

1. Influence leaderboards.

For example this what I find when I search “Media”.

Top Influencers

  • 88

    Pete Cashmore

  • 86

    NY Times

  • 81

    Brian Stelter

  • 63

    Jennifer Preston

  • 76

    Arianna Huffington


These are essentially ordered lists of the people who have been mentioned the most times online recently about a particular topic. I believe that there around 200 topics.

2. +K leaderboards

For “Media” I find this

Top +K Recipients

  • 70


  • 63

    Tony Blass

  • 88

    Pete Cashmore

  • 81

    Michael Todd

  • 53

    Liz Ramalho


Same as for “influencers” but the leaderboards are sorted by how many +K a particular account has been awarded by their peers in the last 90 days.

You will notice that these are not necessarily people who have the highest Klout overall.

3.  Content leaderboards

This is particularly interesting and valuable.

For example when I search “media” I find this at the top.

Check out the latest buzz

Here’s some of the most influential content about Media in the past 90 days.

William Piket

3 Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Social Media Time /via @kimgarst

William Piket

So @WilliamPiket is credited with sharing content about media from @kimgarst that subsequently got shared a lot. There are 9 more searches on the content leaderboard. This is a truly great source of excellent content! Where else can you find this so easily?

I can’t wait to see what Klout come up with next.


P.S. If this has interested you I would love a +K in Media here.


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