Social Media: Free and Effective for Podiatry Practices

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If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter you’ve at least heard of them. Television commercials and radio advertisements ending with, “Check us out on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter” continue to escalate. Every day I read at least one article pertaining to social media; how businesses utilize social media, success stories, and how more small business owners are using sites like Facebook and Twitter than ever before. Using social media to improve a small business’ exposure online is one of the fastest-growing trends today. However, most of the Podiatrists I work with do not have a Facebook or Twitter page. Here are a few reasons why you should consider one. 

Our world continues to change, as does the way business and consumers make decisions. We have quickly gone from a marketing environment dominated by business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing to person-to-person (P2P) marketing. The world is socially connected and businesses have figured out that they can use this connectedness to increase sales and raise awareness of their business, including Podiatrists (I personally follow over 100 podiatry practices on Twitter). Sending a simple social update through Facebook or Twitter can inform a prospective patient of an additional location or a new laser toenail fungus treatment available. Maybe they call to make an appointment, maybe not but all it takes is one person to “re-tweet” or tell a friend and within minutes your practice is on the forefront of someone’s mind.

Patient reviews online are becoming more common as patients want to know about previous patient experiences prior to making an appointment for themselves. A positive online review or comment of your practice is extremely valuable. Your practice thrives on patient referrals and utilizing social media is a quick and easy way to increase them.

Every smart-phone on the market allows you to effortlessly tweet and post your practice information between patients, in the car, or at lunch – computer access isn’t even necessary. There are a number of multimedia tools available on Facebook and Twitter that can be good for your business, including videos, links, and photo albums.

This is simple and FREE technology – don’t convince yourself it’s only for the younger generation of doctors. Free social media should be considered free marketing. In a previous article I stressed ROI – although there is no monetary investment in social media it is still simple to track return, just ask your patients how they found you. Low-cost or free advertising typically means little exposure, not the case for Facebook and Twitter they combine for over 500 million users.

Besides it being free, raising awareness of your practice and increasing quality patient referrals are two reasons why you should at least give these social media outlets a shot. Having constant social contact with your patients ensures prompt responses to patient questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Again, this social media is free and will tap you into a number of new prospective patients. This is an opportunity that if your business does not engage, your competition most likely will.

Noah Stern is the Sales Executive for, the elite service that podiatrists use to advertise their practice. I strive to create a trackable return for every practice I work with. For more information about LocalPodiatry visit or call 888-776-3469.

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