Will FB Graph Search necessitate a “Love” button?

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One of the most unwieldly features of Facebook has always been the search function.

After all there is a lot of information to sift through.

There are already more than a billion people, more than 240 billion photos and more than a trillion connections.

How do I find that thread I was talking on last week? Where are my friends recommend that I travel to if I go to Australia. What events are on in Tokyo this weekend? This kind of thing and more.

I just signed up for the beta of the Facebook Graph Search.

I can immediately see that a rapid improvement in nearly all our Facebook business pages will be necessary. Services and products will reach people via recommendations based in no small part by where people are reacting and interacting within Facebook itself.

The objects we will find will be determined by “likes”. This may mean that many will become more circumspect with what they click like on. Instead of using it as a networking tool to let others know that you have seen their content. Maybe Facebook now needs a love button?

I have always clicked “like” on everything I see so as to support friend`s content and network with them. Many of my friends are the same. A love button would be a wonderful option and presumably straightforward to add to the mix?

A Facebook search will show you restaurants in Tokyo liked by your friends. Or further, those liked by your friends who actually live in Tokyo, as opposed to those who live elsewhere. Or those liked by your single friends, your straight friends, your gay friends, your friends who work for a particular company….

You will be able to find anything and everything. Restaurants run by graduates of a particular cooking school. Pictures by friends who live in Auckland. Friends who are friends with people who work for a particular company… you get the picture.

You will also be able to do celebrity “comparison searches”.


Need a good lawyer? An electrician? Someone to do your taxes? A doctor? A dentist? These are all typically questions that are great to ask friends. You trust friends. With Facebook Graph Search, there’s the promise of asking all your friends this at once without actually having to ask them. You can just search and discover professionals like this that they like.

That all depends, however, on whether those professionals themselves have created a presence for themselves on Facebook. In turn, it also depends on whether those who use them have also liked them. Without those connections, there’s nothing to mine.

This sure is going to give them an incentive to do so!

Facebook Graph Search will allow people to search within Facebook itself in a better way than they can now. For example, people will be able to find all the photos they’ve liked on Facebook.

It sure is going to be fascinating how this evolves. I just read that Yelp shares are down 7% today.

A group of us are starting a Facebook page focused mentoring group what do you

What do you think of it all?


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