Why negativity no longer sells stuff

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Marketing no longer involves discrediting people or even being aloof.

I am lucky enough to be able to have amazing in depth conversations at will about subjects like this at will on my Facebook profile. I am particularly interested in the election campaign.

This is what happened when I started this discussion…..

My status update
Being a hard nose marketer does not work any more. Social media marketing has replaced marketing

David Hutchings Lol
45 minutes ago
Lawrence R. Gelber It should not work anymore, but in the real world, sadly, it works all too well. Hopefully we can change that paradigm.
45 minutes ago
Michael Q Todd It ain’t working Lawrence! You have to be friendly and engaging with people or they will not buy from you nor follow and support you
42 minutes ago
Meetu Singhal So true! It is so simple – if anyone likes a product or service they first share that on social media and the converse is also true. Hence, now the marketing and customer support = social media marketing and social media customer support
37 minutes ago
Debbie Ducic Matter of perception I guess.
35 minutes ago
Lawrence R. Gelber I agree that, as far as “selling” or “marketing” goes, being a jerk is undesirable and counterproductive. And I agree that it is in a very real, broad sense not working, as evidenced by the economic crapper that the world is in. But I deal with certain types everyday in my practice and I can tell you that there are plenty left who advance themselves on the backs of others quite effectively.
34 minutes ago
Michael Q Todd โ€ŽDebbie Can you remember the words of a certain “mentor” of hours 2 and half years ago? “I am not on social media to make friends, I am here to sell stuff”. Is he successful now?
32 minutes ago
Debra Ulrich Being an a**hole never works +Michael Q Todd! Haha! Hope u’re enjoying the weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚
30 minutes ago
Aprin Indonesia lol, good one:-)
26 minutes ago
Michael Q Todd Lawrence I already named you as one of the very few good lawyers. However the whole profession revolves about succeeding as just that. I did for 15 years and never met an even slightly good one. They all want to make money first and anything else comes later.
25 minutes ago
Michael Q Todd As for marketing that also used to be the case. But now things have changed. Competition is over and the new paradigm is abundance. You have to be likeable. Or die. And it is getting easier and easier to see through facades.
22 minutes ago
Anderson Curry The funny thing about it Michael , is that their are so many people and brands who have made money in the past via shock factor are now hiring people like us to help them reinvent themselves because business is dropping like a stone. Good stuff man.
18 minutes ago
Michael Ross Noone Being an asshole has never worked Michael…
17 minutes ago
Lawrence R. Gelber As for “you have to be likeable or die” I only hope that that becomes an operative reality. I hope you are correct. I am simply saying that while that may be very clear in marketing and particularly social media or internet marketing, in the off-line world, at least where I am, it has not caught on.
14 minutes ago
Michael Q Todd I never started liking lawyers till I met some good ones on social media “circles”. Glen Gilmore Andrea Johnson and Lori Moreno come quickly to mind. And of course Lawrence here!
12 minutes ago
Michael Q Todd What I am saying is that if you are NOT prepared to openly promote, support, connect and give out all you know for free you will not succeed as a marketer in 2011. End of story.
11 minutes ago
Michael Q Todd โ€ŽDebra first question I always ask of anyone including lawyers is this. Are you prepared to do what you do for a subsistence wage? If not then I am suspicious of your motives and of your passion.
9 minutes ago ยท
Michael Q Todd As you say Anderson the shock factor used to rule. The Bush Family ruled your country for what 12 years by using “clever” marketers to take soundbites and to distribute downright lies about political opponents. They cannot get away with that stuff anymore. The next election will be won with positive, constructive messages instead
3 minutes ago
Michael Q Todd LOL I am on a roll here. Thanks guys. We are cutting to the chase ๐Ÿ™‚
2 minutes ago
Carole Baker Best. Thread. Ever. Thank you Michael for being yourself. xoxo
1 minute ago

So there you go!

Do you think the next election campaign will be fought via negative messages?

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