How my Twitter chat relationship with @meeomiia led to love business for #ValentinesDay

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A lot of people see little point in social media. They say that the relationships are not real. I can show you many examples of experiences I have had that prove the opposite and here is my latest!

It takes a rare kind of person to be open enough to tweet heavily during a one hour period. In esssence an enthusiast for conversation and connection.

Sherri Pellegren and I met on a Twitter chat around 18 months ago and we have become closer and closer over that time and our relationship has extended to Facebook. Sherri and her mother Mary Cohen have a jewelry company in Las Vegas and many of the designs are based on social media concepts like hashtags and text language. Hearts and love are also predominant themes. They are in the love business!



So with Valentines Day looming I naturally thought of Meeo Miia when considering a special gift for my wife (our first Valentines Day together). I messaged Sherri 6 days ago and got an immediate response. We decided on a necklace from her wide range and she raced to get it couriered to me here in Tokyo. It arrived today one day before the big day.


What I love is that this was the first ever private interaction between us but Sherri and I have a great relationship built totally in a highly public arena. Seeing a fledgling online relationship grow and be fulfilled in such a pleasant way is really thrilling for me.


Her enthusiasm for her jewelry, for social media and for life in general spill out of her every day so it is really exciting to take our relationship to this deeper level. You have a huge fan Sherri. I am heading off to Empire Avenue to make sure that I own as many of your shares as I can get. I have a feeling your price will be rising rapidly in the next few days!

And it is!! Wow up 13 eaves in the past 4 days!


Much love


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