Why you should not expect your FB friends to tweet, plus or pin you and vica versa

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Each and every main social network offers the possibilty of becoming “your favorite place”. It is worth giving them all a try.

Here are some thoughts about where to begin once you sign up.

Do you ever hear people asking why their friends on one network do not follow, respond to or share their posts on another?

All social networks are different. They demand different strategies, temperaments, tools and content.

So when you build your community on one you cannot automatically expect them to be your best buddies on another. Exceptions to this are celebrities or people with great video or photographic content. This pretty much gets attraction anywhere. Even amazing photographers however have trouble getting love for their images if they have not built something of a community to give their posts an initial sharing push.

So if for example you have a highly engaged and supportive Twitter community do not necessarily search for the same people on Google+ and attempt to get their attention there. They will very probably have a profile but they may barely ever visit.

Instead hangout with folk who are active and supportive in Google+. You will quickly become popular if your strategy, engagement and content are good.Once your Twitter buddies see you succeeding there they may migrate and join your Google+ community but then again they might not.

This is particularly true for those of us whose communities are mainly on Facebook (the majority of us). Facebook is relatively easy. Other networks require new learning. Tools and strategies can be vastly different.

Some networks demand a highly aggressive following strategy. Especially those which rely purely on content as opposed to sharing inside the community.

Alvin Toffler in “Future Shock” which I was lucky enough to read 40 years or so ago taught us that to succeed in a changing environment we had to be prepared to unlearn and learn again.

learn unlearn relearn toffler

I am gradually building a community on Vine. Of say about 100 people who regularly like and comment on my posts I would say that only 2 or 3 have come from another network. I have had to follow over 20,000 and gain 6,500 followers to find those 100.I have had a similar experience with Instagram.

My vine and instagram content is only average getting better but as a student I want to know how these places “tick”.

On Pinterest though I can gain attraction with a sharing or “repinning” strategy and become a curator of other people`s content and occassionally slip my own on a board that I have made popular.

Twitter is similar.

So be prepared to have to unlearn Facebook strategies and expectations and start from scratch if you want to succeed elsewhere.

This stuff takes perserverance but how will you know if you are meant for a network unless you try it out?

Hang out with the educators and connectors in each new network you try. You will find which place suits you best.

If you have built a supportive community in a place like or Empire Avenue your path to success in a fresh network like Google+ or Foursquare or Twitter will be much easier as you will simply be able to get learning and connections via those in your or EA circles who are the most active there.

Any questions or thoughts? Success stories?


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