How I think the new Klout algorithm works

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It seems that your Klout score is now determined by your level of activity and attraction across all 12 of the networks they score. I would like you to pay particular attention to these recent words from the horse’s mouth, the people at Klout;

“We do not have any bias towards one network over another. If you influence someone on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr — that is the same in our algorithm’s eyes. It is about the people you influence not the network is happens on. Adding a new network will never decrease your score, but it may not add to it if you have no influence in that network. Removing a network will never increase your score”.

We are network agnostic and look for the influence signals that happen as opposed to rewarding or penalizing you for being (or not being) on any given network. Bieber has a perfect score and is on only one network with massive engagement. You can have a high score that’s all on one network or spread out among many. If you focus on creating great content that people want to spread, that’s what will impact your score – not trying to game it by adding or removing a network to get a better Klout score.

We’re looking at how many people you influence, how much you influence them, and how influential they are. We don’t care where that influence happens. We just care that it’s happening”.

So there you have it.

I have the benefit of controlling a wide variety of social media accounts so have been able to see which ones have been affected more by the new Klout algorithm.

My own score did not get “hit” nearly as hard as many did last week and I firmly believe that this is because I spend time and effort on places other than Facebook and Twitter. I also believe Klout have it right here and that a multitude of places should be taken into account. They have gone out on something of a limb here and staked their reputation on this highly different algorithm becoming more popular and meaningful. I believe it will become so. I also believe that more and more networks will be added.

As something of a student of “influence online” my advice would be to get involved as much as you can in some of the “secondary networks” as they may not all be secondary forever and obviously Klout does not see them as secondary. Tumblr for example now gets more page views than Twitter. You Tube is very much a social network and people spend a lot of time on there and video is a very influential medium. I love Flickr the most for relationship building as you find out so much about people from their photo collection. People also love it when you comment on their photos. Instagram is the same and is I believe the fastest growing social network.

So time to start considering more carefully how and where you spend your time. Fair enough too. Social Media will never stand still.

Online influence is a very fluid thing and especially please consider the case of Tumblr. This a very content driven place and a great photo or post can be spread far and wide extremely quickly. Content is still very much King.

I hope that you will take the chance to connect with me right across the social web by visiting my Xeeme profile. Making your own Xeeme profile will also be a great idea. It does not take too long, is free and is a fantastic tool. It is fascinating for example to see the social report in Xeeme and see where visitors to my main profile then head to.

Enjoy learning about and playing around on You Tube, Tumblr, Google+, Flickr and Instagram. and Foursquare as well. A careful and fluid strategy will mean that you need not necessarily need to spend more time online to maintain or increase your online influence. You just need to spend it better.


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