Nokia just bought another 200 shares in me

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Empire Avenue is an interesting game to be playing as I have zero chance of “winning”

Yet we are all winning big time.

I am happy to be an also ran and to enjoy the networking and the connecting and the chance to learn from masters of social media strategy and sharing.

It is also pretty cool to log in and find that Nokia has bought another 200 shares in little old me.

Yes Nokia are playing pretty hard out and are a beacon to all other companies who have joined and let things slide or have not even joined at all.

This is a massive credit to the company’s social media team and to the company in general. They have gained the respect and friendship of most of the up and coming social media leaders in over 150 countries. You have to know this will pay huge dividends in the future.

As of today we can now buy 1000 shares in every other stock. Two more new pieces of pie have been released you see.

This has led to reconnection and stronger connection between the leaders in the game and a huge stimulus to the economy. Great fun to be able to be buying in (supporting) folk you have grown to know and love as well.

This development makes it even more imperative for you to join in right now or if you have an account to get active. Empire Avenue, like social media in all its myriad of forms is speeding up. Sometimes your content or your message needs a little boost to start the sharing process and stimulate “second and third degree sharing”. This is one great benefit that is available to us participants among many more.

As we get to know each other more and more the sense of team and of community is growing faster and faster and exponentially. In real life meetups are increasing between members and even business are being created and formed.

The guy who is “winning” the game right now Chris Pirillo just made a great video explaining how it all works.

Here it is

Come play with us and see your social presence explode.


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