Retirement? Why you need to join an offline and online MLM to #FutureProofYourLife

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I have realised for some time that the way things are going with government debt and people living longer that there is more and more need for us to make sure we have a lot of money for a comfortable retirement.

If for example we want to retire at 70 and live to 100 then we will need a home plus a good amount of income coming in every day to live. In most western countries this will require us to have either saved around 3 million dollars or to have built some kind of business that is bringing us say $300 a day or $100,000 a year or of course a combination of both. This is for fairly basic needs and if medical bills crop up or say we want an overseas holiday or to send a grandchild to college then we will need much much more. Many governments are already admitting that they simply will not be able to help us.

It has been traditional thinking that we should align ourselves with one network marketing opportunity and stick with it. Many say that we should choose an established but fast growing company. By established they mean at least 5 years old. Something that will last.

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If you are already part of such a business congratulations I also want you to consider Crowdify. It is an online community with online products and services. We also have in real life events but primarily the business opportunity is internet based. Our vision is that you will be paid for things that you are already doing for free. Like recommending events, courses, ebooks, jobs and simply for checking in at hotels and restaurants and sharing photos. We are also creating a place and community that will be useful and rewarding for everybody using the internet. It is just $9 to get a business started by getting involved at the minimum level right now.

My wife Yoriko, co-founder Nathan Senn and our growing team have invested a lot of time and money building Crowdify so far and now we are at the exciting stage of introducing people to it. What we are doing will not clash with your existing offline business activities. I also vouch to you that this is my life`s work and it will not go away.

Right now we are taking pre-enrolment from people in India, Philippines, South Africa and England. Just go to

A chance is there to future proof your daily income and have a comfortable life by simply getting involved. Make a blog post in our blog area and tell us what you do. Fill out your profile and add a You Tube video and photos introducing yourself to us. Post your talent so that we can buy your services or recommend them to others. Invite others to join Crowdify.

Looking forward to being part of this with you


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