Do you have a digital mindset yet? feat. @thomaspower #ORS

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How many of you recently have said or heard someone say “Oh I can’t keep up”. Or “I don’t have time for another social network”. Will you or these people be influential and successful and be able to use the internet to achieve your goals? ‪#‎Shareism‬ is a reality and it is not going away. 20 billion photos have already been shared on Instagram. About 60 million are added a day.

In a years time the internet “space” will be many times busier than it is now. You may say “Oh I do not have 16 minutes to watch this guy”. I say you do not NOT have 16 minutes to watch this guy.

In the 11 months since Thomas Power gave this talk we have seen a virtual explosion of sharing. I believe that this will accelerate further. For those of you that do not know Thomas he is a social networking visionary. Many years before anyone had thought of Facebook, Thomas had started Ecademy with his wife Penny. Ecademy was the first social network I ever joined and perhaps because of this I watched and learned from Thomas and Penny and I was open, random and supportive from day 1.

I had never been online before so had nothing to unlearn. Spam? Bring it on! I used spam to watch how people were doing things and learned what not to do. 1 million first level “connections” in my first 3 years online. Sure! Has been fun. Supportive? I quickly realised that no one would listen to me but they WOULD listen to what others said about me. To get that support I had to do some supporting first.

I get news and start and join conversations randomly . I trust that the cream will always rise to the top and that by following a random course I will fulfill my goals. The important thing is to have those goals and always keep them in mind. The how will take care of itself. As long as you are open and supportive.

Promote others. Connect others. Share your best ideas and content for free. Never count your giving. This is a digital mindset. If your content is good it will automatically be shared then reshared.

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By way of a practical example I woke up with the goal of preparing my own TED talk . I had no plan of how I would do this. After checking my Empire Avenue notifications and buying back and thanking my new shareholders I went to Hootsuite and checked my 3 streams for any breaking news. I then went to Facebook and saw a notification from a friend asking for support. It was kind of spammy but I was “open”. I did not select or judge. It was the most recent message so I trusted my intuition that it was meant to be. I visited her page and saw Mick Say’s You Tube channel being promoted. I went there and saw this talk by Thomas promoted as a favourite. So in around a minute I had achieved my goal for the day.

I do not look for news or information. By being open and random the best stuff quickly and inevitably finds me. I now know the balance, standard, pace and progression I should use for my own talk. I then promoted the talk on Twitter and Thomas, being Thomas, immediately engaged in fun conversation with me there. Now he is promoting and supporting my talk to his massive network.

Easy right?


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