Do you own my Empire Kred shares yet? Is free to buy them! Come have fun!


I have been plugging away building my Empire Kred, a new name for Empire Avenue, share price for the past 5 years or so now and have the second highest price in the game and the highest price for a business stock. I selected business so that I could add my website to my name. Made sense as I am there for business networking.

So come have fun! Maybe you have an account already and have some eaves in your bank. If not they will give you lots when you join. If you have any questions ask me below or read the free chapter in my book about the whole thing here //
It is basically a fun networking game where you buy shares in people instead of friending them like you might on Facebook.



There are some fantastic people to connect with in this community. True givers. You can also track your progress on various social networks as they monitor your performance for you. All free!


Why sponsors, teams, leagues and cities have to think like a fan. Feat. @iSocialFanz #ThinkLikeAFan


I went to a professional soccer game in Yokohama last night. Was big fun but everything was done like 1983. After consuming mainly American sport online recently I expected that the people bringing us the whole experience would think like a fan. The game was competitive, the crowd was animated and the weather was good. yet I gave the whole thing 3/10 and will probably not go back. I heard that the sponsor of team was unhappy with return and that the club was making a loss. The ground was not full.
There seemed to be zero interaction between the fans, the league, the city, the broadcasters, the sponsor and the club.
They have not learned to think like a fan.
Because I have long been an avid devourer of the teachings of Brian Fanzo I immediately mapped in my mind a simple strategy for massive leverage for all 4 parties. And the sport of soccer as well.
Win Win Win Win Win!

think like a fan

They are yet to realise that everybody at the game and sitting watch at home want to feel part of the thing. Fans want prizes from the sponsors, want to tweet and share video and photos. They want to watch pre game, halftime and after game interviews with coaches and players. They want a concert or at least some kind of entertainment before the game. Even if that is only digital. They want fun. They want to ask questions and have some answered. They want to interact at deeper levels with each other. They all have a massive computer sitting in their pockets. Everything can be bound together with hashtags. Periscope, LINE, Twitter, Instagram. Facebook. All these incredible tools are free!

Last week Twitter announced that they will be teaming up with the NFL to improve fan experience. Of course Brian immediately hit Periscope and the whiteboard with a compelling strategy.

Twitter, Here's your NFL Social Video Strategy! #ThinkLikeAFan

Was so pumped about the Twitter + NFL deal that an hour after the story broke I decided to jump on live stream & build them out a #ThinkLikeAFan strategy on my Periscope account… Here's a snapshot into the work I do with brands, agencies and events… Let me know your thoughts in the comments below & if you happen to know the powers at be at either Twitter or the NFL, I'd love to hear their thoughts…

Posted by Brian isocialfanz Fanzo on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg gets this. I just watched him talk for 15 minutes about Facebook Live. Their version of periscope. He took viewers questions and answered them in real time. He was transparent and emphasized user benefits.

I swear I could fill their 80,000 person stadium twice a week and double their ticket prices and sponsor revenue. One of their sponsors is an airline. Costs nothing to giveaway flights. One is a wine company. People are all drinking but not even drinking their product! Main sponsor is a car company costs nothing hardly to have a prize of say a month or year lease of their latest car.

Japan is great at customer service but is yet to learn much about customer satisfaction.

It is 2016 and people have a lot more choices than they did in 1983. The businesses, teams, sports and cities and leagues that think like a fan will win the game.


How the 2016 U.S. election is being won and lost on social media


Until this year it was vitally important to have support and coverage from TV and news papers the MSM (mainstream media). We are now however learning that we are the media. This may or may not be crucial in 2016 but you can bet that it will be by 2020 so start learning now. People are finding their voice and getting more interested in the whole process and the issues as a result. This can only be a good thing.

Candidates with unlimited spending power and friends who own cable news channels and chains of newspapers are no longer able to dominate what the average person sees. Memes and hashtags and super short video clips are the new way to win hearts and minds. Some favorite hashtags so far are #WhichHillary #MakeDonaldDrumphAgain #TheThing #ToneDownForWhat and #FeelTheBern. I am sure there will be many more before we are through. The candidates and supporters who use social media most effectively will benefit greatly.

Whereas before political parties ran meetings in town halls and in parks now we have Facebook groups like this one with nearly 500,000 people in it already.

I am not telling you what to do but am merely making a suggestion about something that you may not know about. When you share or post something on Facebook and you want people to see it and be able to share it you need to change your privacy settings to public. Use key words to get seen in news feeds and use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to extend your reach too. Let`s get the message out!

I believe that there will be less scope for negativity and more emphasis on fun. To get shared left right and center a post will have to be funny as well as “cutting”. I am going to now add some memes that have either given me a laugh or made me think. Please send links to your favorites in the comments and I will add them too.

fracking Bernie








What is Ethereum and why are so many people excited about it? #EthereumInfo


Recently I interviewed Tom Miller an Ethereum expert about why it is such a clever development and what is in the future. Since then the price of Ether (the currency connected to Ethereum) has absolutely skyrocketed and shows little sign of slowing down.

Ethereum is a fast-growing, decentralized platform for applications that run exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference. A cryptocurrency (called Ether) and a blockchain platform with smart contract functionality.


I am planning to make this page an updating resource about Ethereum. I welcome your help in this.


During the interview Tom recommended that you all look at these websites for a start.

The Wisdom of the Crowd:


Watch “What is Etherum?” An interview about the basics with Tom Miller

Please ask questions or add insights n the comments I will keep updating and improving this resource.

Thank you


Take your Instagram to a whole new level with this tool #Igers #Tips


Instagram is growing and growing can you afford not to be getting involved with it more?

Hope you will try this new tool Influx which will give you a big advantage in growing your presence there.


Just go to

and try it out and watch your results improve. Please feel free to ask any questions down below.



Transcript of a chat with a friend about how Bitclub, Bitcoin and Clubcoin work


I have an old friend who had asked for information about Bitclub a few weeks ago and he asked more today. I hope that is informative for you! I will put his questions and comments in black.

Me : Here is the latest Bitclub information in a webinar it is going extremely well and we are all very excited. I have been buying more positions

Friend : So what’s the premise of Clubcoin and Bitclub?

Premise is that we will join together to become a buying group and get discounts. And the members who find the merchants who give the discounts will get paid a lot. And they will also benefit from finding people who find merchants.
This merchant part of the business will start very soon.
The more time I spend on this business the more excited I get. I have spent 4 hours each here in Tokyo with each of the 2 founders. Basically their goal is to create 10,000 millionaires by the end of 2017 and they have a clear plan for that.

1. Bitccoin Mining

So what does someone do to get involved?

To get involved you need to firstly register at
There are different joing levels.

And joining will get you what benefits?
Am I paying money into something?

Joining costs $99 and you get membership, a spot in a binary downline and 25 Club Coin which are worth 50 cents each or so now. Then there is a choice of whether or not to mine bitcoin and be able to build a team by introducing other people.

Why Club Coin and not Bitcoin if that`s the true currency?

You get Clubcoin for free no Bitcoin.
You are buying Bitcoin mining equipment with the joining fee.
There are 3 different Bitcoin mining pools $500, $1000, and $2000

So you’re paying into a pool?

As a club we are mining around $75,000 worth a Bitcoin most days

Divided by 300,000?

No about 300,000 have signed up asking for information like you have.
Around 8000-9000 have bought into pools at current rates we are getting very close to $1 a week for every $1 invested.
The real opportunity as I see it is in finding merchants who will partner with us.
You get paid .3 of 1% on every transaction.
I am putting in an hour or 2 a day but am stepping things up.

Partner with you in what ways?

Partner to give discounts on products
And services. To our club members
Your questions are great I need to add them all to my FAQ page
And create a more meaningful flow of answers

I don’t like to get involved with something I don’t understand
With the club coins
What use are they to me?

Club Coins are a digital currency
They can be bought and sold
Very soon they will be used to buy products and services at a discount

But club coins are not bitcoins?

This is the first time ever that a digital currency has been used in this way. This is why we are excited.
There are around 600 digital currencies.
Bitcoin and Club Coin are just 2 of them but the only truly worthwhile ones essentially.
So they are both getting traded a lot.

Everyone trying to be the next sustainable currency
Ok this is making more sense
So if I join I get Clubcoin
And what else?
For $99 ?

Yeah pretty much that.
You will get a place in the downline as well. There are bonuses that come when people below you upgrade and they happen even when you do nothing but just join mining pools.

Is this club the only one that is doing clubcoin?
Or are there thousands of these groups?

No Club Coin is our coin.

So other people can mine Club Coin.
Just like bit coin.
But this is the primary hub?
Club Coin is produced in a different way.
There is a limited number possible just like Bitcoin. However they are produced by a process called staking.
Which only club members can participate in. It involves giving your club coin over to a pool and getting back club coin each month as earnings.

What is involved in this process?
Who controls it?

Control? Bitclub has a group of 5 founders including 2 main founders both of whom I have met for 4 hours one on one and there are about 15 staff

But the thing with Bitcoin is supposedly no one has “true control” Decentralized banking?

Bitcoin yes decentralized. Club Coin also has similar rules/ protocols and price is also determined on the open market.

So you have to spend money to get involved?

You have to have $599 to begin participating properly yes.

That’s a lot of money to invest.
What’s the break even point?

Is a very difficult question as we have not started yet.
I have found 26 people so far to get involved and they are all extremely happy.So in just a few weeks or months they have reached the break even point. I have always offered a money back guarantee and everybody has reached this point.
I value my position in the club at around $50-70,000.
I am not an experienced network marketer so I am not good at enrolling people or explaining how all this works.

So it’s a virtual pyramid.
If I do not actively recruit this won’t make me money?

Is opposite of traditional MLM because we actually pay out people every month instead of asking them for money each day. My $15,000 investment is bringing me at least $100 a day and some days $200.
And will keep doing that for a long time even if I do nothing.

But if you didn’t recruit all those people would you be making that much?

Our Bitcoin mining earnings vary day to day depending on how many blocks we unlock.
With no recruiting or even doing a single thing an investment of $599 is earning $1-$2 a day and will keep earning for many years.

Ok so Bitcoin is the backbone to Club Coin?

Bitcoin is not related to Clubcoin.
Both are just 2 of around 600 digital currencies.
They are both applications which operate on a thing called the Blockchain. This is where mining and buying and selling of the digital currencies takes place
One thing that I have going for me in this is that I was introduced to it by a guy who is working it fulltime
And he is signed up directly under one of the 2 founders. And he then introduced another guy who is working it full time and I am placed directly under him. So I am having a lot of people stuck under me by those 3

That makes sense.
Lucky guy.

And of course so are people who I have introduced.
Which keeps them encouraged and interested. The merchant introducing side of things will start in about 20-25 days
Then I will start working the whole thing much harder
Will be like Groupon but with an interesting twist
The 2 guys that devised this are super experienced network marketers over 20 years each in the businesss. The other 3 founders are techy guys.

Network marketing is cool but your social media feeds end up being real spam like.

Yeah I am not so skilled at getting the balance right
I like this business because I learn a lot every day and we
Nobody has ever asked such meaningful questions as you

Really? Well as I said. I don’t believe in anything being easy money. But I do believe you can find smart opportunities which is what I’m curious about.

Many of these ideas fall apart because the founders get greedy.
But after meeting the 2 founder guys for a decent amount of time I did not get this feeling.
I am imagining the power of us having 100,000 people all using club coin to make transactions
And say 5,000 of us all getting a small slice of that
Because we introduced the merchants
And then it growing in say 3-4 years to say 5 million people making transactions with Club coin
Like Groupon grew
I am interested in being in at the start of something like that.

Ok. Well I’m going to research Club Coin and see.
Read up on digital currencies etc.
So are they trying to be a digital currency mining group? Or digital currency marketplace i.e. Costco

More like Groupon but with our own currency.
With Club Coin.
And because the number of Club Coin is limited then the more it is used the faster it will rise in value.

Why would you spend Club Coin then? I’d hoard it all and never buy.

It will only rise in value if it is used

But let everyone else use theirs
And you just store up a reserve
If every shade is going up then you’re making money by not spending yours
Bankroll increasing?

This is just my take on the whole thing. I am sure that other members of Bitclub have a different take. That has been the problem with the other digital currencies apart from Bitcoin. They have not been part of the global economy. Because we have a decent sized membership base we can make club coin a part of the economy. Herein lies our point of difference
So yes I will be “hoarding” some but will also be using it.

So that is my attempt to explain what we are doing. Do you get it?


How Bitclub can make 10,000 millionaires and 5 ways to be one of them


I have been lucky enough to have had 2 lengthy face to face meetings with Bitclub founders Russ Medlin and Joe Abel and have been really impressed with their vision. Their vision is to create 10,000 millionaires. All 10,000 of us are working as a team to make this happen for each other. As we do this we are going to make over 100,000 others a lot of money as well and teach them a lot about business and the internet.

Russ and Joe and the rest of their team have really stepped things up in the past few weeks. They have revamped the business plan and have employed some extremely clever people.

After nearly 6 months experience with Bitclub I have identified a 5 pronged wealth creation opportunity that may not be entirely obvious to you at first glance.

The core of how we are making money right now is from Bitcoin mining. Over $50,000 a day is coming in and being shared around the 8-9,000 members by way of daily payments. Earnings form this are growing as we purchase more and more computer power and the price of Bitcoin edges up.

1. Bitccoin Mining

The second prong to Bitcoin mining is that when you introduce people to your team you also share a small daily slice of their mining earnings.

Thirdly there are cycle bonuses and other bonuses. These are also drawn from mining income but are paid out based on how early you get involved. These are worth $200 each and I am now getting 2 or 3 of them a week. I am beginning to see the frequency of these bonuses increasing. I do not necessarily even have to find anyone to join for this to happen. They happen for me even when people completely unconnected to me join. It is simply my reward for getting involved earlier and for showing some faith in Bitclub.

Then there is Club Coin and this brings 2 more opportunities. Club Coin is Bitclub`s own digital currency. Club Coins are now worth over 50 cents each and I have accumulated over 20,000 of them. They are all staked which means that they are growing in number by the day. Every month I get paid out around 400 more.

The fifth and last prong is actually doing business with these Club Coin. This aspect is your biggest reason for getting involved with Bitclub because this is where the money is really going to be made. As a growing club we have increasing group negotiating power. So we will create business relationships with hundreds then thousands of merchants. If you are the one that introduces these merchants you will earn .3 of 1% of every transaction that is completed with Club Coin. When people you introduce find merchants and transactions happen you will also get paid so there is a good incentive for helping your team getting the word out as well. This is Groupon but with our own currency. The great news is that is has not even started yet so that if you get involved in the next few days you can be in right at the start. Bitclub members are beginning to reach out to potential merchant partners already.

Right now huge money is being made by banks and credit card companies because of daily transactions. Relationships that they made several years ago are still bringing them daily income in literally millions of ways. How about if you could participate in the world economy in a similar way? As a growing team Bitclub can become an unstoppable force and 10,000 millionaires will be created. I fully intend being one of them. I can seriously see a million dollars coming my way in the next year or two by putting in an hour or two a day with Bitclub. i also know that along the way I am going to introduce a lot of people and businesses to Bitcoin. It is pretty exciting.

Please skype me at michaelqtodd to get involved and look at to get more information too.


Send Money Globally and Have It Delivered In Cash with HelloBit. @HelloBitcoin #Bitcoin



Hellobit is a service that helps you send your money globally, at half the cost of traditional services. That money is then delivered in cash by a person, like a mobile ATM. This Hellobit mobile ATM also earns money for doing so. It is one Bitcoin startup taking on a different strategy to achieve this goal.

Instead of creating infrastructure that enables global bitcoin payments, HelloBit has built a consumer app that will connect bitcoin senders to local exchangers. Users can connect with these exchangers, be they individuals or businesses, and receive payments in local currency.

Simply put, how it works is that when you sign up to send money at Hellobit, they help you buy and send digital currency to your loved ones anywhere in the world. Then they find someone nearby who will give your loved one local currency in exchange for the digital money. They also earn money for performing this service. All of this is done without your need to understand the technical details and is also faster, easier, and less expensive than bank wires or traditional remittance companies.

The company’s co-founder Ali Goss likens his startup to ride-sharing giant Uber in the way that it seeks to integrate the power of a cellphone service into an existing market. Goss said, “The idea is like Uber. You have a cellphone, you can earn money dishing out currency, receive it on the back-end. It’s definitely Uberfication.”

HelloBit is a three-party remittance system. While the sender and exchanger need to have a smartphone, the receiver requires only a feature phone. The sender transmits bitcoin to a local exchanger using the app. The exchanger then provides the receiver, who gets an SMS code to validate that they are the recipient of the transaction, with local currency.

HelloBit is, “algorithmically built” to score exchangers on a number of metrics. The score calculates an exchanger’s liquidity, hours of operation, availability and trustworthiness, which is derived from user feedback.

The end result is a system that is designed to reduce remittance costs. HelloBit also empowers local exchangers to cater to their recipient customers, somewhat like a mobile Western Union.

HelloBit plans to make money by charging a fee to exchangers on top of what they charge for transactions – the exchanger gets to choose what percentage fee it charges through a sliding scale in the application. HelloBit levies this fee amount in bitcoin.

HelloBit’s exchangers do have to go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process in order to be verified into the system and there will be other platform safeguards to limit issues that could arise with money laundering in the process, according to the company.

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Your top tips for HelloBit. @HelloBitcoin

Bitclub increases power but reducing payouts from 1000 to 600 days on Feb 1


Here is the latest update from Bitclub I hope you take the time to read it. My daily payout was over double yesterday because the new mining software


February 1st is Coming…
You may have noticed the mining earnings jumped up by A LOT today 🙂
The previous 10 day stretch was one of the worst payouts we’ve seen since we started mining. As we mentioned before this low period was due to a surge in new shares sold, combined with some delays in getting hashing power hooked up. But now we are all caught up and the next 10 day pay period that just started today will be our highest payout to date.
If you look at our pool ( you will see it has jumped from around 8 PH to now around 23 PH and counting. We should see some very nice numbers from this power as we continue to expand and be aggressive in purchasing equipment.

In fact, we will be making another big announcement about a large purchase we have secured that will be coming online in mid February.
Our pool is at the point where everyone is starting to take notice, and not only are we expanding faster than any other mining pool in the world, but we are creating a growing community of members who can seriously impact the future of Bitcoin and the entire digital currency landscape as we grow stronger. There is nothing like this business and we believe our model will continue to baffle people (especially those who are quick to label us a ponzi scheme and are anxiously awaiting our failure). If this is you, then we have some really bad news for you… BitClub Network is just getting started and we are expanding into much more than just Bitcoin mining!
The good news… We are just getting started so there is still time to join our growing community!
February 1st Changes Coming…
We are only 4 days away from making some major changes to BitClub Network and these changes are ready to go, so this is truly your last chance to take advantage of the existing promotions. These changes have been mentioned many times over the past few months so they should come as no surprise to anyone. But just in case here is a quick overview of each change.


1. Compensation Plan Enhancements…
More focus on the binary with cycling bonuses increasing and matching bonuses paying out more, the addition of our new Monster Builder rank for leaders with multiple Master Builder legs, and some tweaks in the level up structure percentage for initial share purchases. (Partial shares and mining earnings stay the same).

2. Mining Shares Duration…
We are dropping all future shares from 1,000 days to 600 days. We feel this is much more in-line with the mining industry and will better serve the future members joining the pool. Please remember, all shares purchased prior to Feb. 1st will continue to earn partial shares that will earn for 1,000 days. All shares after Feb. 1st will be 600 days for the full share and partials.

3. ClubCoin Tier 2 Giveaway
Right now you are given 1 ClubCoin for every $1 USD spent on your purchases (Full shares and membership package does not include partial share purchases).
Starting Feb. 1st this will change to 1 ClubCoin for every $5 USD spent and it will continue to change each month going down by $1 through 2016. After Dec. 31st of 2016 the ClubCoin giveaway will expire.


Join up at

You can see screenshots of my mining and commission earnings at
and see many questions and answers about how this all works at

Thank you


Screenshots. My Bitcoin mining earnings after 135 days in Bitclub


My Bitcoin mining earnings after 135 days in Bitclub.
Equating to almost exactly $1 per year return on every $1 invested so far.
Please remember that my first few weeks of mining were when Bitcoin was at around $230-250 so returns were much lower than now.
Looking good for 500% returns over a 5 year period what else can do this?


In addition to this I have been paid out around $6000 so far in commissions and bonuses over the 3 and a half month period. Sure I have had to do a little work to earn the bonuses and commissions but some have actually come from doing nothing. The way the system works is that you get automatically rewarded when the people above you in the tree place new members below you.

Here are some examples of commissions I have generated from “cycle bonuses” which are paid out whether you do anything or not.


As for how the mining works here is an overview.

Bitclub operates the mining pools very similar to how other mining pools are run, except they offer a unique opportunity for members to purchase mining hardware in the form of shares that are paid out over the course of 1,000 days. Unlike most mining pools that just sell hashing power and then pay you on the power as it diminishes, we allow you to earn on the overall growth of the pool and offer ways for you to increase your shares.

Here’s how it works… Whatever you earn from the pool will be credited to your account daily with a percentage automatically taken out and put toward re-purchasing additional shares. Each re-purchase goes toward more mining equipment and paying all fees associated with running the pool.

You can easily control how much you want to use for re-purchasing and the more you use the larger your shares will become. Each pool has it’s own minimum requirement and you can change this as often as you like.

This is a great investment and you will also learn so much at

What do you think of the new FB Love, Haha Sad, Angry & Wow Buttons?


Hi I just got these buttons what do you think?

First it was the emojis that have removed the need for people to be able to make written comments and now comments altogether may be on the way out? We can now express ourselves with these 5 new buttons.

fb buttons

love button


Just tried out the Facebook "Love Button " for the first time what do you think of it?

Posted by Michael Q Todd on Thursday, January 14, 2016



Will you use these?


Answers to questions that you are asking me about Bitclub #Bitcoin #Bitlife


In the past few days I have had a lot of great questions about Bitclub so I have gathered the best of them and hope that this is informative.

Q1 What is Bitcoin?
A Bitcoin is a digital currency available to all those with an internet connection. It is increasingly accepted by retailers especially via debit cards.

Q2 What is Bitclub?
A Bitclub is a group of around 10,000 people who have paid to mine Bitcoin as a team. Bitclub purchases and runs the mining equipment and pays out every day. Bitclub is also developing other business activities for members to participate in. It is getting harder and harder to mine Bitcoin and Bitclub is the only viable option.

Q3 What is Club Coin?
A Club Coin is a special digital currency also mined by Bitclub. Members are given Club Coin when they join and Club Coin can also be purchased. Soon we will get group discounts when making certain purchases with Club Coin.

Q4 How much money will I make?
A If you do nothing and just invest in mining equipment in very general terms it seems to me that you will get your money back in around a year and still have another 18 months of mining left. There are however various bonuses and the unknown factor of the price of Bitcoin so the return could be many times that.

Just made this to show you how Bitclub works

Q5 Do I need technical skills?
A No

Q6 How much does it cost to get involved?
A It costs $99 to become a member and there are 3 mining pool options of $500, $1000 and $2000. When you buy all 3 you become a founder. If however you are unable to find that level of investment then please message me and we can discuss you joining a syndicate with others.

Q7 How do I use the Bitcoin I mine?
A Your mining earnings can go directly into a Bitclub debit card. You can also direct other Bitcoin savings into these cards.

Q8 Is Bitclub safe?
A All transactions are published publicly in the Blockchain and you are paid out every day.

Q9 Do I benefit from introducing others?
A Yes very much so. There are many different commissions and bonuses and in general terms you will get about 20% of the investment of anybody who joins and more and more than that the more people you introduce.

Q10 ??


Ask more questions and I will do my best to answer them and add them to this list

Thank you you can learn more about Bitclub at


The oldest and strongest emotion is fear of the unknown #Bitcoin #FreeBitcoin


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”
~H. P. Lovecraft.

Perhaps you can recall fear at the prospect of giving your credit card details to some website? Or sending your first ever pay pal payment? Imagine what it was like 3000 or so years ago when people exchanged their hard earned gold or silver for coins for the first time and the relief when they saw the system worked!

I just read that fear of the unknown is listed as a major reason for the lack of take up Bitcoin. So I decided to take some action.
Make a free account at

and you will see that we have made you a free bitcoin wallet. Tweet me at @mqtodd saying you have joined and I will send you some Bitcoin. Sound good? Click the green “update” button inside your Bitcoin wallet and magically money will appear!

crowdify_logo_twitter Bitclub_debit_card

So what will you do with the Bitcoin after that? Well you could send it to your friends! Tweet them saying you will send them Bitcoin. If they then become ever paying members of Crowdify at $12 a month you will get paid $6 a month of that for as long as they stay as members. You could also just keep it and study how much it goes up and down in value.

Any questions?
Hoping this will get you started on your Bitcoin adventure.

2 ways to learn more.
Watch this Google Hangout on Air



Please ask questions about Bitcoin and a no risk way to start using it


Every day I am getting more and more excited about Bitcoin and so are many many others. Even the big banks are beginning to wake up to the fact that Bitcoin is not going away. I would love to introduce you to the wonderful world of Bitcoin in a way that offers zero risk to you. Bitclub is growing extremely quickly with over 100 people joining a day. There is a window of opportunity this week to grab several bonuses which are about to expire.
Our daily payouts have been increasing quickly.

You can book a time to speak at
I will also keep updating videos at
There is an opportunity to get 1000 days of mining instead of 600 which expires on 15 January. For those who take immediate action you can possibly get 1 Club Coins for every dollar invested instead of just one Club Coin for every 5. That could expire any minute as Bitclub set a limit of 2 million more club coins 8 days ago.
Right now we are forming several “syndicate pools” whereby people can invest as little as $50 each and there is a full money back guarantee at any time for anybody who joins while all the present bonuses are available.

This all does not mean that Bitclub will still not be a great opportunity next week when you only get around 10-20% of the benefits. There are many great things happening and various business opportunities developing with Club Coin and ATMs and group discounts etc. Now however is a big chance to grab a much better deal that is all.

bitcoin for change

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

The 3 best ways to get involved are to go to and buy yourself a mining pool. This costs $599.
If you do not wish to spend that much you can send multiples of $50 worth of bitcoin to our coinbase wallet at
Or alternatively you can send multiples of $50 to our paypal at
Thank you!
Looking forward to getting you going mining Bitcoin.

There is a Facebook event where you can get updates here

We are doing a big promotion this week before Bitclub limit several bonus benefits hope you take the chance to read this. Some of us will be on a Google+ hangout discussing Bitcoin on Sunday evening Eastern time at 8pm as well link is
Call me if you wish on skype username michaelqtodd or FB Messenger

April 1 2017. Donald Trump bans Anonymous from internet in Pulaski, Tennessee after being elected mayor


Real estate mogul Donald Trump has declared that the members of hacktivist group Anonymous would be forever banned from using the internet in Pulaski, Tennessee. Shortly after winning the mayoralty of the town after his first ever successful political campaign Trump was quick to take steps to call his friend Bill Gates and request his support for the policy. Mayor Trump has asked Gates to firstly find out just who these Anonymous people are there and then ban them from the internet in Pulaski. The move is in apparent retaliation against the OpTrump hacking attack of mid December 2015 that crashed Mayor Trump`s website with a DDoS attack after he declared his presidential election policy of banning all Muslims from entering the United States, including the 4100 Muslim members of the US armed forces.

anonymous trump

Mayor Trump`s campaign for the Republican candidacy had fallen apart after his supporters had been educated by the rest of the world that Muslims were people as well and had just as much right to travel around as anyone else. Since then Trump had continued to campaign for public office in various places in order to find an audience for his views until finally finding sufficient support for election in Pulaski, previously only known for being the place where the Klu Klux Klan was founded. Trump swayed voters in the small Tennessee town with promises of a casino where they could gamble with an extra throw of the dice donated by the house and a golf course where mulligans will be permitted. The budget for the proposed casino is incredibly high as only people from Pulaski that have Pulaski citizenship will be allowed to be employed. From now on anyone applying to be able to visit in or live in Pulanski will be carefully vetted to ensure that they are on the list of types of people that Mayor Trump regards as desirable.

It is unknown at this stage as to whether Anonymous will bother reacting to the ban from using the internet in Pulaski promised by Trump. They are of course busy people and have to pick their battles. Mayor Trump in the meantime has reportedly consulted lawyers for an opinion as to whether he can prevent the United States Constitution from applying to the town limits of Pulaski.


April 1 2017