Screenshots. My Bitcoin mining earnings after 135 days in Bitclub

My Bitcoin mining earnings after 135 days in Bitclub.
Equating to almost exactly $1 per year return on every $1 invested so far.
Please remember that my first few weeks of mining were when Bitcoin was at around $230-250 so returns were much lower than now.
Looking good for 500% returns over a 5 year period what else can do this?


In addition to this I have been paid out around $6000 so far in commissions and bonuses over the 3 and a half month period. Sure I have had to do a little work to earn the bonuses and commissions but some have actually come from doing nothing. The way the system works is that you get automatically rewarded when the people above you in the tree place new members below you.

Here are some examples of commissions I have generated from “cycle bonuses” which are paid out whether you do anything or not.


As for how the mining works here is an overview.

Bitclub operates the mining pools very similar to how other mining pools are run, except they offer a unique opportunity for members to purchase mining hardware in the form of shares that are paid out over the course of 1,000 days. Unlike most mining pools that just sell hashing power and then pay you on the power as it diminishes, we allow you to earn on the overall growth of the pool and offer ways for you to increase your shares.

Here’s how it works… Whatever you earn from the pool will be credited to your account daily with a percentage automatically taken out and put toward re-purchasing additional shares. Each re-purchase goes toward more mining equipment and paying all fees associated with running the pool.

You can easily control how much you want to use for re-purchasing and the more you use the larger your shares will become. Each pool has it’s own minimum requirement and you can change this as often as you like.

This is a great investment and you will also learn so much at

What do you think of the new FB Love, Haha Sad, Angry & Wow Buttons?

Hi I just got these buttons what do you think?

First it was the emojis that have removed the need for people to be able to make written comments and now comments altogether may be on the way out? We can now express ourselves with these 5 new buttons.

fb buttons

love button


Just tried out the Facebook "Love Button " for the first time what do you think of it?

Posted by Michael Q Todd on Thursday, January 14, 2016



Will you use these?


Answers to questions that you are asking me about Bitclub #Bitcoin #Bitlife

In the past few days I have had a lot of great questions about Bitclub so I have gathered the best of them and hope that this is informative.

Q1 What is Bitcoin?
A Bitcoin is a digital currency available to all those with an internet connection. It is increasingly accepted by retailers especially via debit cards.

Q2 What is Bitclub?
A Bitclub is a group of around 10,000 people who have paid to mine Bitcoin as a team. Bitclub purchases and runs the mining equipment and pays out every day. Bitclub is also developing other business activities for members to participate in. It is getting harder and harder to mine Bitcoin and Bitclub is the only viable option.

Q3 What is Club Coin?
A Club Coin is a special digital currency also mined by Bitclub. Members are given Club Coin when they join and Club Coin can also be purchased. Soon we will get group discounts when making certain purchases with Club Coin.

Q4 How much money will I make?
A If you do nothing and just invest in mining equipment in very general terms it seems to me that you will get your money back in around a year and still have another 18 months of mining left. There are however various bonuses and the unknown factor of the price of Bitcoin so the return could be many times that.

Just made this to show you how Bitclub works

Q5 Do I need technical skills?
A No

Q6 How much does it cost to get involved?
A It costs $99 to become a member and there are 3 mining pool options of $500, $1000 and $2000. When you buy all 3 you become a founder. If however you are unable to find that level of investment then please message me and we can discuss you joining a syndicate with others.

Q7 How do I use the Bitcoin I mine?
A Your mining earnings can go directly into a Bitclub debit card. You can also direct other Bitcoin savings into these cards.

Q8 Is Bitclub safe?
A All transactions are published publicly in the Blockchain and you are paid out every day.

Q9 Do I benefit from introducing others?
A Yes very much so. There are many different commissions and bonuses and in general terms you will get about 20% of the investment of anybody who joins and more and more than that the more people you introduce.

Q10 ??


Ask more questions and I will do my best to answer them and add them to this list

Thank you you can learn more about Bitclub at


The oldest and strongest emotion is fear of the unknown #Bitcoin #FreeBitcoin

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”
~H. P. Lovecraft.

Perhaps you can recall fear at the prospect of giving your credit card details to some website? Or sending your first ever pay pal payment? Imagine what it was like 3000 or so years ago when people exchanged their hard earned gold or silver for coins for the first time and the relief when they saw the system worked!

I just read that fear of the unknown is listed as a major reason for the lack of take up Bitcoin. So I decided to take some action.
Make a free account at

and you will see that we have made you a free bitcoin wallet. Tweet me at @mqtodd saying you have joined and I will send you some Bitcoin. Sound good? Click the green “update” button inside your Bitcoin wallet and magically money will appear!

crowdify_logo_twitter Bitclub_debit_card

So what will you do with the Bitcoin after that? Well you could send it to your friends! Tweet them saying you will send them Bitcoin. If they then become ever paying members of Crowdify at $12 a month you will get paid $6 a month of that for as long as they stay as members. You could also just keep it and study how much it goes up and down in value.

Any questions?
Hoping this will get you started on your Bitcoin adventure.

2 ways to learn more.
Watch this Google Hangout on Air



Please ask questions about Bitcoin and a no risk way to start using it

Every day I am getting more and more excited about Bitcoin and so are many many others. Even the big banks are beginning to wake up to the fact that Bitcoin is not going away. I would love to introduce you to the wonderful world of Bitcoin in a way that offers zero risk to you. Bitclub is growing extremely quickly with over 100 people joining a day. There is a window of opportunity this week to grab several bonuses which are about to expire.
Our daily payouts have been increasing quickly.

You can book a time to speak at
I will also keep updating videos at
There is an opportunity to get 1000 days of mining instead of 600 which expires on 15 January. For those who take immediate action you can possibly get 1 Club Coins for every dollar invested instead of just one Club Coin for every 5. That could expire any minute as Bitclub set a limit of 2 million more club coins 8 days ago.
Right now we are forming several “syndicate pools” whereby people can invest as little as $50 each and there is a full money back guarantee at any time for anybody who joins while all the present bonuses are available.

This all does not mean that Bitclub will still not be a great opportunity next week when you only get around 10-20% of the benefits. There are many great things happening and various business opportunities developing with Club Coin and ATMs and group discounts etc. Now however is a big chance to grab a much better deal that is all.

bitcoin for change

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

The 3 best ways to get involved are to go to and buy yourself a mining pool. This costs $599.
If you do not wish to spend that much you can send multiples of $50 worth of bitcoin to our coinbase wallet at
Or alternatively you can send multiples of $50 to our paypal at [email protected]
Thank you!
Looking forward to getting you going mining Bitcoin.

There is a Facebook event where you can get updates here

We are doing a big promotion this week before Bitclub limit several bonus benefits hope you take the chance to read this. Some of us will be on a Google+ hangout discussing Bitcoin on Sunday evening Eastern time at 8pm as well link is
Call me if you wish on skype username michaelqtodd or FB Messenger

April 1 2017. Donald Trump bans Anonymous from internet in Pulaski, Tennessee after being elected mayor

Real estate mogul Donald Trump has declared that the members of hacktivist group Anonymous would be forever banned from using the internet in Pulaski, Tennessee. Shortly after winning the mayoralty of the town after his first ever successful political campaign Trump was quick to take steps to call his friend Bill Gates and request his support for the policy. Mayor Trump has asked Gates to firstly find out just who these Anonymous people are there and then ban them from the internet in Pulaski. The move is in apparent retaliation against the OpTrump hacking attack of mid December 2015 that crashed Mayor Trump`s website with a DDoS attack after he declared his presidential election policy of banning all Muslims from entering the United States, including the 4100 Muslim members of the US armed forces.

anonymous trump

Mayor Trump`s campaign for the Republican candidacy had fallen apart after his supporters had been educated by the rest of the world that Muslims were people as well and had just as much right to travel around as anyone else. Since then Trump had continued to campaign for public office in various places in order to find an audience for his views until finally finding sufficient support for election in Pulaski, previously only known for being the place where the Klu Klux Klan was founded. Trump swayed voters in the small Tennessee town with promises of a casino where they could gamble with an extra throw of the dice donated by the house and a golf course where mulligans will be permitted. The budget for the proposed casino is incredibly high as only people from Pulaski that have Pulaski citizenship will be allowed to be employed. From now on anyone applying to be able to visit in or live in Pulanski will be carefully vetted to ensure that they are on the list of types of people that Mayor Trump regards as desirable.

It is unknown at this stage as to whether Anonymous will bother reacting to the ban from using the internet in Pulaski promised by Trump. They are of course busy people and have to pick their battles. Mayor Trump in the meantime has reportedly consulted lawyers for an opinion as to whether he can prevent the United States Constitution from applying to the town limits of Pulaski.


April 1 2017

I have 422 FB friends who “LIKE” Donald Trump. 2016 is shaping up to be a fun year on social media

Can you remember Obama v Romney in 2010? Will Trump v Clinton be even more fun? Prime time reality TV for aliens and we get to watch too. And to tweet and comment. I was in prison in Japan for protesting against the dolphin slaughter without a work visa in October and November 2010 so I missed the final 2 months of the election campaign. Hopefully nothing like that will happen again and I will be able to settle in with lots of popcorn and watch and even participate a little. Trump is really showing the true colors we suspected he had all along with his latest plan to ban Muslims including even the 4100 or so serving overseas in the US Armed forces. If he is capable of coming up with policies like this then what is next?

trump muslims

Predictably social media has erupted and people are clamouring to take sides. Trump`s FB page post announcing the policy has over 60,000 likes on t and over 7000 shares in just a few hours. A further post thanking his supporters for endorsing his views has had similar results. It was when I was on the page checking the reaction that I saw that 422 of my “friends” (and I use the term lightly) “like” the Trump page. That is a lot considering especially that I am fairly outspoken in my support of the Liberal side.

So how will this all play out for you? Will you change your normal stance about shying away from political discussion? Many of my friends are saying that after today they feel that they have to start talking. Will this be the social media election to end all social media elections? Surely never before has there been candidates so strongly different in their views.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”
~ Edmund Burke

Just in case you do not believe me here are a few of them. It says 402 down below the photo maybe a few have seen the light since I made this Facebook post. I ain`t judging I am just saying.

trump likers

I have 422 Facebook friends who "LIKE" Donald Trump. Things are gonna get interesting on here 🙂

Posted by Michael Q Todd on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In the face of all this madness I strongly believe that Hillary Clinton would serve herself best by sticking to her own policies and do a lot of meet and greet and take a lot of selfies with famous people in America and worldwide. Not get involved in discussion about Muslims and walls on the Mexican border. She would simply be lowering herself. It will be very interesting to see how she plays it and how you yourself play it.

You are also the media now. You have a chance to influence your friends with you carefully reasoned voice. Bring on the discussion it will be fun.

A double digit lead!!


Why “protestors” must put away their banners and start evangelising #Bitcoin instead

I confess to having once been a protestor. Now i choose to be a Bitcoin supporter. I have even been arrested in a few countries starting off in 1981 with the Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand. Having spent some time thinking more deeply about things I now realise that this was a good result and an effective protest but that subsequent efforts against such evils as GMOs, fracking, nuclear power, animal cruelty, dolphin slaughter and more was all pretty much a waste of time. The only way to really hit the perpetrators of the evil is to hit them in the pockets. Money drives the whole machine and the banks and politicians and multinational companies of the world will not be shifted in their desire for greed by a few banner waving hippies.

Right now these entities control the world by keeping 6 billion of us excluded from doing business with each other. Their power relies on poverty. What if this poverty was suddenly eradicated? This is my goal with Crowdify.


Bitcoin and the technology it is built on, the Blockchain, give us an opportunity to see good prevail. Decisions about the people by the people for the people. Do not like something? When the purchasing power is back in our hands we can simply choose not to support it! Easy facilitation of equity crowdfunding, transparent elections, proof or organic nature of food. All is within our reach if we simply choose to embrace technology. Everything will all fit nicely into place. Right now banks are taking ridiculous amounts in fees and currency exchange and more. They then use these profits to keep the status quo because while things stay the same the banks can continue to profit. They do not care who they lend money to or invest in. In fact they are not allowed to care because they have shareholders and are profit orientated. What if all this was disrupted?

I strongly urge you to buy a little Bitcoin and if that is too much just make an account at you will automatically get a wallet and I will give you some Bitcoin to get you started.

All these people heading to Paris for the climate change conference last week? 40,000 of them. What if just the politicians had gone say 1000 people? What a saving on the climate destruction brought by all that flying carbon footprint? What if they had spent the money say $5000 each on Bitcoin instead then started using it all over the place? That would have given the machine much more of a fright than another predictable conference.

bitcoin for change

What do you think?


Increase your chances of entrepeneurial success by removing every last influence of negativity

Is negativity holding you back? A lot of people have great ideas that never come to fruition. A key reason for this is that those with the dream surround themselves with the wrong people. It is often said that you are likely to dress, earn and eat like the 10 people you are closest to. On the basis of this theory surely simply changing the people around you will improve your chances of success? Only entrepeneurs know what it is like to be an entrepeneur. if at all possible surround yourself with succeeding entrepeneurs. if this means removing yourself from old friends, family, anyone who is a naysayer basically, then so be it.

Thank you for hitting +1 on this!

This seems like a big thing to change but how much exactly do you want to succeed? There is a perfect beautiful state where you gain 100% confidence and belief in yourself and what you are doing. This is a self perpetuating state and it is also exponential. great actresses, singers, writers, politicians nearly always have it. For entrepeneurs it is pretty much essential. If there is anyone in your life expressing any doubt whatsoever about you or your vision then stick some headphones on with your favorite music and get on with your dream. If they are really getting to you get on a bus to a new town. Unfriend them on Facebook, do not return their calls or texts. Whatever it takes.

Hopefully you do not have this issue but if you do this may be what is holding you back from your success. Becoming awesome is hard enough in itself and surrounding yourself with believers will not necessarily guarantee any success but it will improve your chances. You will still have to make sacrifices, focus well, work incredibly hard, hustle, probably have some luck, look after your health really well and do a lot of other things before making it happen but getting rid of negativity seems for me a great place to start.



It may not only be people. You may have physical memories hanging around that could trigger less than positive thoughts. I recommend throwing them away. Clear your path as we move into 2016 the year of the entrepeneur and hopefully the year of you.

To your success


How to Bookmark and Highlight Web Pages at a new level with Annotary #Bookmarking #ResearchBetter


If you are busy online maybe you are looking for a better way to organise yourself especially in regards to content that you find. I have been trying out a bookmarking tool called Annotary which is maybe the easiest way to remember what you read and research online and share it with others. Using the bookmarking and annotation tools, you can create an easily accessible repository of all your research for yourself and your organization.

It helps you remember everything you read. The Annotary browser extension provides a convenient, easy-to-use toolbar for bookmarking, highlighting, and taking notes on web pages. You can save interesting articles and pages for later, complete with highlights and notes to quickly provide context. Your bookmarks are collected and summarized right on your Annotary profile. By using Annotary more and more you are building your own knowledge graph. Annotary makes it easy to organize your bookmarks into collections, so you have an authoritative reference on each research topic. You can keep collections private for yourself, or share them with groups to create a living, curated repository of knowledge for your team.

You can collaborate with Annotary too by sharing research with colleagues. Annotary groups are an easy way to share collections with a team, a classroom, or a whole company. Group members can contribute bookmarks and annotations to group collections as easily as contributing to their own collections. Everyone in the group automatically follows the group collections, so it’s easy to combine forces and share all of your research.

You can move a bookmark to another collection simply by editing the bookmark. The first thing you’ll need to do is open up the bookmark details form. You can do it either on the Annotary site or in the toolbar. Once you’ve opened up the edit form, look down at the bottom of the form, where you can choose a different collection. Just select the new collection and click “Save Bookmark” to move the bookmark over.


You can find new resources for your work. Your Annotary bookmark feed contains a stream of bookmarks from the users, groups, and collections you follow. You can follow colleagues and subject matter experts to easily build a highly relevant feed. Annotary also includes a search capability, which lets you track down resources from your own network, and from the whole public community.

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Your top tips for Annotary @Annotary

Hope you enjoy Annotary!


My fun meeting with #Bitclub founder and #Bitcoin visionary Russ Medlin and what I learned

Yesterday in Tokyo I was privileged enough to spend time with Bitclub founder Russ Medlin. Russ is a great example of someone who truly gets the power of forming a team to do something rather than battling away on your own.

Bitcoin has become almost impossible to mine individually so in the past year or so Russ has gathered together over 5,000 fellow entrepeneurs to do it as a team. Some have chipped in as much as 1.4 million dollars some just 599 but together we can mine. And also as I learned yesterday we can do other things to. Like have our own coin called Club Coin which is being distributed over the next 2 days to people who join at a rate never to be repeated. And get group discounts and have our own Mastercard debit card and team up with tech experts to do things that other people have yet to try.

Russ is doing things this way because it is pretty much the only way he knows. He has been a network marketer since his mid 20s leveraging off the power of the team around him to develop and deliver innovative products. When you combine Russ`s work ethic and vision and marketing skills with groundbreaking technology a win win is pretty much inevitable. Bitcoin is barely 5 years old and the whole concept of digital currency is not yet widely understood. Those who spend the time to grasp it and get involved are going to profit. Especially when they combine it with commerce. The thing with Bitcoin so far is that the focus has been on building the technology and little use has been made of it commercially. You can have the chance to be one of the first to do it. Bitclub is about much more than simply mining as a team. It is evolving into an unstoppable marketing force. When i joined 3 months ago there were only 10 or joining a day but 129 new people joined yesterday. This is pretty normal now with an average of 100 a day joining in November. At this rate there will be around 40,000 people involved by the end of 2016. What a thing this will become!

I urge you to try this out and am totally happy to guarantee your money back if at any time you become unhappy with the process. I have been paid out over $500 so far on a $599 investment made less than 3 months ago. And until yesterday I did not really grasp the power of what is going on. I will be beginning efforts to promote this now.

Here is a photo of Russ with my wife Yoriko and Haydn Stephenson who first told me about Bitclub.

russ medlin

Russ generously bought us dinner. He deserves to have us do that for him instead. Looking forward to teaming up with you just go to


Back office video detailing my 3 months mining #Bitcoin as a team with Bitclub

So it has been 3 months and I have been busting to review my experience. Well for a start I have got my $599 back already so it is all profit from now for the next 910 days even if I do absolutely nothing. Any of you could have done this and could do it in the next 3 months if you wish.

Most importantly I have learned a massive amount about Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining and the business of money. In the video below I am going to show you the back office to my Bitclub account and explain how it all works in simple terms. Today in Tokyo I am meeting Bitclub founder Russ Medlin. There is a webinar from Russ here which I hope you will pay attention to. He explains the basics of Bitcoin and then gives updates of all the latest news from Bitclub and all the exciting ventures that are being introduced.


Now here is my video

Thank you so much for checking all this out just head to to get involved

For an example of the complexity and transparency necessary to do what Bitclub is doing this latest update to members may be interesting to you.

Website issues explained – Founder 4 last chance!
Date: December 2nd
You may have noticed over the past few days our website has been experiencing some issues. This is due to a massive DDOS attack that is still happening and continues to shut down the site and some features as we fight it.
We use a company called Cloud Flare which is a service that routes web traffic and makes our website less prone to attacks from crawlers, bots and attackers. This is like a big shield we hide behind and even with this shield in place we are constantly dealing with attacks. Cloud Flare is able to mitigate about 90% of them.
However, recently our attackers found a way around Cloud Flare and have been attacking our specific IP address and servers. We believe they were able to obtain these IP’s by tracing back an API we use to trigger emails and send out responses. This is the only place our real IP address is leaked (which we just found today).
Luckily, we have a solid secondary DDOS protection on our servers but it’s not nearly as strong as Cloud Flare. This is causing some issues for us right now but please understand these issues are only temporary and they are very minor.
Here are the main issues we are dealing with…
1. Emails not being sent out – We are unable to make connections through the API right now and the server is constantly timing out so the past 3 days hardly any emails have been successfully sent out. This includes everything from support tickets, system emails, verifications, password requests and withdrawals.
2. Website downtime – The site has been knocked offline a few times as the server shuts down and reboots when too many connections are being made. This happened about 4 times and the site is usually down for about 10 minutes each time.
3. Invoices not being marked paid – This is probably the most annoying piece right now but it’s only causing delays and no payments are lost or permanently affected. If you have made a payment through our invoicing system in the last 3 days please be patient if you see your transaction not marked paid, there is no need to contact us about it because our system will find it and mark it paid… Eventually!
Since we host our own block explorer on these servers it normally checks the blockchain to find payments in real time. However, with the site being down about 30% of our invoices are not properly being marked paid. This is only a temporary issue and all payments will be found once the redundancy scripts run. We are running them now constantly to find and verify transactions and we will find 100% of them.
*IMPORTANT… Please do not contact us if you are experiencing any of these issues above because we are aware of them and are fixing them. All individual issues will not be dealt with because once everything is online they will be automatically fixed.
We are making some changes right now and you may see some additional downtime here and there as we move away from these attackers, but nothing has been compromised and there is nothing to worry about. Basically, it’s just a wave of bot traffic trying to knock us offline and although they are hitting us pretty hard it’s causing nothing more than a few minor headaches and delays.
Now Some Good News…
We are on track to see 4 PH being added to our mining pool during the month of December, which will take us over 9 PH total. We also had our best single day on November 28th when we hit 5 blocks in a single day, and it actually ended up being 6 blocks within about 18 hours.
We are going to be making another large purchase this month around the 15th buying either 2 PH or 3 PH depending on the total volume that comes in. These machines are once again the S7 Antminers and they will be shipped to our Iceland facility sometime in January. At our current pace if we keep growing by 3 PH per month we will become an elite mining pool in 2016 easily cracking into the top 5 largest pools in the world.
ClubCoin is Launching to the Public…
We are kicking off ClubCoin officially at the Inside Bitcoins event in Seoul South Korea.
Here is the event – (if you scroll down about half way you will see our sponsorship)
We invite you to attend this event and will have details about our own private meeting for those who are making the trip. If you know you are going to attend please contact us and we will let you know details as soon as we have them. This is open to everyone!
We also just expanded our team big time by hiring a group of developers, marketers, and a support staff that will be focused on taking ClubCoin to the next level. You will soon see a lot of new features on the ClubCoin website as well as support forums and much more!
Now is the time to stake your ClubCoin and multiply it before it goes public on exchanges and everyone outside of BitClub Network can begin buying it.
More details coming this month about this team and our plans for ClubCoin!
Founder 4 is Nearly Sold Out!
We are going to keep Founder 4 open for 1 more week and then we will be moving to Founder 5. Right now if you purchase all 3 mining pools (either all at once, or individually) you become a Founder 4 and you are given 3,500 extra ClubCoin as a bonus for a total of 7099 ClubCoin.
Starting on December 8th we are dropping this to 1,500 extra ClubCoin for all Founder 5’s. So now you will receive a total of 5099 ClubCoin. This is a difference of 2,000 ClubCoin so if you are on the fence or have members you want to get locked in make sure you get them in before December 8th.
Overall, we continue to grow like crazy and the next phase of BitClub Network is going to be heavily focused around building the ClubCoin ecosystem and we will also continue to expand our mining pools aggressively. We are so excited for this month and look forward to finishing off this year with a bang!
Thanks for being a BitClub member!
-BCN Support Team


Get paid to blog on Crowdify @CrowdifyTech and get heavily promoted too #BloggingOpportunity

I am writing to offer you an opportunity to blog in a new place. Sure we are just getting started but what we can offer is a lot of promotion for your posts. We have over 200 social media accounts with a grand total of over 2 million followers and your posts will be shared regularly to all of them. They will also be shared to our growing email list. If you blog about any kind of technology including anything related to social media or the internet you will get great exposure for your thoughts and your brand by blogging on Crowdify.

We are now one of the 100,000 most popular sites in the world according to Alexa and fully expect that to drop to the top 1000 pretty soon. Maybe even by mid 2016. We have a number of features which we will be releasing soon which will make the site highly popular. It is a good chance to get in early. We will pay all bloggers every week. Maybe not much at the start but I promise that it will grow. Just check your Crowdify bank account that we have made for you each week.

crowdify video

Just go here and add your post We will showcase the best blog every week with a banner ad on the right of our site and of course everyone visiting your Crowdify profile will see the link to your blog post as well. At least try it once and watch what happens for you!!

Posts should be neutral veering towards the positive if possible. Tell us what you love or what you are trying out. What are your predictions for the future?

Some examples of blogs we have had so far
“Bitcoin and the Rise of Technology.” by Randy Hilarski

The Future of Travel Information by John Gentry

The Next Big Step in Tracking People with Alzheimers by Luigi Cappel

How To Set Up A Bitcoin Account In South Africa by Joan Stewart

In any case please at least make a free profile and check out what we are building

Create your own free Crowdify Profile and instantly get better connected (1)

Please add your Twitter handle to the title and feel free to link to any site you like.

Please ask any questions or make any suggestions here

Thank you


How to make your free Crowdify profile @CrowdifyTech and why you would be crazy not to! #OnlinePresence

Crowdify profiles have features that other places do not give you. 2 things for example are an ability to showcase your Big Idea. Who and/ or what are you looking for to take your idea forward and why? Then you can add a You Tube video showcasing your skill or unique value. Then you can add links to 10 of your social media places so that people can quickly and easily connect with you there. Often people will want to connect with you in their favorite places so give them the choices.


Crowdify is essentially an app for Twitter so you simply log in with that then follow the process set out in the video


The profile page is just developing so any questions or ideas or input you have will be warmly accepted!

Thank you so much


How to use Freshservice a Modern IT Service Desk on the Cloud @freshserviceapp #Crowdify #Tech #Tools

Have been trying out Freshservice.


Freshservice is a cloud-based ITIL service desk that replaces most ITSM tools. A plug-and-play application, Freshservice allows IT admins to track and manage the assets owned by their organizations. Using Freshservice, admins are also able to create product configurations and inventory lists to identify the impact of assets like software licenses, hardware, and even laptops and servers.

Having a robust ITIL service desk enables companies to run more efficiently, and it ensures that important assets aren’t misplaced or mismanaged. Additionally, Freshservice offers automation features that organizations are able to use to speed up workflows. Rather than spending hours assigning, categorizing, and prioritizing tickets each day, admins can sit back while tickets assign, categorize, and prioritize themselves. Admins can also trigger specific actions for important events, like sending an email notification whenever a ticket is re-opened.

Freshservice is a simple yet powerful ITIL solution that not only automates your IT tasks but is also fun to use. The cloud-based solution comes with advanced ticketing and asset management capabilities bundled in an intuitive User Interface that’s super easy to use, right from start.

With core functionalities like incident, problem, change, service catalog, release and asset management, Freshservice has been able to position itself as a go-to resource for businesses of all sizes, looking to provide excellent service to their customers and inside teams.

The bottomline is that it is a Cloud-based ITIL service desk solution. It automates IT tasks and provides ticketing and asset management capabilities. Its core functionalities include incident, problem, change, release and asset management. It is a go-to resource for companies looking to provide excellent customer service. The best part about it is that it is developed for businesses of all sizes.

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Your top tips for Freshservice @freshserviceapp